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  • - A Pedagogical Approach from Japan
    af USA) Takahashi & Akihiko (DePaul University
    432,95 kr.

  • - Bringing Mathematics Education Research to the Classroom
    af Caroline B. (University of Pennsylvania, USA.) Ebby, USA) Hulbert, mfl.
    371,95 kr.

  • - Bringing Mathematics Education Research to the Classroom
    af Robert E. Laird, USA) Petit, Marjorie M. (Vermont Mathematics Partnership Ongoing Assessment Project, mfl.
    1.463,95 kr.

  • - Bringing Research to the Classroom
    af Marjorie M. Petit, Robert E. Laird, Elizabeth Cunningham, mfl.
    466,95 kr.

  • - Bringing Research to the Classroom
    af USA) Marsden, USA) Petit, Marjorie M. (Vermont Mathematics Partnership Ongoing Assessment Project, mfl.
    541,95 kr.

  • - A Guide for Observations and Self-Assessment
    af City University of New York, USA) Gurl, USA) Artzt, mfl.
    473,95 - 1.701,95 kr.

  • - The Learning Trajectories Approach
    af USA) Clements, Douglas H. (University of Denver, USA) Sarama & mfl.
    535,95 - 576,95 kr.

  • - Bringing Understandings To Light
    af Sophia R. Cohen
    1.463,95 kr.

    This work illustrates the experiences of elementary school teachers across one year's time as they participated in a teacher development seminar focused on mathematics, and as a result changed their beliefs, their knowledge, and their practices.

  • - The Roles of Sociohistorical Context, Community Forces, School Influence, and Individual Agency
    af Danny Bernard Martin
    1.821,95 kr.

    This study is concerned with the psychological, academic, and mathematical development of African American adolescents. The author adds complexity to discussions of mathematics learning, achievement, and persistence among African Americans, as well as reconceptualizing these issues.

  • - Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States
    af Liping Ma
    491,95 kr.

    Includes the original studies that compare US and Chinese elementary teachers' mathematical understanding. This book offers a framework for grasping the mathematical content necessary to develop the thinking of school children.

  • - A Theory of Goal-Oriented Decision Making and its Educational Applications
    af USA) Schoenfeld & Alan H. (University of California at Berkeley
    718,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    Teachers try to help their students learn. But why do they make the particular teaching choices they do? What resources do they draw upon? What accounts for the success or failure of their efforts? This title proposes a theory and model for how we think and act in the classroom and beyond.

  • - Developing Identities of Inclusion
    af UK) Solomon & Yvette (Manchester Metropolitan University
    664,95 kr.

    Taking the central importance of language in the development of mathematical understanding as its starting point, this title explores students' experiences of doing mathematics from primary school to university - what they think mathematics is, how it is presented to them, and what they feel about it.

  • - Learning Trajectories for Young Children
    af SUNY, USA) Clements, USA) Sarama, mfl.
    1.940,95 kr.

    Synthesizes relevant research on the learning of mathematics from birth into the primary grades from the full range of these complementary perspectives.

  • - Research and Curriculum Reform
    af Stephen K. Reed
    449,95 kr.

    Arguing that research by cognitive psychologists and mathematical educators has been compartmentalized by departmental boundaries, this text integrates this research to demonstrate its relevance to the debate on the reform of mathematics education.

  • - Growth and Goals
    af Jane M. Watson
    688,95 - 1.821,95 kr.

    Reveals the development of students' understanding of statistical literacy. This book looks at students' thinking, in relation to tasks based on sampling, graphical representations, averages, chance, beginning inference, and variation, which are essential to later work in formal statistics.

  • - A Japanese Approach To Improving Mathematics Teaching and Learning
    af Clea Fernandez & Makoto Yoshida
    616,95 kr.

    Lesson study is a popular professional development approach in Japan whereby teachers collaborate to study content and instruction, and how students solve problems. This work is a comprehensive look at the system and process of lesson study in Japan.

  • - An Example of a Summative Evaluation of a Standards-Based Curriculum
    af USA) Romberg, Thomas A. (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA) Shafer & mfl.
    542,95 kr.

    Summarizing data derived from a four-year combined longitudinal/ cross-sectional comparative study of the implementation of one standards-based middle school curriculum program, Mathematics in Context, this book demonstrates the challenges of conducting comparative longitudinal research in the reality of school life.

  • - Learners Generating Examples
    af Anne Watson
    449,95 kr.

  • - From Children's Ideas To Classroom Practice
    af Analucia D. Schliemann, Barbara M. Brizuela & David W. Carraher
    449,95 kr.

    Provides a rationale for promoting algebraic reasoning in the elementary school curriculum and empirical data to support it. This book shows how young learners attempt to work with mathematical generalizations before they have learned formal algebraic notation. It is suitable as a text in undergraduate or graduate mathematics education courses.

  • - Traditional and Reform Approaches To Teaching and Their Impact on Student Learning, Revised and Expanded Edition
    af Jo Boaler
    497,95 kr.

    This work reports on case studies of two schools that have taught mathematics in different ways. Three hundred students were followed over three years, providing a range of data to show the ways their beliefs and understandings were shaped by different approaches to mathematics teaching.

  • - An Integration of Research
    630,95 kr.

  • - Perspectives and Prospects
    1.463,95 kr.

    Offers multiple interconnected perspectives on the largely untapped potential of elementary number theory for mathematics education: its formal and cognitive nature, its relation to arithmetic and algebra, its accessibility, its utility and intrinsic merits, to name just a few.

    1.821,95 kr.

    This volume collates research done on integrating the study of teaching, and the study of learning mathematics. The research was guided by two common goals. To accomplish these goals, classrooms in which instruction facilitated the growth of understanding were established and/or studied.

  • - Learning, Teaching, and Assessment in Grades K-12
    1.463,95 kr.

    Contributors reflect on statistics and attempt to develop a clearer image of where the field may be heading in terms of teaching. To identify the key areas for consideration for children and adolescents learning statistics, there are four themes: content, teaching, learning, and assessment.

  • - Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
    630,95 kr.

    This volume assembles papers on the subject of teaching Elementary School mathematics. It includes case studies and teaching from different perpectives in order to help the teacher put the lessons and subject across well.

  • - Analogies, Metaphors, and Images
    688,95 kr.

    This analysis of mathematical reasoning draws on the interdisciplinary nature of cognitive science. It moves away from notions of reasoning as "abstract" and "disembodied", to a view of its "embodied" and "imaginative" qualities and considers ideas from psychology, philosophy and linguistics.

  • - interaction in Classroom Cultures
    1.821,95 kr.

    This text accounts for the untidy and complex nature of mathematics learning and teaching as it occurs in classroom situations. It discusses small group collaboration and learning, the teacher's practice and growth, and language, discourse and argumentation in the mathematics classroom.

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