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  • - An Introduction
    af Linda Steg
    332,95 kr.

    The updated edition of the essential guide to environmental psychologyThoroughly revised and updated, the second edition, Environmental Psychology: An Introduction offers an overview of the interplay between humans and their environments. The text examines the influence of the environment on human experiences, behaviour and well-being and explores the factors influencing environmental behaviour, and ways to encourage pro-environmental behaviour. The revised edition is a state-of-the art review of relevant theories and research on each of these topics.With contributions from an international panel of noted experts, the text addresses a wealth of topics including the main research methods in environmental psychology; effects of environmental stress; emotional impacts and meanings of natural environment experience; aesthetic appraisals of architecture; how to measure environmental behaviour; cognitive, emotional and social factors explaining environmental behaviour; effects and acceptability of strategies to promote pro-environmental factors; and much more. This important book:* Discusses the environmental factors that threaten and promote human wellbeing* Explores a wide range of factors influencing actions that affect environmental conditions* Discusses the effects and acceptability of approaches that aim to encourage pro-environmental behavior* Presents research results conducted in different regions in the world* Contains contributions from noted expertsWritten for scholars and practitioners in the field, the revised edition of Environmental Psychology offers a comprehensive review of the most recent research available in environmental psychology.

  • - Critical Perspectives
    af B Cripps
    478,95 - 978,95 kr.

    Psychometric Testing offers an in-depth examination of the strengths and limitations psychometric testing, with coverage of diverse methods of test development and application.

  • - Practitioner Case Studies
    af S Cotterill
    455,95 - 1.008,95 kr.

    Sport and Exercise Psychology: Practitioner Case Studies focuses on the most current issues in the field, integrating research and practice to develop a coherent understanding of current knowledge, future research directions and applied implications within the field.

  • - Psychology and Treatment
    af P Davis
    433,95 - 1.010,95 kr.

    Addiction: Psychology and Treatment brings together leading psychologists to provide a comprehensive overview of the psychology of addictions and their treatment across specialities and types of services.

  • - A Social Psychological Approach
    af C Hewer
    431,95 - 843,95 kr.

    A research-based guide to political psychology that is filled with critical arguments from noted expertsPolitical Psychology is solidly grounded in empirical research and critical arguments. The text puts the emphasis on alternative approaches to psychological enquiry that challenge our traditional assumptions about the world. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the text contains a meaningful exchange of ideas that draw on the disciplines of social psychology, sociology, history, media studies and philosophy. This important text offers a broader understanding of the different intellectual positions that academics may take towards political psychology.Comprehensive in scope Political Psychology provides a historical context to the subject and offers a critical history of common research methods. The contributors offer insight on political thought in psychology, the politics of psychological language, narrating as political action, political decision-making and much more. This important text:* Offers contributions from a panel of international experts on the topic* Includes a review of some political ideas associated with the work of Karl Marx, Erich Fromm, R.D. Laing, Michel Foucault and others* Presents information on prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination in the context of mass migration* Reviews a wide range of relevant topics such as identity, social exclusion and foreign policy and more* Contains questions for group debate and discussion at the end of each chapterWritten for academics and students of political psychology, Political Psychology is a comprehensive resource that includes contributions from experts in a variety of fields and disciplines.

  • af L Dacre Pool
    351,95 - 845,95 kr.

