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  • - The Syntax and Semantics of Gradability and Comparison
    af Christopher Kennedy
    545,95 kr.

  • - The Markedness of Adjectives
    af David Beck
    592,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    This book presents rigorous and criterial definitions of the major parts of speech - noun, verb and adjective - that account both for their syntactic behaviour and for their observed typological variation.

  • af William Ham
    545,95 kr.

    Using acoustic studies of Bernese, Hungarian, Levantine Arabic and Madurese, the author argues that differences in geminate timing are ultimately correlated according to whether a language is syllable or mora-timed.

  • af Emily E. Scida
    592,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    This book investigates two prominent issues with regard to the inflected infinitive - the syntactic distribution of the Portuguese inflected infinitive, and its origin and development from Early Romance.

  • af Tania S. Zamuner
    1.463,95 kr.

    This book provides an analysis of two theories of language acquisition: the theory that acquisition is primarily mediated by innate properties of language provided by universal grammar, and the opposing theory that language is acquired based on the patterns in the ambient language.

  • - Rising and Falling Declaratives as Questions in English
    af Christine Gunlogson
    688,95 kr.

    An exploration of the meaning and use of two kinds of declarative sentences and their intonational differences: It's raining? and It's raining. To account for the differences, the text gives a compositional account of rising and falling declaratives under which declarative form expresses commitment to the prepositional content of the declarative.

  • - A New Analysis
    af Andrea Hoa Pham
    3.371,95 kr.

    In linguistic study, tone is usually equated with pitch. This text argues that this view of tone is problematic. Its acoustic analysis of tone in Vietnamese uses data from various speakers to show that the phonation features of breathiness and creakiness correlate much more closely with tonal perceptions than pitch height alone.

  • - Cochlear Implants, Speech Production, and the Expectations of a High-Tech Society
    af Joanna Hart Lowenstein
    1.940,95 kr.

    Explores the interface between speech perception and production through a longitudinal acoustic analysis of the speech of postlingually deaf adults with cochlear implants. This book also examines how cochlear implants are portrayed in dramatic and documentary television programs, the scientific accuracy of those portrayals, and more.

  • af Katy Carlson
    545,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    Through rigorous and well-documented experiments, this thesis presents pioneering work on the processing of a variety of distinct types of ellipsis sentences, concentrating on the role played by focus, intonation and parallelism.

  • - A Typological Survey and Formal Analysis
    af Jie Zhang
    1.463,95 kr.

    This book presents a detailed and enlightening examination of the effects of duration and sonority on the patterns of positional restriction of contour tones.

  • af Cassandre Creswell
    1.463,95 kr.

    Interest in statistical natural language generation is rapidly increasing. This work sheds important light from theoretical linguistics on the type of information crucial to statistical NLG algorithms.

  • - The Functional Consequences of Certain Phonetically Conditioned Sound Changes
    af Naomi Gurevich
    1.463,95 kr.

    This book analyses 153 languages from a large variety of families to establish a previously unexplored relationship between phonetically conditioned sound changes such as lenitions and functional considerations.

  • af Viola Giulia Miglio
    1.463,95 kr.

    Investigates various phenomena affecting both stressed and unstressed vowels in Romance languages and analyses vowel reduction, which involves a change of vowel quality in stressless syllables that favours vowel qualities that are maximally distinguishable from one another.

  • - A Type-Logical Investigation
    af Neil Whitman
    1.463,95 kr.

    It has been claimed that 'category neutrality' where a word or a phrase is used simultaneously with more than one syntactic category, does not exist. This work shows that it does exist in English. This work not only challenges the current thinking, but also raises foundational questions about the nature of ambiguity.

  • - A Case of Contrastive Palatalization
    af Alexei Kochetov
    1.463,95 kr.

    This work presents the first experimental study of articulatory dynamics of Russian and of secondary articulents in general. Special focus is on the nature of positional markedness scales (Optimality Theory), a key concept in phonological theory.

