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  • af Michael Schmidhuber, Craig Cruzen & Young H. Lee
    2.201,95 kr.

  • af Oleg Ivanovich Zavalishin, Dmitry Alexandrovich Zatuchny & Yury Grigorievich Shatrakov
    877,95 kr.

    This book presents a technical solution to ensuring the noise immunity of navigation systems in civil aviation aircrafts at the stages of their terminal procedures. It highlights instrumental precision approaches to landing and landing in automatic mode using satellite and inertial radio navigation systems and ground-based augmentation used as the primary means, in accordance with the ICAO requirements. The book is intended for engineering and technical specialists engaged in the development, manufacture and operation of on-board radio electronic systems of aircrafts and ground-based radio engineering support for flights, as well as graduate students and senior students of radio engineering specialties. It is also useful for professionals whose activities are related to air traffic control.

  • af Anatoly Ivanovich Kozlov
    922,95 kr.

    This book analyzes various properties and structures of ice from the point of view to solve problems in civil aviation. The Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, together with large territories of Siberia and the Far East, is a zone, that is insufficiently provided with ground navigation facilities, as well as platforms and airfields for landing aircraft, including in the event of unpredictable situations. However, most of this area, especially in winter, is covered with ice, which can be used to solve this problem. The possibility of using ice sheets for the construction of airfields or the location of ground-based flight support facilities requires careful study and analysis. This book is devoted to the study of the properties and structure of ice, with a view for use in civil aviation to construct ice airfields and the placement of ground-based flight support facilities. 

  • af Oksana Gennadyevna Feoktistova
    1.220,95 kr.

    This book presents a methodology for assessing environmental safety in civil aviation. The methodology allows the comparison of different technological processes and evaluates their impact on the environment. At the same time, the medical and demographic indicators for ecologically unfavorable territories are compared with similar indicators in the control (background) territories in the same climatic and geographical zones. This book contains methodological recommendations for the creation of the system for ecology safety in the organizational structures of civil aviation.  This book is  useful to a wide audience-students of aviation, lecturers, as well as specialists in the field of ecology and those involved in ensuring the necessary ecology requirements at aviation enterprises.

  • af Pavel Pavlovich Hachikyan
    1.121,95 kr.

    This book examines the issues of ensuring anti-terrorist security of an aviation enterprise, provides a history of terrorism in the aviation sector, and analyzes the legal regulations. This book provides mathematical and mathematical-psychological models for reducing the risk of terrorist threats, which makes it possible to objectively increase the safety of air transport facilities, reduce the likelihood of terrorist attacks, save human lives and prevent significant material losses. The solutions of general humanistic problems proposed in the book-preventing accidents and preserving the world-are an original feature of the book, which allows one to treat it with the necessary attention and interest for the reader. The concept of anti-terrorist security of an aviation enterprise presented in this book has been widely tested and introduced into the activities of leading aviation enterprises, including the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), and has been used in the investigation of aviation accidents.This book is written for a wide range of audience associated with ensuring aviation transport security and for the end users of airlines-passengers, in order to expand their knowledge about the reliability of using air transport. 

  • af Nikolay Kondratyevich Yurkov
    1.121,95 kr.

    This book presents the design of modular architecture flight simulators. Safe transportation of people and goods is one of the main directions for the development of the world economy. At the same time, in conditions of constantly increasing intensity of air traffic, the actions of people, responsible for piloting aircraft and air traffic control are of particular importance. In this regard, special attention should be paid to the process of training such specialists. This book describes various flight simulators of an aircraft, as well as to assess the impact of various characteristics of aviation simulators on the quality of skills of aviation specialists. The book discusses the following issues:1) method of setting dynamic parameters;2) methods of correction of simulator parameters, according to expert opinions of operating organizations;3) modules of simulators of operation of various aircraft units and flight conditions;4) prospects for the development of aviation simulators;5) collection and evaluation of information in the process of training on aviation simulators.

  • af Anatoly Ivanovich Kozlov
    922,95 kr.

