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  • af Hans Læssøe
    335,95 - 365,95 kr.

    The discipline and profession of risk management is undergoing significant changes these years and will continue to do so for years to come.In an ever-changing world, the attention towards taking risks and managing the risks taken becomes increasingly important for businesses and organisations to survive and prosper.The stakes are getting higher and speed is increasing. Hence, intelligent risk taking becomes a necessary core competence of leaders at all levels of an organisation.This book builds on solid and practical experience and takes the reader from the basic concepts and approaches to making manoeuvrability a true competitive advantage by actively and deliberately leveraging the tools and processes of risk management in business design, strategic and operational decision making.As such, this is a practical guidebook to be used by risk managers and executives who wishes to get more value out of the efforts spent on risk management.

  • - The agile approach to change and successful digitalization in uncertain times
    af Steffen Damborg
    18,95 - 421,95 kr.

    Steffen Damborg, the name needs no introduction in the area of digital transformation. For over 20 years, Steffen has worked as a C-level executive with a compressive understanding of how well-established companies function. His passion is to help legacy companies transform via the development and execution of sustainable digital strategies that are based on digital leadership.The book Mastering Digital Transformation extracts from numerous cases of successful digital corporations such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Tesla and what it takes to transform legacy companies into the digital age. To go from doing digital to being truly digital companies, the author advocates:- Organisational commitment towards digital strategy adoption and implementation- Promotion of experimentation based on concrete and tangible data- Adoption of a cross-functional and agile approach to disruptive innovation- Keeping the organisational strategies fresh by constant adaptation to digital innovations, embracing and preparing for changes in competition, and making necessary changes on the organisation-wide scale for the shifts in market trendsThis book is an acumen of his knowledge, professional expertise, and experiences and serves to promote a new narrative of digital transformation. It empowers professionals, strategists, managers, board members, directors, C-level executives, and legacy companies to overcome the challenges they face in their journey to digital transformation.Mr. Damborg holds an MBA degree from Aarhus School of Business and a MSc degree in political science from Heidelberg University/Aarhus University. In 2016 Steffen Damborg was appointed Media & Entertainment Group Discussion Leader at Harvard Business School.

  • - Results cannot be planned ... performances can
    af Lars H. Nielsen
    167,95 kr.

    Professor Sean Meehan, IMD Business School, Lausanne, CH:Lars H. Nielsen's thoughtful reflections on the journeys of successful Olympians, including his own, provide a clear, straightforward and motivating approach to achieving the persistent peak performances required to win. His approach is informed, and in "Winner Culture" vividly illustrated, by his work with winning organizations such as PANDORA, ATP, Danfoss and Jyske Bank. More a "just-do-it" than a detailed "how-to", Winner Culture identifies critical elements which based on my own observations, leadership teams have, despite repeated urging not to, a tendency to either overlook or not take sufficiently seriously enough. Two examples: 1) The power of establishing an highly ambitious goal, aligning by visualizing what goal achievement will require and reinforcing what is required along the journey through crystal clear communications (super illustrations here from the sports and business worlds); 2) Stay the course! I see this myself in practice: executives get fatigued, burned-out, bored and frustrated with the lack of progress. They unhelpfully introduce new twists, new ideas, often at just the wrong moment. The bigger lesson is that a strong performance management culture offers lots of space to all helpful ideas, but each in its own place and at the right time. A persistent theme running through the book, but not emphasized is the strength of the leaders 'showcased'; they are all strong leaders who took responsibility for creating, cultivating and guarding their winning cultures. The stories in which they feature are top class - Lars does a great service in lifting the curtain on these journeys to goal accomplishment. "Winner Culture" is an easy accessible read which should motivate executives and leaders as they face unrelenting uncertainty. Read it!Olympic Champion, 2012, Mads Rasmussen, Rowing: "A winner culture can be created. In this book Lars explains how."A winner culture is when success turns into a conscious habit. This was ATP’s ambition and it worked. The results speak for themselves: In 2010 ATP was named the world’s best pension fund. A winner culture means delivering the out-of-the-ordinary top performance on a daily basis. It is a winner culture which enables competent organizations and teams to achieve success when needed most. Since 1989, Lars H. Nielsen has been helping to create winners in a large section of the business sector. In addition to ATP he has cooperated with organizations as Jyske Bank, Danfoss and PANDORA – and it is the creation of a firmly anchored winner culture in these companies that this book is all about. In this book, which is intended for the ambitious manager or staff member and is based on in-depth case studies, Lars H. Nielsen tells how it is possible to create a winner culture for any team or organization. Be inspired, create a winner culture and reach the optimum performance – not just once but again and again.

  • - How to commit employees through heart and mind and turn strategic intent into reality
    af Lars H. Nielsen
    205,95 kr.

