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  • af Brian Harvey
    174,95 kr.

    This book is the first regular space exploration annual. It provides an annual update on recent space launches, missions and results, to be published every year in September. It is written at an accessible level for both young and older space enthusiasts.

  • af David M. Harland
    273,95 kr.

    The Space Exploration annuals provide a yearly update on recent space launches, missions and results, to be published every September. The annual is written at an accessible level for both young and older space enthusiasts to provide a regular, balanced review of all the world's major space programmes, past, present and future.

  • - Architecture and Operation
    af Frank O'Brien
    405,95 kr.

    The technological marvel that facilitated the Apollo missions to the Moon was the on-board computer. He regularly lectures on the Apollo computer and related topics to diverse groups, from NASA's computer engineering conferences, the IEEE/ACM, computer festivals and university student groups.

  • af Ellis D. Miner & Randii R. Wessen
    490,95 kr.

  • af Davide Sivolella
    339,95 kr.

  • - Follow the Science to Jezero Crater
    af Manfred "Dutch" von Ehrenfried
    326,95 kr.

  • af Bernard Henin
    306,95 kr.

    Featured within are some of the most striking images ever received by these pioneering instruments, including Voyager's Pale Blue Dot, Apollo's Blue Marble, Venera's images from the surface of Venus, Huygens' images of Titan, New Horizon's images of Pluto and Arrokoth, and much more.

  • af Peter Bond
    252,95 kr.

    In 2014, Rosetta became the first mission to orbit a comet and to deploy a lander onto its surface. This is the story of ESAΓÇÖs pioneering comet explorer, following the mission from its initial inception to its historic touchdown. Read along as the Rosetta orbiter and its lander, Philae, evolve over the years, overcoming early mission hurdles before embarking on their one-way, decade-long voyage to a comet. See how the saga then culminates with Rosetta and Philae at last unveiling their icy target and achieving an unprecedented touchdown on its surface.Award-winning space writer Peter Bond takes us behind the scenes of this historic endeavor, sharing insights from the international team of scientists and engineers who made the mission possible, describing the remarkable technology that they created, and delving into the treasure trove of scientific discoveries that followed.Recounting in vivid detail the inner workings of Rosetta, this book is a celebration of the mission that has left a lasting impact on planetary science and space exploration.

  • - Who Will Compete, Who Will Dominate?
    af Linda Dawson
    273,95 kr.

    This book examines the U.S. space program's triumphs and failures in order to assess what constitutes a successful space policy.

  • - Off-World Resources and Revolutionary Engineering Techniques
    af Davide Sivolella
    273,95 kr.

    This book produces convincing evidence that exploiting the potential of space could help solve many environmental and social issues affecting our planet, such as pollution, overcrowding, resource depletion and conflicts, economic inequality, social unrest, economic instability and unemployment.

  • - Redefining the Right Stuff
    af Colin Burgess & David J. Shayler
    304,95 kr.

    Unofficially they called themselves the TFNG, or the Thirty-Five New Guys. Officially, they were NASA's Group 8 astronauts, selected in January 1978 to train for orbital missions aboard the Space Shuttle. Prior to this time only pilots or scientists trained as pilots had been assigned to fly on America's spacecraft, but with the advent of the innovative winged spacecraft the door was finally opened to non-pilots, including women and minorities. In all, 15 of those selected were categorised as Pilot Astronauts, while the other 20 would train under the new designation of Mission Specialist. Altogether, the Group 8 astronauts would be launched on a total of 103 space missions; some flying only once, while others flew into orbit as many as five times. Sadly, four of their number would perish in the Challenger tragedy in January 1986.In their latest collaborative effort, the authors bring to life the amazing story behind the selection of the first group of Space Shuttle astronauts, examining their varied backgrounds and many accomplishments in a fresh and accessible way through deep research and revealing interviews. Throughout its remarkable 30-year history as the workhorse of NASA's human spaceflight exploration, twice halted through tragedy, the Shuttle fleet performed with magnificence. So too did these 35 men and women, swept up in the dynamic thrust and ongoing development of America's Space Shuttle program."This book on the Group 8 Astronauts, the TFNGs, is an excellent summation of the individuals first selected for the new Space Shuttle Program. It provides insight into what it took to first get the Space Shuttle flying. For any space enthusiast it is a must read." - Robert L. Crippen PLT on STS-1 "As a reader, I had many moments where long, lost memories of the triumph and tragedy of the space shuttle program were brilliantly reawakened at the turn of a page. Loved it! This is a must-have book for every space enthusiast's library." - TFNG Mission Specialist Astronaut Richard 'Mike' Mullane, author of Riding Rockets: The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut"Many of the anecdotes in the book brought back memories of challenges, opportunities, and a team of men and women who were committed not just to the space program, but to one another...I've gone back to it several times as a reference source." - TFNG Steve Hawley, 5-time Space Shuttle Mission Specialist Astronaut "The TFNG book is incredible and amazingly thorough! The detail in the book is awesome! It is my go-to book for any of the details I've forgotten." - TFNG Dr. Rhea Seddon, 3-time Space Shuttle Mission Specialist Astronaut."I can't believe how detailed and complete it is!!! FANTASTIC work!!!" - TFNG Robert L."Hoot" Gibson, 5-time Space Shuttle Pilot & Commander and former Chief of the NASA Astronaut Office

