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  • - from the internationally bestselling author of Normal People
    af Sally Rooney
    127,95 - 153,95 kr.

  • af LEGO Friends
    151,95 kr.

    Mød Olivia, Andrea, Mia, Emma, Stephanie og alle deres venner! Lær deres nuttede dyr at kende, se alle deres seje ting, og udforsk alle de bedste steder i Heartlake. Find ud af, hvad vennerne fra LEGO® Friends kan lide og ikke lide, sammenlign deres tøj og tilbehør, og opdag deres største hemmeligheder!

  • af Leia Falkenberg Larsen
    49,95 - 96,95 kr.

    The day flew by, and I was sitting in my last class. I was in the middle of a test. There was silence, until a siren went off. We do a lot of drills here, one every week, so I know every single siren, but I didn't recognize this one. I sat so still, trying to figure out which one it was. Then I slowly found it familiar. I had heard about it on YouTube. It was a zombie siren. No, we're NOT in a zombie apocalypse. It was just weird, I mean the teachers always tell us, when a drill is going to go off, so we're prepared and aware. I looked at my teacher, and she was frozen, but she was slightly shaking too. And that was the moment I realized, that it wasn't a drill.

  • af Inge Beck
    226,95 kr.

    Questions and activities which makes dialogic reading possible. The book is illustrated by Ulla Thorborg.

  • af Shkurte Emini & Dhurata Emini - Obaidi
    228,95 kr.

    PAKI4LIFE is a story about three young men, who are raised in a tough environment. Jamal and his friends, live a life of social control, crime, prejudice, money and drugs.

  • - The thirtieth
    af Yomna Kotaini
    255,95 kr.

    What would you do if you had a month left to live? With overbearing parents and inattentive friends, Raegan decides to pack up and leave town for the past few weeks. When things do not go as planned and she is forced to enroll in a new high school, her final month looks even gloomier than she could have imagined. Along with the new school come new friends and a persistent boy, whom she desperately tries to hide her condition from as her time runs out.

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