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  • af Hans Christian Andersen & Clara Wedersøe Strunge
    128,95 kr.

    What are nimble forest lizards talking about?Yes, all their talk is only about how the inhabitants of the magichill are preparing to meet noble guests. The forest king himself is expecting an old Norwegian troll with his sons, to whom he wants to marry his daughters! The fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen comes to life in detailed lithographic illustrations by Evgeniya Lotsmanova and invites our littlereaders to a big forest fest!Collection: My First TalesIllustrated by Evgenia LotsmanovaRetold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge“My first tales” is a collection of H. C. Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales that have been gently retold for our young readers. Each book from this collection is illustrated by an award-winning artist.Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen has carefully selected artists for each individual fairy tale, in order to convey the mood of the tale as well as to create magical and memorable characters.Each book from the “My first tales” collection contains an interesting story about the life of H. C. Andersen and is accompanied by a short interview with an illustrator.

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