  • - Returning People to the Moon
    af Manfred "Dutch" von Ehrenfried
    271,95 kr.

    The book tells the story of the buildup of a very small space station in a strange new lunar orbit and the descent of payloads and humans, including the first women and next man, to the lunar surface with the intent to evolve a sustained presence over time.

  • - The Great Leap Forward
    af Brian Harvey
    298,94 kr.

    In 2019, China astonished the world by landing a spacecraft and rover on the far side of the Moon, something never achieved by any country before. China is now a great space superpower alongside the United States and Russia, sending men and women into orbit, building a space laboratory (Tiangong) and sending probes to the Moon and asteroids.

  • - Will It Be Another Fifty Years?
    af Pat Norris
    271,95 kr.

    July 2019 marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong took his famous first steps on the surface of the Moon. The nine manned Apollo missions, including the six that landed on the Moon, are described here by an author who has 50 years of experience in the space industry and whose work spanned the Apollo 8-13 missions.

  • - Living in Caves on the Earth, Moon and Mars
    af Manfred "Dutch" von Ehrenfried
    252,95 kr.

    This book explores the practicality of using the existing subsurface geology on the Moon and Mars for protection against radiation, thermal extremes, micrometeorites and dust storms rather than building surface habitats at great expense at least for those first few missions.

  • - Hope from the East
    af John O'Sullivan
    252,95 kr.

    Japan has a rich history of human spaceflight, flying in space with both NASA and the Soviet/Russian space agencies over the years.

  • - The Science and Technology Behind Our Next Theater of Conflict
    af Linda Dawson
    273,95 kr.

    With the recent influx of spaceflight and satellite launches, the region of outer space has become saturated with vital technology used for communication and surveillance and the functioning of business and government.

  • - The Making of a National Historic Landmark
    af Manfred "Dutch" von Ehrenfried
    304,95 kr.

    This book describes the history of this now iconic room which represents America's space program during the Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and early Space Shuttle eras. It describes the rooms of people supporting this control center;

  • - The Iron Planet
    af Robert G. Strom & Ann L. Sprague
    333,95 kr.

    Robert Strom and Anne Sprague present, for the first time, a brand new treatment of the study and exploration of Mercury through the Mariner and then Messenger missions that will stir the imagination of readers and break new ground in the scientific frontier of our understanding of the planet.

  • - Engineering Approaches to Lunar Settlements
    af Haym Benaroya
    381,95 kr.

    Designing a habitat for the lunar surface? All these must be considered when the habitat is sized, materials specified, and structure designed. This book provides an overview of various concepts for lunar habitats and structural designs and characterizes the lunar environment - the technical and the nontechnical.

  • - How the Mars Rover Performs Its Job
    af Emily Lakdawalla
    304,95 kr.

    This essential reference to the Curiosity mission explains the engineering behind every system on the rover, from its rocket-powered jetpack to its radioisotope thermoelectric generator to its fiendishly complex sample handling system.

  • - What We Know from Polar Expeditions
    af Erik Seedhouse
    304,95 kr.

    Fortunately, the experience gained in polar exploration morethan 100 years ago provides crews and mission planners with a frameworkto deal with contingencies and it is this that forms the core of this book. Why the parallels between polar and space exploration?

  • - The Work of the Space Task Group, America's First True Space Pioneers
    af Dutch Von Ehrenfried
    367,95 kr.

