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    917,95 kr.

    (Multi)Vocal Exchanges Across the Ocean is the second volume of the project American Studies Over_Seas, an edited collection of texts honoring two pioneering Portuguese scholars in American literature and culture. Devoted to relations between Portugal and the United States, it includes essays by leading scholars whose research illuminates the multifarious ways in which history, sociology and literature intersect. A special feature of this collection is the inclusion of creative writing pieces that provide an imaginative intellectual backdrop to the transnational turn in American Studies. The literary contributions focus on diasporic experiences, dramatizing issues of ethnicity, identity, and interculturality. The essays of a more personal nature highlight the career of the two honorees, discuss protocols involving academic exchanges, and showcase dialogues between Europe and America over the past 30 years. Of benefit to the academic and the interested reader, this volume enriches the metaphor of the Atlantic Ocean as a space not only of struggle but also of ongoing conversation.

    1.052,95 kr.

    American Studies Over_Seas I: Narrating Multiple America(s) is a contribution to the ongoing debate in the field of American Studies in its most recent turn-Transnational American Studies-a paradigm shift in the discipline which runs counter to a consensus version of U.S. history and culture. The essays highlight the dissenting narratives in the study of "America" as a mindscape, multivocal and varied in its discourses of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and nationality. They also evidence the interrelation of the United States with Europe and examine how society, history, literature, and art intersect, providing alternative ways to comprehend the current geopolitical and cultural mindset on both sides of the Atlantic. These are interdisciplinary and diverse texts, authored by both senior leading scholars and promising younger researchers.The volume will benefit students and scholars of international American Studies, interdisciplinary and multicultural studies in history, sociology, modern languages literatures and cultures, cultural studies, comparative literatures, identity and ethnic studies, among others. It will also be of interest to researchers of American studies, transatlantic and transoceanic studies, diasporas and related fields of history, literature, art, and politics, as well as to the general reader with a background in the social sciences and the humanities.

  • af Sarah England
    527,95 kr.

  • af Sarah England
    751,95 kr.

  • - Collected Essays of Bapsi Sidhwa
    af Bapsi Sidhwa
    627,95 kr.

    This book is collection of essays that provide a writer's perspective on issues of South Asian Literature, linguistics, poetry and views of political events and globalization.

  • - Diaspora, Literature, and Culture
    769,95 kr.

    The Transnational Imaginaries of M. G. Vassanji is a collection of scholarly articles that engages with, analyzes, and appreciatively critiques the fiction and nonfiction writing of M. G. Vassanji, a multiple award-winning author.

  • - Perspectives on the Literature and Culture of Portuguese America
    af George Monteiro
    792,95 kr.

    There's No Word for SAUDADE contains twenty-one essays aimed at a readership interested in cultural and historical materials, including those relate to Portuguese America.

  • - Persons, Names, Words, and Proverbs in Portuguese America
    af George Monteiro
    792,95 kr.

    Caldo Verde Is Not Stone Soup identifies elements of an emerging Portuguese American culture in the United States.

  • - Self-Determination Strategies of Free Blacks in the Old Northwest
    af Jill E. Rowe
    617,95 kr.

    Invisible in Plain Sight: Self-Determination Strategies of Free Blacks in the Old Northwest provides a rare detailed examination of an often overlooked piece of the American tapestry, the Land Act of 1820.

  • - The Rise of Multiculturalism in Canada and Australia, 1890s-1970s
    af Jatinder Mann
    805,95 kr.

    This book explores the profound social, cultural, and political changes that affected the way in which Canadians and Australians defined themselves as a "people" from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s.

  • - Portuguese Contexts
    744,95 kr.

    This collection of essays provides both critical and interdisciplinary means for thinking across diasporic travels within the Portuguese experience and its intersection with other peoples and cultures. The chapters are organized into four sections and offer rich, diverse, and insightful studies that provide a conceptualization of the Portuguese diaspora.

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