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  • - Communication and Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century
    af Richard M. Perloff
    806,95 kr.

    The Dynamics of Persuasion has been a staple resource for teaching persuasion for nearly two decades. Author Richard M. Perloff speaks to students in a style that is engaging and informational, explaining key theories and research as well as providing timely and relevant examples. The companion website includes materials for both students and instructors and expanding the pedagogical utilities. The sixth edition includes:updated theoretical and applied research in a variety of areas, including framing, inoculation, and self-affirmation;new studies of health campaigns;expanded coverage of social media marketing;enhanced discussion of the Elaboration Likelihood Model in light of continued research and new applications to everyday persuasion.The fundamentals of the book - emphasis on theory, clear-cut explanation of findings, in-depth discussion of persuasion processes and effects, and easy-to-follow real-world applications - continue in the sixth edition.

  • af Robert G. Powell
    1.421,95 kr.

    This volume addresses ways in which culture influences communication in the classroom & provides teachers with information they need to meet the needs of students in multicultural classrooms. For students & scholars in instructional communication

  • af Kathleen Fearn_Banks
    1.364,95 kr.

    Crisis Communications presents case studies of organizational and individual problems that have the potential to become crises, and the communication responses to these situations. Helping professionals prepare for crises and develop communication

  • - Audiences, Industries, and Issues
    af Arthur A. (Florida State University) Raney
    463,95 kr.

  • - Promising Strategies for Behavior Change
    af Carole J. Skelly
    465,95 kr.

    eHealth Applications: Promising Strategies for Behavior Change provides an overview of technological applications in contemporary health communication research, exploring the history and current uses of eHealth applications in disease prevention and management. This volume focuses on the use of these technology-based interventions for public health promotion and explores the rapid growth of an innovative interdisciplinary field. The chapters in this work discuss key eHealth applications by presenting research examining a variety of technology-based applications. Authors Seth M. Noar and Nancy Grant Harrington summarize the latest in eHealth research, including a range of computer, Internet, and mobile applications, and offer observations and reflections on this growing area, such as dissemination of programs and future directions for the study of interactive health communication and eHealth. Providing a timely and comprehensive review of current tools for health communication, eHealth Applications is a must-read for scholars, students, and researchers in health communication, public health, and health education.

    1.042,95 kr.

    The Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication explores the scope and purpose of risk, and its counterpart, crisis, to facilitate the understanding of these issues from conceptual and strategic perspectives. Recognizing that risk is a central feature of our daily lives, found in relationships, organizations, governments, the environment, and a wide variety of interactions, contributors to this volume explore such questions as "e;What is likely to happen, to whom, and with what consequences?"e; "e;To what extent can science and vigilance prevent or mitigate negative outcomes?"e; and "e;What obligation do some segments of local, national, and global populations have to help other segments manage risks?"e;, shedding light on the issues in the quest for definitive answers.The Handbook offers a broad approach to the study of risk and crisis as joint concerns. Chapters explore the reach of crisis and risk communication, define and examine key constructs, and parse the contexts of these vital areas. As a whole, the volume presents a comprehensive array of studies that highlight the standard principles and theories on both topics, serving as the largest effort to date focused on engaging risk communication discussions in a comprehensive manner. Now available in paperback, the Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication can be readily used in graduate coursework and individual research programs. With perspectives from psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and communication, the Handbook provides vital insights for all disciplines studying risk, and is required reading for scholars and researchers investigating risk and crisis in various contexts.

  • - A Sourcebook
    af Rebecca B. Rubin, Philip Palmgreen & Howard E. Sypher
    569,95 kr.

    The development of communication as a discipline has resulted in an explosion of scales tapping various aspects of interpersonal, mass, organizational, and instructional communication. This sourcebook brings together scales that measure a variety of important communication constructs. The scales presented are drawn from areas of interpersonal, mass, organizational, and instructional communication--areas in which the use of formal, quantitative scales is particularly well developed. Communication Research Measures reflects the recent important emphasis on developing and improving the measurement base of the communication discipline. It results in an equal amount of labor saved on the part of the scholars, students, and practitioners who find this book useful, and it contributes in a significant way to research efforts.Originally published by Guilford Press in 1994, now available from Routledge.

  • - A Blueprint for the New Professionalism
    af Robert O. Blanchard & William G. Christ
    408,95 kr.

    This book provides academic reformers with a blueprint for tackling the upheaval facing media education. It calls for a new professionalism that rejects the status quo, reflects the mission and diversity of individual programs, and demands a redefinition of both traditional media studies and the liberal arts.

  • - Divided and Disconnected in the News Media Landscape
    af Austin, USA) Poindexter, Paula (University of Texas at Austin, mfl.
    530,95 - 1.297,95 kr.

    Explores the divide between men and women in their consumption of news media, looking at how the sexes read and use news, how they use technology to access their news, and how news pertains to and is used by women. This book addresses diversity issues among women's use of news, considering racial, ethnic, international and feminist perspectives.

  • - Examining the Complexities of Lived Experiences
    af USA) Johnson, USA) Hecht, Michael L. (The Pennsylvania State University, mfl.
    1.297,95 kr.

  • af USA) Flora, USA) Segrin, Chris (University of Arizona & mfl.
    873,95 kr.

