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  • - Theory and Applications
    af Robert F. DeVellis
    697,95 kr.

    This book presents complex concepts in a way that helps students to understand the logic underlying the creation, use, and evaluation of measurement instruments, and to develop a more intuitive feel for how scales work.

  • af Joan E. Sieber & Martin B. Tolich
    668,95 kr.

    Extensively revised and updated to serve today's needs for insight and solutions to the most vexing ethical and regulatory problems faced by researchers today, Planning Ethically Responsible Research, Second Edition guides readers through one of the most important aspects of their social or behavioral research: planning ethically responsible research. Authors Joan E. Sieber and Martin B. Tolich offer invaluable, practical guidance to researchers and graduate students to understand ethical concerns within real-life research situations, satisfy federal regulations governing human research, and work with the university's Institutional Review Board (IRB). The book includes an abundance of useful tools: detailed instructions on development of an effective IRB protocol; methods for handling issues of consent, privacy, confidentiality and deception; ways to assess risk and benefit to optimize research outcomes; and how to respect the needs of vulnerable research populations.

  • - Theory and Practice
    af David W. Stewart, Dennis Rook & Prem N. Shamdasani
    503,95 kr.

    This new, updated edition of the widely cited classic offers a unique blend of theory and practice in a single, easy to read source. The Second Edition of Focus Groups: Theory and Practice provides a systematic treatment of the design, conduct, and interpretation of focus group discussions within the context of social science research and theory.

  • - A Systems Approach to Drug and Alcohol Problems
    af Paul J. Gruenewald, Andrew J. Treno, Gail Armstrong Taff & mfl.
    699,95 - 1.088,95 kr.

    This useful volume provides communities and researchers with the necessary analytic and practical tools for assessing their programmes.

  • - An Interactive Approach
    af Joseph A. Maxwell
    503,95 kr.

    Provides researchers and students with a step-by-step guide to planning qualitative research. This book presents an approach to the components of design and how they interact with each other. It presents a strategy for creating coherent and workable relationships among these design components and highlights key design issues.

  • af Mary Kane & Dr. William Trochim
    706,95 - 1.012,95 kr.

    Provides a guide to the concept mapping methodology and strategies behind using it for a range of social scientists - including students, researchers, and practitioners. This work pays attention to the issues facing the facilitator of a concept mapping project; and includes chapters on using concept mapping in planning and evaluation.

  • - A Guide for Social Scientists and Mental Health Professionals
    af Daniel W. Shuman, Bruce D. Sales & Roberta A. Morris
    699,95 - 1.088,95 kr.

  • - Methods, Models, and Processes
    af Dr. Michael I. Harrison
    697,95 - 1.012,95 kr.

    How can organizations handle the opportunities and threats posed by rapidly changing markets and external conditions? How can they improve their overall effectiveness? The Third Edition of Diagnosing Organizations contains up-to-date treatments of techniques and models for diagnosing how organizations deal with challenges like these.

  • af Norman K. Denzin
    987,95 - 1.403,95 kr.

  • - Techniques for Display and Analysis
    af Gary T. Henry
    706,95 kr.

  • - Reading, Analysis, and Interpretation
    af Amia Lieblich, Rivka Tuval-Mashiach & Tamar Zilber
    510,95 - 977,95 kr.

    Using a new model for the classification of types of readings, this book shows how to read, analyze and interpret life story materials. The authors introduce four models: holistic-content reading; holistic-form reading; categorical-content reading; and categorical-form reading.

  • af Terry F. Buss & Roger D. Vaughan
    750,95 - 1.088,95 kr.

    This practical guide for doing policy analysis is written for academics who want to get their research to the attention of decision-makers in the public sector, or who want to train their students in the skills necessary to undertake policy-relevant research.

  • af Gerardo Marin & Barbara Vanoss Marin
    668,95 kr.

    This book explores ways of overcoming the problems researchers may encounter in collecting and interpreting data generated from Hispanic studies.

  • af Joseph Edward McGrath & Janice Kelly
    699,95 - 1.088,95 kr.

