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  • af Lotte Søs Farran-Lee & Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj
    87,95 kr.

    Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj, tantra teacher, tantric practitioner and leader of the Tantra Temple, talks to Lotte Søs Farran-Lee, writer and publisher, in this first book in the series “Let's Talk”. The book offers an open conversation about tantra, and plenty of resources and inspiration for the daily life for both Tantrics and people who do not see themselves as Tantrics. The conversation covers the different core aspects of tantra, and how to reignite love, playfulness, attraction and communication with a partner - but also how to keep the flame alive. It describes the four cornerstones in tantra, as well as the chakra system, and how to work consciously with one's own energy. It also describes why love is both the foundation, the path and a magic tool of transformation in tantra. The book offers an insight into some of the more mystical aspects of tantra - and makes these aspects available for modern day people, in a immediately applicable way. Ulrik Adinatha and Lotte also talks about tantra massage and why it has become such a major life changer for so many people. The book will debunk some of the myths and misunderstandings, describing tantra as a genuine path to deeper self knowledge, more love and joy in life, and deep transformation. The book offers inspiration for both newbies in tantra as well as more experienced practitioners. About Let’s Talk serien The Let’s Talk book is a book series of vital books on di erent subjects. Every subject is carefully selected with the intent of bringing it towards a comprehensive level, enfolding the reader into the world of the subject matter. Every book has a tight structure and the people who have been chosen to talk about their eld of expertise are highly competent. The vision is to create a space for new ideas to develop and to spark new thoughts in the reader, making a positive di erence in the realization of their human potential.

  • af Ellen Rasmussen
    121,95 kr.

    There is a continuous and penetrating vein that binds all humans together. In this book, author Ellen Rasmussen tries to find this common thread through her poems. In her poems, you will encounter themes about love between mother and child, man, and woman, as well as the intricate threads that knot together and bind relationships.Excerpt from the bookPARIS Longing for, light lashes across my back side, solar eruptions, when the heat, hurries to the center of my insides, inside my thighs is where you belong. Magnetic fields, pulling me closer, to your polar, closer to the equator, oceans rumbling, repeatedly, clashing closer to infinity, moments freezing, like ice drops, during a solar eclipse; don’t look up, the light lashes will blind you, seeing you clearly, once your volcano erupts, and my tides pull back, the earthquakes begin, slowly our earth takes shape, creating new continents for life to begin. Longing for, light lashes, across my backside. Om forfatteren Ellen Rasmussen is a poet and academician with a degree in Science, Economics and Business Administration, whose stories on love, human relationships, and the complexity of human behavior has her debut as a writer in her collection of poems A Moment of Pleasure published by publishing house Mellemgaard.

  • - 6 essential archetypes to cultivate a happy relationship
    af Inge Ludvigsen & Jessica Riberi
    167,95 kr.

    A couple's relationship is not just about two people. Numerous unconscious psychological scripts from the collective sphere and mandates inherited from family history affect our way of living love, one of the most significant human experiences. The psychotherapists and Master Trainer in NLP, Jessica Riberi and Inge Ludvigsen, combine their professional and teaching experience in Chile and Denmark, and propose a system to align six energy fields that promote and strengthen the love bond. "Jessica Riberi and Inge Ludvigsen have written a delightful and very helpful guide to how archetypal forms - that is, the patterns of the universal energies of human being - can support and transform intimate relationships. They are especially good in describing how to develop more mature and generative levels of each universal energy. I highly recommend it to both people helpers, as well as those seeking deeper intimacy connections."Stephen Gilligan, psychologist, author of The Courage to Love and The Hero's Journey (with Robert Dilts)"What could be more important and timely than having pathways to bring more quality into our relationships.  We are relational beings seeking the connections for outcomes of life: partners, families, work-spaces and communities.  Connection is there but managing these connections is quite a different order.  This is where archetypes guide us by reflecting back an ideal.  Not that we ever really get to the ideal but they remind us to  bring awareness to the learning and the nurturing of the relationships that bring the joy to our lives.  Thank you so much for this book, The Journey of love in couples as it also can bring us some hope for our inner and outer peace"Judith DeLozier, anthropologist, coauthor of Turtle all the way down (with John Grinder) and Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP (with Robert Dilts).

  • af Monica Lee & Jørgen Panduro
    57,95 - 208,95 kr.

    What you are about to read in this book are poetic conversations between two people in love that have never met physically. It is both a play and sincerity with words, concepts, emotions and life that unfolds a love story that we wanted to give to others to say that love isn´t impossible and it has no borders.It is also a book where we put out our ideas that, in our opinion, are essential concepts for love to thrive while getting to know each other as a couple would in the beginning of any relationship.You will see the authors are quite different, but on the same path. Her words are wild like paint splattered on a canvas with brush strokes everywhere and he responds in a more poetically choreographed manner to create "Poetic Conversations".Monica and Jørgen

  • - The Spiritual purpose of relationships
    af Frank Vilaasa
    163,95 kr.

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