  • - Phonetics, Phonology, Diachrony
    af Darya Kavitskaya
    545,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    This book examines the phonological phenomenon of compensatory lengthening, wherein the loss of a consonant or vowel triggers a compensatory lengthening of another phonetic element.

  • - A Comparative Study of Dutch and Spanish
    af Sergio Baauw
    1.463,95 kr.

    Baauw discusses to what extent errors young children make with their interpretation of definite articles and pronouns are due to their immature pragmatic skills and to what extent incomplete syntactic development plays a role.

  • af Jennifer L. Smith
    592,95 kr.

    Jennifer Smith shows that phonological processes specific to strong positions are distinct from those involved in classic positional neutralization effects.

  • af Paul D. Fallon
    545,95 - 1.821,95 kr.

    With a database of over 180 languages and dialects, this book proposes a typology of the phonological patterning of ejectives, drawing together widely-scattered information.

  • af Rajesh Kumar
    1.463,95 kr.

    Studies syntax of NPIs and their interaction with sentential negatives in Hindi. This book outlines the clause structure of Hindi and locates the syntactic position of sentential negatives as well as constituent negatives within the structure.

  • - A Study of Aspect in Dene Suline (Chipewyan) and German
    af Canada) Wilhelm & Andrea Luise (University of Alberta
    1.523,95 kr.

    Telicity and durativity are notions which have become increasingly influential in both the semantic and the syntactic. This book studies the linguistic representation of events by examining the relevance of two salient event characteristics - telicity and durativity - to the grammatical system of natural language.

  • - A Unified Theory of Weight
    af Bruce Moren
    1.463,95 kr.

    This book provides a unified theory of moraicity, contending that there are two types of weight labelled coerced and distinctive. Using optimality theory, Moren challenges traditional theories of vowel/consonant dichotomy and inherent moraicity.

  • - An Experimental Study of Consonant Cluster Syllabification, Definite Article Allomorphy, and Segment Duration
    af Kristie McCrary Kambourakis
    1.463,95 kr.

    Revealing that the standard syllable-based analyses of consonant cluster divisions, definite article allomorphy and segment duration are not supported by the experiemental evidence, this study shows that the conditioning factors for these central processes in Italian phonology are segmental, contrast-based conditions.

  • - A Theory of the Syntax-Phonology Interface
    af Amanda Seidl
    1.463,95 kr.

    This book investigates the nature of the relationship between phonology and syntax and proposes a theory of Minimal Indirect Reference which solves many of the problems found in the field.

  • af Jennifer Hay
    1.463,95 kr.

    This work explores effect of speech perception strategies upon morphological structure. Jennifer Hay investigates the role of two factors known to be relevant to speech perceptions: phonotactics and lexical frequency.

  • - Evidence from Spanish and English
    af Eugenia Casielles-Suarez
    1.463,95 kr.

    Central questions addressed are the analysis of subjects in Spanish and English (DP vs. NP and null vs. preverbal vs. postverbal) and the nature of constructions such as topicalization, left-dislocation, and focus preposing.

  • af John Fry
    545,95 kr.

    Investigating the operation ellipsis and wa-marking in a corpus of colloquial Japanese speech, this title shows that Japanese conversation obeys certain principles of argument ellipsis that appear to be language universal: the tendency to omit transitive and human subjects and the tendency to express no more than one argument per clause.

  • - Evidence from Plains Cree
    af Tomio Hirose
    545,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    Offering a new perspective on natural language predicates by analyzing data from the Plains Cree language, this text demonstrates that what is known about aspectual properties of well-studied languages is also true of the less-studied Cree language.

  • af Bridget Copley
    1.463,95 kr.

    Builds a semantics for several kinds of future-referring expressions, including will sentences, be going to sentences, and futurates. This title addresses a number of issues of interest to formal semanticists, from modal and aspectual semantics, to the mapping of functional elements in the clause, to the logical form of conditionals.

  • af Ren Zhang
    1.463,95 kr.

    Drawing insights from conceptual semantics, cognitive semantics, generative lexicon, construction grammar and formal syntax, this book is the first attempt at a comparative account of lexical semantic issues in Mandarin Chinese.

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