    This is the story of the work of the original NASA space pioneers; men and women who were suddenly organized in 1958 from the then National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) into the Space Task Group. A relatively small group, they developed the initial mission concept plans and procedures for the U. S. space program. Then they boldly built hardware and facilities to accomplish those missions. The group existed only three years before they were transferred to the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas, in 1962, but their organization left a large mark on what would follow.Von Ehrenfried''s personal experience with the STG at Langley uniquely positions him to describe the way the group was structured and how it reacted to the new demands of a post-Sputnik era. He artfully analyzes how the growing space program was managed and what techniques enabled it to develop so quickly from an operations perspective. The result is a fascinating window into history, amply backed up by first person documentation and interviews.

  • - The Lost and Forgotten Missions
    af Shayler David
    494,95 kr.

    The structure of Apollo - The Lost and Forgotten Missions follows the development and in flight testing of the Apollo lunar spacecraft prior to Apollo 11 as well as missions planned following that first landing.

  • - Technologies and Accomplishments
    af Davide Sivolella
    436,95 kr.

  • - Expanding the Space Frontier in the Late Sixties
    af David J. Shayler
    422,95 kr.

    Three years later, following the sudden cancellation of the USAF's highly classified Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) project, seven military astronauts were also co-opted into NASA's space program. This book represents the final chapter by the authors in the story of American astronaut selections prior to the era of the Space Shuttle.

  • - L. Gordon Cooper, Jr., and the Final Mercury Mission
    af Colin Burgess
    381,95 kr.

    This book celebrates the final spaceflight in the Mercury series, flown by NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper, who led an adventurous life in the cockpit of airplanes and spacecraft alike, and on his Mercury mission he became the last American ever to rocket into space alone.

  • - The Ultimate Reality TV Show?
    af Erik Seedhouse
    271,95 kr.

    A controversial project, many professional astronauts consider Mars One a reckless attempt, yet it gained popular attention.This go-to reference guide provides the reader with insights into the myriad issues arising from the project's loss of funding, loss of sponsorship, loss of TV rights.

  • - Europe's Dream of Independent Manned Spaceflight
    af Luc van den Abeelen
    533,95 kr.

    This Hermes spaceplane would give Europe its own human spaceflight capability for shuttling crews between Earth and space stations. If Hermes had been introduced into service, it could have become the preferred "space taxi" for ferrying crews to and from the International Space Station.

  • - Space Colonies, Nuclear Spacecraft and Other Possibilities
    af Michel Van Pelt
    326,95 kr.

    This book takes the reader on a journey through the history of extremely ambitious, large and complex space missions that never happened. What were the dreams and expectations of the visionaries behind these plans, and why were they not successful in bringing their projects to reality thus far? As spaceflight development progressed, new technologies and ideas led to pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology though still grounded in real scientific possibilities. Examples are space colonies, nuclear-propelled interplanetary spacecraft, space telescopes consisting of multiple satellites and canon launch systems. Each of these enormous projects was both technically and socially linked to the time it was conceived. The large OΓÇÖNeill space colonies for instance made sense in the 1970s, when people started to try and find solutions for the limitations the EarthΓÇÖs resources were starting to put on human expansion. They would also enable free environments for various social community experiments, a hot topic in that decade. The idea of launching an interplanetary spacecraft from Earth using nuclear power could only have been developed in the 1950s: before then it would technically not have been possible, while afterwards environmental concerns inhibited such dangerous and polluting projects. Similarly, giant space stations for weather observation and relaying communications signals made sense in the 1950ΓÇÖs and early 1960ΓÇÖs, but were then quickly rendered obsolete by advances in electronics and satellites. Large multi-spacecraft astronomical observatories are only now seriously considered, because advances in micro-propulsion and attitude control have recently made them technically possible, and because economic realities inhibit the development of giant single-element space telescopes. As such, each project described in this book says something about the dreams and expectations of their time, and their demise was often linked to an important change in the cultural, political and social state of the world.For each mission or spacecraft concept, the following will be covered:ΓÇó Description of the design.ΓÇó Overview of the history of the concept and the people involved.ΓÇó Why it was never developed and flowno Analysis related to current technologyo What it would take/cost today o Validity of pro- and con- arguments, both at the time of the project was proposed, today and in the future (i.e., whether the idea is now obsolete, economically not viable and/or technically unfeasible). These analyses will be performed with help from various international experts on the subject.o Lessons learned and technologies obtained from the design and partial development of the concept concerned, and possible smaller derivatives that were further developed.ΓÇó What if the mission was actually carried out ΓÇô consequences, further developments, etc.

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