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Bøger i Food Science and Technology serien

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  • af Haifa) Berk, Zeki (Technion & Israel Institute of Technology
    1.571,95 kr.

  • - Social and Ethical Lessons for Nanoscience from the Debate over Agrifood Biotechnology and GMOs
    787,95 kr.

    Presents diverse perspectives on biotechnology and nanotechnologies. This book details the lessons to be learned from the controversy over genetically modified foods, and how those lessons can be applied to developing nanotechnologies, particularly agricultural and other food-related applications. It is suitable for scientists and NGO advocates.

  • af Mason, OH, USA) Heldman & mfl.
    1.140,95 kr.

    The preservation processes for foods have evolved over several centuries. This work deals with the fate of food quality attributes during the preservation process, and the concept of optimizing the process parameters to maximize the retention of food quality.

  • - Chemistry and Technology in Food
    af New York, Geneva, U.S.A.) Walter & mfl.
    897,95 kr.

    Polysaccharides are the subject of heightened interest, and this book is a study of the properties of food polysaccharides, describing their interaction with water, the mass-volume-pressure-relationship, various types of mathematical modeling, and the common phenomenology under different combinations of stimuli.

  • af Amherst, U.S.A.) Stumbo & C. R. (University of Massachusetts
    641,95 kr.

  • - Design Strategies and Human Implications
    726,95 kr.

    Reviews the various methods used in efforts to reduce fat in meat. The text outlines breeding and feeding techniques, but the emphasis is on emerging technologies including meat processing and partitioning agents. It also details the health, social, ethical, and economic implications.

  • - A Professional Handbook
    af Ontario, Canada) Jackson, Ronald S. (Brock University, mfl.
    744,95 kr.

    2.945,95 kr.

  • - From Expression to Food
    99,95 kr.

  • af Fung
    2.655,95 kr.

    Features papers delivered to a 1988 meeting of food technologists in Dallas, and a few chapters, which survey the instruments and methodologies available for the instrumental analysis of chemical, physical, and microbiological aspects of food, especially in quality assurance and control.

  • af Gisbert Ottersta tter
    3.013,95 kr.

    Presents a wide range of information on the composition, utilization, and evaluation of colorants and pigments in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic products. This title tabulates key data for food, drug, and cosmetic colorants by Color Index Numbers. It describes the relationships between coloring reactions.

  • - A Molecular Colloidal Approach
    af Eliasson
    3.013,95 kr.

    Describes the breadmaking process at the molecular level, based on surface and colloidal science and introducing colloidal science with a minimum of theory. This book discusses the structure of the dough, how a foam is formed during fermentation and how starch gelatinization induces the formation of an open-pore network, such as the bread crumb.

    5.673,95 kr.

    Demonstrates the effect that biotechnology has on food production and processing. Beginning with an overview of principles of microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics, it reviews food microbiology that analyzes the genetics and processes of dietary fundamentals.

    2.391,95 kr.

    Featuring extraction process optimization, this book details the installation, construction, development, modeling, control, and economics of conventional and specialized extraction systems in the food processing industry. It also presents case studies for illustration of specific extraction systems in commercial food production.

  • af Kenji Hirasa & Mitsuo Takemasa
    2.298,95 kr.

    Offers coverage of spices and herbs from basic science to the developments in spice functions and applications. This title introduces a fresh patterning theory of extensive spice use in various types of food preparations.

  • af Mason, OH, USA) Heldman, mfl.
    772,95 kr.

    Using carefully selected examples, this title demonstrates the relationship of engineering to the chemistry, microbiology, nutrition and processing of foods in a uniquely practical blend. It facilitates comprehensive learning that has proven valuable beyond the classroom as a lifetime professional reference.

  • - Adding Value Through Quick Freezing, Retortable Packaging and Cook-Chilling
    2.391,95 kr.

    The international fishing industry is in danger of stagnation if it continues to ignore consumer demands. What the consumer wants is easy-to-prepare or ready-to-eat value added products. This title considers issues that need to be addressed to bring items profitably to market, including product development, processing, packaging and storage.

  • af J. Peter Clark, Kenneth J. Valentas & Leon Levin
    2.655,95 kr.

    Intended for students and practitioners who have a basic education in chemical engineering or food science, this title contains basic information in each area and describes some of the fundamental ideas of processing development and design. It examines the food industry structure, how it works, and consumer products.

  • af Moskowitz
    3.013,95 kr.

  • - Effects of Technology on Nutrition
    af George M. Pigott & Barbara Tucker
    2.655,95 kr.

    Analyzes how the technology and commercial practices of cultivation affect the nutritive value of certain fish, molluscs, crustacea, and freshwater plants. This title is organized to show the sequence from growth, harvest, and capture, through transportation, storage, and processing, to packaging and distribution.

  • - Production, Composition, Storage, and Processing
    3.907,95 kr.

    Covers preharvest and postharvest handling and production of fruits grown in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions in the world. This work brings together 45 top experts who discuss over 60 major and minor crops, detailing methods and technology for handling, disease control, storage, packaging, and refrigeration.

  • - Analysis, Bioavailability, and Stability
    af George F.M. Ball
    3.013,95 kr.

    Presents information on vitamin chemistry, absorption and metabolism. This work discusses the effects of food processing on vitamin retention, the physiology of vitamin absorption and physiochemical properties of individual vitamins. It describes the principles of analytical methods and provides methods for depicting individual vitamins in foods.

  • af The Netherlands) van Boekel & Martinus A.J.S. (Wageningen University
    2.536,95 kr.

    Offers an introduction to kinetic models and modeling techniques and their applications in food science and technology. This book argues that the modeling of food changes is kinetic modeling. Integrating food science knowledge, kinetics, and statistics, it explores the potential to predict and control food quality attributes with computer models.

  • af James I. Wadsworth & Wayne E Marshall
    3.251,95 kr.

    Focuses on developments in rice storage, quality, processing and utilization, emphasizing their importance to growers, technologists and consumers. This work also provides insight into future advances and examines starch gelatinization in rice during the cooking process.

  • af Mittal
    3.013,95 kr.

    Covers the fundamentals and the advances in computerized automation and process control, control algorithms, and specific applications essential food manufacturing processes and unit operations. This text highlights the use of efficient process control to convert from batch to continuous operation and enhance plant sanitation.

    3.251,95 kr.

    Offers information on the various analytical procedures involved in both nutrition labelling and the identification and quantitation of hazardous chemicals in foods. This book assesses the relative strengths of traditional and modern analysis techniques.

  • af Davis, John R. (University of California & USA) Whitaker
    3.609,95 kr.

    Explains the fundamentals of enzymology and describes the role of enzymes in food, agricultural and health sciences. This title provides methods for protein determination and purification; examines the concept of hysteresis; and, furnishes information on proteases, oxidases, polyphenol oxidases, lipoxygenases and the enzymology of biotechnology.

  • af Lees
    2.774,95 kr.

    A report from research in the MIT Sea Grant College Program. It discusses the relationship between particular fatty acids found only in fish oil, and human health. It presents and evaluates information on the health effects of dietary fats generally.

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