    Bridges the gap between the scholarly literature and ΓÇ£popΓÇôpsychΓÇ¥ books on EI Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a topic of vast and growing interest worldwide and is concerned with the ways in which we perceive, identify, understand, and manage emotions. It is an aspect of individual difference that can impact a number of important outcomes throughout a personΓÇÖs lifespan. Yet, until now there were no authoritative books that bridge the gap between scholarly articles on the subject, often published in obscure professional journals, and the kind of books found in the ΓÇ£popΓÇôpsychΓÇ¥ sections of most large bookstores. This book fills that gap, addressing the key issues from birth through to old age, including the impact of EI on child development, social relationships, the workplace, and health. It is a useful introduction to the academic study of EI, including its history as a concept. Featuring contributions by an international team of EI researchers, this thought provoking and informative book offers students, educators, mental health professionals, and general readers a comprehensive, critical, and accessible introduction to stateΓÇôofΓÇôtheΓÇôart EI theory and research. From the historical origins of EI to its contemporary applications across an array of domains, An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence explores what the research evidence tells us about it, why it is important, and how it is measured. Throughout each chapter any potentially tricky words or concepts are highlighted and explained. And, most chapters feature activities to spur further reflection on the subject matter covered as well as ideas on how to apply aspects of EI to various questions or problems arising in the readersΓÇÖ lives. Features contributions from expert authors from around the world with experience of researching and teaching EI theory and practice Makes EI concepts, foundations, research, and theory accessible to a wider audience of readers than ever before Explores EIΓÇÖs roots in psychological thinking dating back to early 20th century and considers the reasons for its widespread popularity in contemporary times Reviews the latest research into the constructs of ability EI and trait EI and their validity in relation to health, wellbeing, social relationships, academic, and work performance An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence is fascinating and informative reading and a source of practical insight for students of psychology, management and leadership, education, social work and healthcare, and those working in education, health settings and in psychological counseling professions. 

  • af J Passmore
    445,95 kr.

    COACHING PRACTICEDExplore the foundations of evidence-based approaches to coachingA collection of the best papers over the last 15 years from the journal The Coaching Psychologist.In Coaching Practiced: Coaching Psychology Tools, Techniques, and Evidence-Based Approaches for Coaches, a team of distinguished researchers delivers an insightful and complete handbook for practicing coaches. From wellbeing to the workplace, coaches of all stripes will find a fulsome discussion of effective methods, strategies, and frameworks for coaching clients.In the book, the editors include contributions from leading experts that discuss a wide variety of essential topics in the field, including cognitive approaches, motivational interviewing, solution-focused coaching, mindfulness approaches, narrative coaching, and the influence of positive psychology in the field of coaching.In this accessible and comprehensive resource, readers will also find:* A thorough introduction to the psychology of coaching, including available frameworks* In-depth examinations of reflective practice and professional development, including reflective journaling* Comprehensive discussions of wellbeing coaching, including health and life coaching* Fulsome explorations of workplace coaching, including the Lead, Learn, and Grow ModelPerfect for organizational and athletic leaders, Coaching Practiced: Coaching Psychology Tools, Techniques, and Evidence-Based Approaches for Coaches will also earn a place in the libraries of professional coaches, managers, executives, and others.

  • - Research, Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Psychology
    af Graham C. Davey
    669,95 kr.

  • - An Introduction
    af J Barry
    514,95 kr.

    PERSPECTIVES IN MALE PSYCHOLOGYDiscover a balanced perspective on men's psychology in this accessible new resourceMale psychology is a new field within the discipline of psychology, which focuses on men and boys. Male psychology moves us towards a more scientific and balanced understanding of the ­psychology of men and of boys, drawing on a range of perspectives, and away from an overreliance on social constructionism and preoccupations with notions such as patriarchy and privilege, too often seen in the narrative about men.In Perspectives in Male Psychology: An Introduction, two of the most prominent authors in this new field, Louise Liddon and John Barry, introduce and deliver an insightful exploration of some of today's most hotly contested issues regarding men and masculinity.This book puts forward a balanced perspective that has been missing from academic and media narratives around topics such as child development, education, sport and exercise, the workplace, crime, the military, health and wellbeing, mental health, therapy, masculinity, and sex differences, and considers the role that evolution, biology, and culture play in shaping male behavior.This book will also help readers to better understand some key issues such as:* Why there are controversies around sex differences research* How bias in research has led to a distorted view of the psychology of men and boys* The ways in which the mental health and other needs of men and boys are routinely overlookedIn turn this helps us ask some important questions such as:* If there are more similarities than differences between men and women, does that mean the differences are unimportant?* How can we un-distort our understanding of men and masculinity?* What are the best ways of identifying and meeting the psychological needs of men and boys?Readers, whether students or lecturers, will also benefit from the inclusion of our companion Wiley website containing additional resources to support the development of knowledge and understanding of male psychology.Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, medicine, and sociology, as well as established professionals in these and related fields, Perspectives in Male Psychology: An Introduction will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone interested in the psychology of sex and gender differences in various aspects of mental health and human behaviour.