    This book highlights the capabilities and limitations of radar and air navigation. It discusses issues related to the physical principles of an electromagnetic field, the structure of radar information, and ways to transmit it. Attention is paid to the classification of radio waves used for transmitting radar information, as well as to the physical description of their propagation media. The third part of the book addresses issues related to the current state of navigation systems used in civil aviation and the prospects for their development in the future, as well as the history of satellite radio navigation systems. The book may be useful for schoolchildren, interested in the problems of radar and air navigation.

  • af Florian Sellmaier
    1.891,95 kr.

    This book describes the basic concepts of spacecraft operations for both manned and unmanned missions. The first part of the book provides a brief overview of the space segment. The next four parts deal with the classic areas of space flight operations: mission operations, communications and infrastructure, the flight dynamics system, and the mission planning system. This is followed by a part describing the operational tasks of the various subsystems of a classical satellite in Earth orbit. The last part describes the special requirements of other mission types due to the presence of astronauts, the approach of a satellite to another target satellite, or leaving Earth orbit in interplanetary missions and landing on other planets and moons.The 2nd edition is published seven years after the first edition. It contains four new chapters on flight procedures, the human factors, ground station operation, and software and systems. In addition, several chapters have been extensively expanded. The entire book has been brought up to date and the language has been revised.This book is based on the "e;Spacecraft Operations Course"e; held at the German Space Operations Center. However, the target audience of this book is not only the participants of the course, but also students of technical and scientific courses, as well as technically interested people who want to gain a deeper understanding of spacecraft operations.

  • af Ji Wu
    822,95 - 912,95 kr.

  • af Jaap Wijker & Simon Appel
    1.022,95 kr.

  • af Igor Victorovich Avtin, Vladimir Ivanovich Baburov, Boris Victorovich Ponomarenko & mfl.
    1.394,95 kr.

  • af Denis Alexandrovich Akmaykin
    682,95 kr.

    The book represents a study guide reciting theoretical basics of radar location and radio navigation systems of air and sea transport. This is the distinctive feature of this study guide.The study guide states the principal physics of radar location and radio navigation, main measuring methods of proper and relative movement parameters of an object, tactical and technical characteristics of radar location and radio navigation systems, including examining issues on radiofrequency signals detection and its parameters estimation against background and interference of different type, filtering, combined detection and rating of signals, signals resolution and classification. The structural and functioning principles of the current and advanced radar location and radio navigation systems of air and sea transport are represented in the study guide with an adequate completeness.The study guide features the result of years long lecturing on radar location and radio navigation theoretical courses at the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation and G.I.Nevelskiy Maritime State Technical Academy.  The study guide is designated for students of radio-engineering specialties in area of air and sea transport. The study guide can be useful for radio engineers working in the field of air and maritime transport, and for graduate students and academic researchers as well.

  • af Andrey Vyacheslavovich Yakovlev
    762,95 kr.

    This book highlights the prevention of possible accidents and crashes of aircrafts by analyzing the many factors that affect such events. It includes the theoretical study of known ideas and concepts, as well as a set of new methods and mathematical models. It contains factual information to investigate famous disasters and aviation accidents with aircrafts. The book proposes methods and models that can be the basis in developing guidance material for decision-making by the flight crew and experts in air traffic control. Some of the contents presented in this book are also useful in the design and operation of data transmission systems of aircraft. The book is intended for engineering and technical specialists engaged in the development, manufacturing and operations of onboard radio electronic systems of aircraft and ground-based radio engineering support for flights, as well as graduate students and senior students of radio engineering specialties. It is useful to researchers and managers whose activities are related to air traffic control.

  • af Dmitry Alexandrovich Zatuchny, Yury Grigorievich Shatrakov, Ruslan Nikolaevich Akinshin, mfl.
    677,95 - 1.021,95 kr.

  • af Oleg Ivanovich Zavalishin, Dmitry Alexandrovich Zatuchny, Yury Grigorievich Shatrakov & mfl.
    762,95 - 1.209,95 kr.

  • af Eliseev B. P., Kozlov A. I., Romancheva N. I., mfl.
    642,95 - 912,95 kr.

    This book highlights the development of new methods for assessing and forecasting the state of various complex ageing systems in service; and making recommendations on the ideal aircraft route, taking into consideration the available information on the reliability of the navigation and communication equipment.

