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Bøger i Justice, International Law and Global Security serien

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  • - Asia and The West
    af Vicki A. Spencer
    1.523,95 kr.

    This edited collection explores the diversity of past conceptualizations as well as the remarkable continuity in the desire for peace across global intellectual traditions. Each chapter offers a case study of a particular intellectual tradition and attempts to rehabilitate 'forgotten' conceptions of peace and reclaim its contemporary relevance.

  • - Groundwork for Post-conflict Regeneration
    af Peter Reddy
    1.711,95 kr.

    States that international peacekeeping can be designed and implemented using the principles of restorative justice. To prove this, the author discusses the congruence of crime, armed conflict and violent disorder, critiquing restorative justice and its nuanced character as a suitable application to complex civil wars.

  • - Was it Just?
    af Francis X. Winters
    569,95 - 1.523,95 kr.

    Seeks to balance the verdict of responsibilty for Hiroshima by extending the analysis of the ethics of the end of the war. The author pairs Japan's criminal refusal to surrender in defeat with the resultant decision by Truman to forego any further delay and thus spare his citizens.

  • - The Just War Tradition and the Customary Law of Armed Conflict
    1.463,95 kr.

    Explores the philosophic and societal foundations of the just war tradition, relates the principles of jus ad bellum to contemporary issues confronting the global community and explores the relationship between the principles of jus in bello and the various principles embodied in the customary law of armed conflict.

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