  • af DA Crighton
    822,95 kr.

    FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGYExplore the theory, research, and practice of forensic psychology with this collection of resources from recognized leaders in the fieldThe newly revised Third Edition of Forensic Psychology delivers insightful coverage of the theory and applications of forensic psychology. The book combines authoritative scholarship with an unprecedented breadth of international coverage and constitutes an essential resource for all aspects of contemporary forensic and criminal psychology.The new edition addresses issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion in each section, as well as the uses and abuses of power in forensic contexts. The book takes a constructively critical approach to the dominant theories, policy, and practices of today, as opposed to being merely descriptive, and considers new and developing areas, like the prevention of sexual violence at universities.Forensic Psychology comprehensively addresses the application of modern forensic techniques and practices to the civil and criminal justice systems in the United Kingdom. Each chapter concludes with some specific suggestions for further reading. Additionally, readers will enjoy the inclusion of a wide variety of topics, like:* A thorough discussion of investigative and clinical practice, including the politics of forensic psychology, offender profiling, eyewitness testimony, and jury decision making* An examination of clinical and risk assessments, including reviews of the key legal issues and principles involved in risk assessments, the role of structured instruments and protocols, and coverage of actuarial and structured clinical methods* Discussions of working with criminalized populations in prisons and forensic mental health facilities* A treatment of psychology in the courts with an emphasis on the courts of England and WalesPerfect for graduate level students in forensic psychology courses, Forensic Psychology will also earn a place in the libraries of qualified forensic psychologist practitioners and postgraduate students seeking to improve their understanding of forensic psychology with a high-quality international textbook underpinned by considerations of human rights and ethical standards.

  • - A Coaching Psychology Reader for Practitioners and Researchers
    af J Passmore
    431,95 kr.

    A comprehensive review of the practice and most recent research on coachingCoaching Researched: Using Coaching Psychology to Inform Your Research and Practice brings together in one authoritative volume a collection to the most noteworthy papers from the past 15 years from the journal International Coaching Psychology Review. Firmly grounded in evidence-based practice, the writings are appropriate for the burgeoning number of coaching researchers and practitioners in business, health, and education.The contributors offer a scientific framework to support coaching's pedagogy and they cover the sub-specialties of the practice including executive, health, and life coaching. The book provides a comparative analysis in order to differentiate coaching from other practices. Comprehensive in scope, the book covers a wide-range of topics including: the nature of coaching, coaching theory, insights from recent research, a review of various coaching methods, and thoughts on the future of coaching. This important book:* Offers a collection of the most relevant research in the last 15 years with commentary from the International Coaching Psychology Review journal's chief editor* Contains information on both the theory and practice of the profession* Includes content on topics such as clients and coaching, an integrated model of coaching, evidence-based life coaching, and much more* Presents insights on the future of coaching researchWritten for students, researchers, practitioners of coaching in all areas of practice, Coaching Researched offers an accessible volume to the most current evidenced-based practice and research.

  • af Mark Moss, Andrew Parrott, Alun Morinan & mfl.
    467,95 kr.

    Offers an introduction to the action that various drugs have on the brain and behaviour. This book covers drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, LSD and Ecstacy, opiates, CNS stimulants, as well as clinical medications.

  • - Principles and Practicalities
    af J Hardy
    186,95 kr.

  • af G L Davey
    575,95 kr.

  • af AM Slater
    598,95 kr.

    * A representative and authoritative 'state of the art' account of human development from conception to adolescence. * Written at an easy-to-comprehend level by an international team of respected researchers, conveying their knowledge with enthusiasm and skill.

  • - Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions
    af GM Davies
    478,95 kr.

    Forensic Psychology is essential reading for all undergraduate courses in forensic psychology, and an excellent introduction for more detailed postgraduate courses.

  • af R Ranyard
    478,95 kr.