  • af Jens Eickhoff
    1.022,95 kr.

    This book describes the development and design of a unique combined data and power management infrastructure for small satellites. This new edition became necessary because in the frame of the system's impressive evolution from an academic prototype to one of today's most advanced core avionics, many elements were upgraded to their next technology generation and diverse new components complement the upgraded design. All elements are presented in updated respectively new chapters.This modular infrastructure was selected by the Swiss start-up ClearSpace SA for ESA's first mission ClearSpace-1 to remove space debris. Furthermore it is the baseline for the Thai national satellite development program and is used by an increasing number of universities worldwide for research studies.

  • af Anatoly Ivanovich Kozlov, Yuri Grigoryevich Shatrakov, Oleg Ivanovich Sauta, mfl.
    574,95 kr.

    This book presents the fundamental methods of modeling, analysis and synthesis of transport processes which allow:- to optimize the work of transport organizations according to different criteria of their functioning;- to evaluate the quality of decisions made in conditions of high entropy and uncertainty of technological processes when applying new technologies and systems;-to reduce the negative impact of the human factor on the safety of ongoing transport processes by increasing the motivational component of the training processes for the operator of active transport systems.The structural diagrams presented in this book make it possible to visualize the processes of training, self-training of operators and the mechanisms of the formation of volitional motivational efforts under various external influences of the environment and the teacher¿instructor. The obtained functional dependencies serve as an assessment for determining and forming the dynamics of motivation and making a decision about the readiness for safe work of the operator of active transport systems and the decision-maker in the new conditions of the technological process.

  • af Anzhela Borzova, Yuri Chinyuchin, Vadim Vorobyov & mfl.
    1.121,95 kr.

    1.452,95 kr.

    This book collects chapters on Aerospace Mechatronics and Control Technology as selected contributions from the 7th Asia Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering (MEAE) in 2021.

  • af Dmitry Alexandrovich Zatuchny, Yury Grigorievich Shatrakov, Andrey Vyacheslavovich Yakovlev & mfl.
    1.209,95 kr.

    The book is intended for engineering and technical specialists engaged in the development, manufacturing and operations of onboard radio electronic systems of aircraft and ground-based radio engineering support for flights, as well as graduate students and senior students of radio engineering specialties.

    494,95 kr.

    This open access book presents established methods of structural health monitoring (SHM) and discusses their technological merit in the current aerospace environment.

  • - A Practical Approach
    af Tian Seng Ng
    1.082,95 kr.

    This book focuses on flight vehicles and their navigational systems, discussing different forms of flight structures and their control systems, from fixed wings to rotary crafts.

  • - Plane Flight Control in Difficult Meteoconditions
    af Sinitsyn V.A., Shatrakov Y.G., Vereshchagin A.V., mfl.
    682,95 - 1.209,95 kr.

    This book highlights new methods and parametric algorithms for the digital coherent processing of signals in airborne radar systems located on air vehicles. Given its scope, the book is intended for technical experts whose work involves the development, production and operation of airborne radio-electronic systems.

  • af Antonios Tsourdos, Runqi Chai, Al Savvaris & mfl.
    1.099,95 - 1.430,95 kr.

    The comprehensive and systematic treatment of practical issues in spacecraft trajectory optimization is one of the book's major features, making it particularly suited for readers who are seeking practical solutions in spacecraft trajectory optimization.

  • af Sauta O.I., Shatrakov Y.G., Zavalishin O.I. & mfl.
    785,95 - 1.221,95 kr.

    This book systematically presents the operating principles and technical characteristics of the main radio navigating systems (RNSs) that make it possible to adequately evaluate the corresponding scratch indexes and levels of air safety for air vehicles, the chief concern of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

  • af Bestugin A.R., Shatrakov Y.G., Eshenko A.A., mfl.
    824,95 - 1.221,95 kr.

    This book highlights operation principles for Air Traffic Control Automated Systems (ATCAS), new scientific directions in design and application of dispatching training simulators and parameters of ATCAS radio equipment items for aircraft positioning.

  • af Shatrakov Y.G., Kozlov A.I., Logvin A.I., mfl.
    1.099,95 - 1.443,95 kr.

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