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  • - An image based guide to the Roof of Africa
    af Bo Belvedere Christensen
    105,95 - 177,95 kr.

    Kilimanjaro towers above the diverse nature of East Africa, dwarfing some of the largest landliving mammals in the world. But even as the most prominent mountain of its continent, its summit stands accessible to most. While the climb requires apt preparation and is most comfortably done in good physical shape, the mountain draws in visitors both for its challenge and its charm. Situated in the centre of a national park, the journey to the mountain takes challengers through iconic, wild Africa.This book tells the mountain's tale, from its formation and through history, and provides insight into the nature at its roots and slopes.The book also provides information on some of the many routes up the mountain and guidance to tackle the climate and extreme altitude climbers will meet on their way to the summit.The author has trekked and climbed for more than 45 years, has climbed 8,000-meter peaks, and has led hundreds of clients to the summit of Kilimanjaro on his numerous visits to "The Roof of Africa."

  • - Via Gondogora La
    af Bo Belvedere Christensen
    105,95 - 161,95 kr.

    The trek up the Baltoro glacier to K2 Basecamp, and maybe even crossing the high Ghondogora La pass, is probably one of the toughest treks, you can do. But the challenges are fully rewarded by the breathtaking views of some of the worlds most beautiful mountains. This book is an image based narrative by mountain climber and guide Bo Belvedere Christensen. It is based on several treks over a long period, and the experiences that he has had during this beautiful trek through one of the worlds most amazing mountain regions.All images in this book are shot retro style on film based analog cameras.

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