    A comprehensive overview of contemporary economic psychology Economic Psychology presents an accessible overview of contemporary economic psychology.

  • af A Williams
    419,95 kr.

    The first textbook of its kind, Critical Educational Psychology is a forward-thinking approach to educational psychology that uses critical perspectives to challenge current ways of thinking and improve practice.

  • af Chris (London Metropolitan University Chandler
    714,95 kr.

    Psychobiology provides a comprehensive, yet accessible introduction to the study of psychobiology and the key concepts, topics and research that are core to understanding the brain and the biological basis of our behaviour.

  • - Principles and Practice
    af Derek L. (Northumberland Mental Health NHS Trust and The University of Newcastle upon Tyne Milne
    419,95 kr.

    New edition of a distinctive guide to clinical supervision, for all who work in the mental health fieldEvidence-Based CBT Supervision offers an evidence-based perspective of particular interest to CBT supervisors working within mental health. It integrates the author's extensive professional experience with relevant theories, empirical knowledge derived from the latest research, and guidance from other leaders in the field. First published as Evidence-Based Clinical Supervision, the Second Edition puts the emphasis more firmly on a cognitive-behavioral approach, clarifying as never before a CBT orientation to the subject. It also incorporates more information on the restorative function of supervision (supporting supervisors emotionally), and draws on findings and methods for developing professional expertise.Founded on the author's long-term involvement in painstaking programmatic research, this book offers an original, scholarly, systematic, and constructive guide for fostering evidence-based supervision in mental health care. It features a manual with video demonstrations and supervision guidelines, and includes many useful ideas and recommendations for all those involved in supervision, not just trainers and supervisors. The author also spells out how the evidence base informs his companion book, the more practical and training-focused Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision (Milne & Reiser, 2017).Bringing applied science to supervision, Evidence-Based CBT Supervision offers an expert's guide to the critical business of making clinical supervision work within modern mental health services.

  • - A Textbook for Study and Practice
    af D Murphy
    384,95 kr.

    A complete introduction to the theory and practice of contemporary counseling psychology An excellent resource for students at undergraduate or graduate level, Counselling Psychology: A Textbook for Study and Practice provides valuable insights into the key issues associated with theory and practice in this field.

  • - The Study of Individuals, Society and Digital Technologies
    af Monica T. (Nottingham Trent) Whitty
    386,95 kr.

    Cyberpsychology is a new textbook designed for both undergraduate and graduate students in psychology.

  • af Tomas (Goldsmiths College Chamorro-Premuzic
    490,95 kr.

    Personality and Individual Differences is a state-of-the-art undergraduate textbook that covers the salient and recent literature on personality, intellectual ability, motivation and other individual differences such as creativity, emotional intelligence, leadership and vocational interests.

  • af Vera (University of Abertay Kempe & Patricia J. (College of Staten Island Brooks
    620,95 kr.

    An accessible introduction to language development aimed at a wide audience of students from different disciplines such as psychology, behavioural science, linguistics, cognitive science, and speech pathology. It requires only minimal knowledge of psychology, and is intended for undergraduates from the second year of studies onwards.

  • - A Critical Introduction
    679,95 kr.

    The last decade has witnessed a dramatic change in our understanding of the way in which the mind operates and the reasons behind a myriad of human behaviours.

  • af Kate (Lancaster University) Cain
    398,95 kr.

    Reading is a complex activity that involves a range of skills in order to access meaning via the printed word. Reading Development and Difficulties demonstrates that there are two aspects to a child becoming a skilled reader: the development of good word reading skills and the ability to extract the overall meaning of a text.

  • - A Student's Guide
    af L. D. (Cardiff Metropolitan University Sanders
    325,95 kr.

    Discovering Research Methods in Psychology presents a student-friendly introduction to the principal research methodology techniques of psychology. Using a narrative approach, the text explains the complexities of research and the vital role it has played in the development of the field.

  • - Psychological Perspectives
    af David (London Metropolitan University) Hardman
    431,95 kr.

    Judgment and Decision Making is a refreshingly accessible text that explores the wide variety of ways people make judgments. .

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