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  • - The One-Two-Three of Psychotherapy
    af Philip J., Jr. Guerin, Thomas F. Fogarty, mfl.
    365,95 - 743,95 kr.

    A guide to working with many different kinds of relationship triangles in therapy with families, couples, and individuals.

  • af Lee Williams, JoEllen Patterson, Todd M. Edwards & mfl.
    363,95 - 812,95 kr.

    Showing how to weave assessment into all phases of therapy, this indispensable text and practitioner guide is reader friendly, straightforward, and practical. Specific strategies are provided for evaluating a wide range of clinical issues and concerns with adults, children and adolescents, families, and couples. The authors demonstrate ways to use interviewing and other techniques to understand both individual and relationship functioning, develop sound treatment plans, and monitor progress. Handy mnemonics help beginning family therapists remember what to include in assessments, and numerous case examples illustrate what the assessment principles look like in action with diverse clients. See also the authors Essential Skills in Family Therapy, Third Edition: From the First Interview to Termination, which addresses all aspects of real-world clinical practice, and Clinicians Guide to Research Methods in Family Therapy.

  • af Bradford P. Keeney
    328,95 kr.

    The fundamental concern of psychotherapy is change. While practitioners are constantly greeted with new strategies, techniques, programs, and interventions, this book argues that the full benefits of the therapeutic process cannot be realized without fundamental revision of the concept of change itself. Applying cybernetic thought to family therapy, Bradford P. Keeney demonstrates that conventional epistemology, in which cause and effect have a linear relationship, does not sufficiently accommodate the reciprocal nature of causation in experience. Written in an unconventional style that includes stories, case examples, and imagined dialogues between an epistemologist and a skeptical therapist, the volume presents a philosophically grounded, ecological framework for contemporary clinical practice.

  • - Working with Emotions and the Therapeutic Relationship
    af Eve Lipchik
    363,95 kr.

    Solution-focused therapy is often misunderstood to be no more than the techniques it is famous forpragmatic, future-oriented questions that encourage clients to reconceptualize their problems and build on their strengths. Yet when applied in a one-size-fits-all manner, these techniques may produce disappointing results and leave clinicians wondering where they have gone wrong. This volume adds a vital dimension to the SFT literature, providing a rich theoretical framework to facilitate nonformulaic clinical decision making. The focus is on how attention to emotional issues, traditionally not emphasized in brief, strengths-based interventions, can help unstick difficult situations and pave the way to successful solutions.

  • - Strengthening Attachment Bonds
    af Susan M. Johnson
    373,95 kr.

    This book provides a theoretical framework and a practical model of intervention for distressed couples whose relationships are affected by the echoes of trauma. Combining attachment theory, trauma research, and emotionally focused therapeutic techniques, Susan M. Johnson guides the clinician in modifying the interactional patterns that maintain traumatic stress and fostering positive, healing relationships among survivors and their partners. In-depth case material brings to life the process of assessment and treatment with couples coping with the impact of different kinds of trauma, including childhood abuse, serious illness, and combat experiences. The concluding chapter features valuable advice on therapist self-care.

  • - Family Process in Church and Synagogue
    af Edwin H. Friedman
    400,95 kr.

    This acclaimed, influential work applies the concepts of systemic family therapy to the emotional life of congregations. Edwin H. Friedman shows how the same understanding of family process that can aid clergy in their pastoral role also has important ramifications for negotiating congregational dynamics and functioning as an effective leader. Clergy from diverse denominations, as well as family therapists and counselors, have found that this book directly addresses the dilemmas and crises they encounter daily. It is widely used as a text in courses on family systems and pastoral care.

  • - Harnessing the Power of Relationships
    af Joseph A. Micucci
    536,95 kr.

    Rich with clinical wisdom, this successful text and practitioner guide offers a comprehensive framework for treating adolescent problems in the family context. Even as teenagers become increasingly independent, Joseph Micucci shows, they still need parental guidance and nurturance. By strengthening family relationships, clinicians can alleviate symptoms and promote behavioral change. Vivid examples and session transcripts illustrate specific strategies for treating eating disorders, depression, anxiety, defiance, underachievement, and other frequently encountered challenges. Weaving together family therapy techniques with ideas from psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches, the book has a pragmatic focus on effective interventions for getting adolescent development back on track.New to This Edition*Thoroughly updated to reflect current research and reader feedback.*Chapter on adolescent anxiety disorders.*Expanded coverage of attachment issues; lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth; and racial and ethnic identity.*New case material, one of the book's most popular features.

  • af William C. Madsen
    559,95 kr.

    This text and professional resource offers an alternative approach to thinking about and working with difficult families. From a nonpathologizing stance, William C. Madsen demonstrates creative ways to help family members shift their relationship to longstanding problems; envision desired lives; and develop more proactive coping strategies. Anyone working with families in crisis, especially in settings where time and resources are scarce, will gain valuable insights and tools from this book.

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