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Her finder du spændende bøger om Afterlife. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 4 bøger om emnet.
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  • af Jeanne Ann Moore
    148,95 kr.

    This is a small but compact and powerful book about the enormous impact our thoughts have on our lives.The book has a spiritual angle, as the author, as a mental medium, has an insight into our world of thought that most people have never experienced. It gives the book a whole new perspective on what a thought really is and how it affects us and our lives. Both in terms of our lifestyle and health.Did you know that our thoughts are living beings?The book contains short stories describing how the author herself became a medium, learning to ignore her thoughts thereby allowing herself to receive messages from the deceased. These help to explain how our thought processes work on a practical everyday basis.After you have read this little book, you will be surprised to know the power behind your thoughts – use this strength to lead you where you want to go in your life. There is no right or wrong, but the journey to your goals can be so much shorter now.No matter what beliefs you have in life, this book will show the knowledge needed to shape your life in the direction you want.

  • - A family story told with a surprising perspective
    af Orlova Sirian
    145,95 kr.

    Over the course of the four days leading up to the retrospective exhibition of the painter Sebastian Sehested, many new and mysterious sides of his turbulent life emerge. His children, Emily and Theo, who are already struggling with controversial views and contradictory feelings about their father, have to navigate a torrent of new revelations. The gulf between the two siblings deepens as the hectic final preparations for the event get underway. Unexpected encounters from the past and Sebastian’s confessions shake them to the core.The story of Sebastian Sehested, his life, his love, and his art, is full of shocking facts and events, with more than one skeleton in the closet. It is fast paced, taking place over just a few days, culminating in the exhibition itself. Its revelations surprise those attending the event and are sure to provoke both contemplation and discussion among the readers of this book.And yet this is not a story about the past, or even the present, it is about an incredible new future, that is one step ahead of us, just around the corner.

  • af Anne Kari B. Solstad
    161,95 - 179,95 kr.

    This book Forever, in the LIGHT, is the last in the Trilogy Messages from the Universe of the Norwegian author Anne Kari B Solstad. The RED LINE about the death don’t exist continue! - and we get more exiting and inexplicable experiences from The Other Side. Messages by birds. An angel which appear from no-where… And lots will recognize themselves in the Experiences! Comments: "Thanks! I have these thoughts myself. I thought I was "nuts"." "This book has been a support in a hard time in my life!" "An important book! I really hope you will sell lots!" "Exciting dreams! I have some myself, but did think they were nonsense. Now I will start to write them."

  • - A journey out of the landscape of depression
    af Anne Kari B. Solstad
    161,95 - 179,95 kr.

    Anne Kari B Solstad is a Norwegian lady and a brand new author.This book: Off darkness - 2-in-1, as 2 into a Trilogy. Channelled via her father on The Other Side, as messages from the Universe! They are going tired of our way of living, and are sending us messages and guides to get us back on track!Lots of us have these thoughts, in 2014, still not accepted.Exciting stuff! And lots to think about!The RED LINE is The Death doesn’t exist!We all have lived lots of lives earlier andshall live many more!Read- and think!The 3rd. book: for ever- in the LightWill, due to the Universe, come in 2015."Exiting and important!Millions through out the world do need to read this book."Monica Johansen, Norway.Exciting!"As a Christian I am shockedRead it!"Lisbeth Morud. Norway."Very exiting!We have been brain-washed!Read this book!"Mette , Aalborg, Denmark

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