  • - A Practical Guide
    af Robert F. Boruch
    699,95 kr.

  • af Mark W. Lipsey & David B. Wilson
    989,95 - 1.405,95 kr.

  • af Rosalind J. Dworkin
    699,95 - 1.171,95 kr.

  • - Step-by-Step
    af David Fetterman
    512,95 kr.

    This popular text has a "how to" and "here's what you need to do" approach to ethnographic research, taking the mystery out of the research process and making ethnography accessible to the reader.

  • - A Step-by-Step Approach
    af Harris Cooper
    697,95 kr.

    Providing readers with an introduction to how to conduct a research synthesis of literature, this Fifth Edition has new material on the use of the internet and other new developments in technology, including new statistics for describing meta-analytic results

  • - Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
    af Charles B. Teddlie & Abbas M. Tashakkori
    987,95 kr.

    Looking for a practical guide to using mixed methodologies? This book explores the most effective way to combine qualitative and quantitative techniques. It begins with a discussion of the paradigm wars between positivism and constructivism, explains the difference between using mixed methods in just the research methodology portion of a study versus using mixed model studies across all phases of the process, and then presents a typology of mixed methods and mixed model studies.

  • af Floyd J. Fowler
    708,95 kr.

    Author Floyd Fowler provides students and researchers who want to collect, analyze, or read about survey data with a sound basis for evaluating how each aspect of a survey can affect its precision, accuracy, and credibility

  • af Joan E. Sieber & Martin Tolich
    668,95 kr.

    This book is an invaluable guide to help researchers and graduate students understand ethical concerns within real-life research situations.

  • - Taking Socially Responsible Action
    af Ann Majchrzak & M. Lynne Markus
    512,95 kr.

    Looking at the analysis of policies with a view to changing them, this book is written by an expert on policy research and shows ways of presenting alternatives to policy-makers

  • - An Introduction
    af Brian T. Yates
    706,95 kr.

    The techniques for performing cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in mental health and other human services are introduced in this volume.After describing a model for assessment and improvement-oriented analysis of human service systems using CEA and CBA methods, the author then shows how to analyze each of the links between the expenditure of resources and the achievement of long-term programme objectives. Examples of each step in understanding and improving relationships between resources used, procedures, processes induced and outcomes generated are drawn from the author''s own long and varied experience. They are designed to encourage readers to conduct their own quantitative and qualitative analyses of cost - procedure - process - outcome paths in human services.

  • - Sampling, Selection, and Supervision
    af Paul J. Lavrakas
    699,95 kr.

    What quality control methods can be used most effectively to structure and monitor interviews and convert refusals? What telephone numbers should be used in random digit dialling? How can eligible respondents be chosen and their cooperation secured? Addressing these and other survey issues, this book offers researchers a guide to thinking about and executing telephone surveys from generating phone numbers to structuring the work of interviewers and supervisors. New to this edition are a focus on the total survey error concept, a comparison of CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews) with PAPI (paper and pencil inventory) procedures, mixed-mode surveys and new telecommunication technologies. In addition, the book covers such topics as h

  • - Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Related Techniques
    af Charles C. Ragin & Benoit Rihoux
    697,95 kr.

    This new addition to the Applied Social Research Methods series is unrivalled, it is written by leaders in the growing field of rigorous, comparative techniques.

  • af Gary T. Henry
    708,95 kr.

    A guide for researchers dealing with the problems of sampling, this book uses the Practical Design Approach and therefore integrates sampling design into the overall research design and explains the inter-relationships between research design and sampling choices.

  • af Donna M. Mertens & John A. McLaughlin
    699,95 kr.

  • - A Practical Guide
    af Leonard Bickman, Debra J. Rog & Terry E. Hedrick
    708,95 kr.

    Reveals the pitfalls and suggest strategies to overcome problems in the design and planning of applied research. With a focus on how to refine research questions as real world events force deviations from the original research plan, this guide discusses how to study and monitor programme implementation and statistical power analysis.

  • - Content Design and Intrinsic Data Analysis in Behavioral Research
    af Samuel Shye & Dov Elizur
    706,95 kr.

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