  • - Theory and Practice in a Global Environment
    af USA) Harris, USA) Nelson, Thomas E. (University of Alabama & mfl.
    814,95 kr.

    Revised edition of the authors' Applied organizational communication, c2008.

  • - Concepts, Contexts, and Challenges
    af Robert L. Heath & Jennings Bryant
    711,95 kr.

    Human Communication Theory and Research introduces students to the growing body of theory and research in communication, demonstrating the integration between the communication efforts of interpersonal, organizational, and mediated settings. This second edition builds from the foundation of the original volume to demonstrate the rich array of theories, theoretical connections, and research findings that drive the communication discipline. Robert L. Heath and Jennings Bryant have added a chapter on new communication technologies and have increased depth throughout the volume, particularly in the areas of social meaning, critical theory and cultural studies, and organizational communication. The chapters herein are arranged to provide insight into the breadth of studies unique to communication, acknowledging along the way the contributions of researchers from psychology, political science, and sociology. Heath and Bryant chart developments and linkages within and between ways of looking at communication. The volume establishes an orientation for the social scientific study of communication, discussing principles of research, and outlining the requirements for the development and evaluation of theories. Appropriate for use in communication theory courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level, this text offers students insights to understanding the issues and possible answers to the question of what communication is in all forms and contexts.

  • - A Communication Strategy for Social Change
    af Arvind Singhal & Everett Rogers
    465,95 kr.

    Arvind Singhal and Everett M. Rogers have developed this unique volume focused on the history and development of entertainment-education. This approach to communication is the process of designing and implementing a media message to both entertain and educate to increase audience members' knowledge about an educational issue, create favorable attitudes, and change overt behavior. It uses the universal appeal of entertainment to show individuals how they can live safer, healthier, and happier lives. Entertainment formats such as soap operas, rock music, feature films, talk shows, cartoons, comics, and theater are utilized in various countries to promote messages about educational issues. This book presents a balanced picture of the entertainment-education strategy, identifying ethical and other problems that accompany efforts to bring about social change.

  • - A Complete Guide to Advertising Media Selection, Planning, Research, and Buying
    af USA) Katz & Helen (Starcom Mediavest
    593,95 - 1.338,95 kr.

  • - Writing Business and Economics Stories for Mass Communication
    af USA) Roush & Chris (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    814,95 kr.

  • - Communication and Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century
    af USA) Perloff & Richard M. (Cleveland State University
    0,00 - 2.127,95 kr.

  • af USA) Perse, Elizabeth M. (University of Delaware, USA) Lambe & mfl.
    556,95 kr.

  • - Enhancing Instructional Practice
    af USA) Powell, Robert G. (Fresno State University & Dana L. (Fresno State University
    736,95 - 1.985,95 kr.

  • - Cases in Stakeholder Management
    af USA) Richardson, USA) Hinton, Kathy Brittain (Berry College & mfl.
    1.743,95 kr.

  • - Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research
    af Chapel Hill, USA) Riffe, Daniel (University of North Carolina, mfl.
    1.500,95 kr.

    "First edition published by Routledge 1998."

  • af Bruce Garrison
    470,95 kr.

    Computers have changed the landscape of both gathering and disseminating information throughout the world. This work is designed to show both students and professional journalists which tools are being used on a daily basis by leading news organizations and journalists.

  • - What Are the Issues?
    af Barrie Gunter
    591,95 kr.

    This title examines the representation, impact and issues relating to the control and regulation of sex in the media. It covers work that has been conducted around the world on the depiction of sex in the mainstream mass media, especially the audio-visual media of film, television and video.

  • - Selling College Radio
    af Shyrl L. Plum
    445,95 kr.

    This introductory media sales text serves as a step-by-step manual to assist students in attaining sales proficiency and confidence. It is organized into 15 chapters and features assignments and handout materials throughout.

  • - The Why and What of Public Affairs Reporting
    af Maxwell E. McCombs & Davis Merritt
    1.500,95 kr.

    This text explores public affairs journalism - a practice that lies at the core of the journalism profession. It goes beyond the journalistic instruction for reporting, presenting news and reflecting on why journalism works the way it does even though other options are available.

  • - From Mass Culture To Popular Culture
    af Alex S. Edelstein
    567,95 kr.

    Designed as an answer to the question of the inclusiveness of the popular culture, this book argues that the values of popular music, media, politics, debates over social issues, and international trade have become everyday propaganda to which everyone relates in some way.

  • - U.S. News People at the Dawn of a New Millennium
    af David H. Weaver, Randal A. Beam, Bonnie J. Brownlee, mfl.
    1.297,95 kr.

    Illustrates the state of journalistic practice in the United States. This work looks at the demographic and educational backgrounds, working conditions, and professional and ethical values of print, broadcast, and Internet journalists at the beginning of the 21st century; providing results from telephone surveys of nearly 1,500 US journalists.

  • af Laura Stafford
    470,95 kr.

    Long-distance relationships have become a popular area of study, although limited work has been published. In response to this state of scholarship, Laura Stafford summarizes literature across the social sciences on various types of long-distance relationships and extracts themes and patterns across the relational types, relating them to theory.

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