    Professor Marcus M. Larsen, Copenhagen Business School, dep. of strategy and innovation: "In theory, strategy may sound simple. In practice, however, succeeding with your strategy is a complex endeavor that requires commitment throughout the organization. In "Win the Strategy Execution", Lars H. Nielsen elegantly demonstrates how successful strategies must focus on the people within the organization. Through novel insights, valuable experience, and rich case illustrations, Lars offers a practical and hands-on book on how to sharpen strategy processes in all kinds of organizations."EY HR Director Peter Haugaard: “I'm certain and sure that your success in strategy execution will improve after following Lars's advice.”One thing is to develop the right strategy. Another thing to have the commitment of senior management and the board. However, the most important and most difficult thing is: Making the strategy happen.If senior management fails to motivate employees to pursuetheir strategic ambitions, a great strategy is like a beautiful boatin a harbor — without a dedicated team onboard it can never depart as expected. Creating followership is not easy. It requires an alignment in leadership and the ability to communicate purpose to employees'minds and hearts. When this succeeds, the company moves a decisive step forward.This book contains successfully proved advice for your actual strategy work and for effective communication with the aim of executing an ambitious strategy on the first try.Winning the strategy execution means doing the right things in the right way when they are most needed.

  • - Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products (Annex 1) +Toolbox for CCS
    af Dorna Sheikhi
    327,95 kr.

    This book is for both Auditors and Auditee in EU GMP Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products. All guideline sections are used as the source for various questions and checklists for evaluating the requirement and identifying the gaps as well, as they can be used for Auditing manufacturing sites. If you are performing an Audit, your job is already done by highlighting requirements and sufficient address to the guideline where you can use the clause number. The Auditee's responsibilities are implementing CAPA based on the observations you will address in the Audit report. But if you are performing Gap Analysis or continual improvement, then the next step would be planning and implementing the required actions by handling Corrective & Preventive Actions. Moreover, a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) toolbox is a bonus source designed and extracted from the guideline content to inspire manufacturers to establish the CCS in their PQMS system. CCS is a vast live risk assessment. The structure of the required elements for CCS (but not limited to) is used in designing the table to be evaluated for specific concerns.

  • - A human rights-based strategy to development
    af Christian Friis Bach
    192,95 kr.

    The international human rights have created monumental changes in the world. They express, more beautifully than anything else, the vision that all citizens deserve a life in dignity, freedom, and security. This vision should be the foundation for both foreign policy, development policy, international cooperation and for day-to-day leadership and management. Then I would like a dishwasher, please is an academic review and a practitioner’s guide to a human rights-based strategy with stories from places and people from all over the world. It demonstrates how the international human rights can be used not only as goals, but also as an approach based on the human rights principles: Accountability, transparency, participation, and equality. The book argues that a human rights-based strategy can and should be used at all levels and everywhere in both governments, private companies and in civil society organisations.Excerpt from the book:When we were about to sit down, I pulled out her chair as good manners in our part of the world demands. It visibly made her very confused. She looked slightly embarrassed but then pulled herself together and said loudly: “It is my chair”. When I explained that it was a common Western custom that men hold the chair for ladies at dinner parties, she and the rest of the Afghans laughed loudly. “Here in Afghanistan, men still take the chair from the women,” they said. There are many cultural differences. But she, impressively, stood up for her rights even in front of a Danish minister. It was her chair. About the author Christian Friis Bach is director of, author, and lecturer. He has been Danish Minister for Development Cooperation; UN Under-Secretary-General (UNECE); Secretary-General for the Danish Refugee Council; International Director in DanChurchAid; Chairman of MS/Action Aid; and Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen (KVL).

  • - Leading From The Front
    af Kim Kristensen
    161,95 - 164,95 kr.

    Kim Kristensen has been in some of the most demanding situations a leader can experience. As an officer he led soldiers into battle many times, where taking decisions was literally a matter of life and death. Later, he applied his experiences of leadership to the worlds of business, local government and diplomacy, as well as at the Danish royal court, where de currently serves as Master of Ceremonies. Leadership – especially during difficult periods – means having the courage to put yourself on the front lines, choose a direction and say: Follow me! "One of the most inspirational books about leadership I have read – worth following." Jim Hagemann Snabe, Boardmenber of the World Economic Forum. "Follow me is about leadership –in life and death situations. A gripping account of the process of developing personal leadership, where failure means the loss of life". Lars Rebien Sørensen, CEO Novo Nordisk and "World best CEO 2015 (Harward Business Review) "A strong book about the essential issues surrounding leadership. Definitely worth a read anyone who is or wants to become a leaders". Niels Smedegaard Andersen, CEO A.P. Moeller-Maersk. "The book´s strength lies in its author´s ability to make military principles of leadership relevant for the world of private industry. Henrik Ørholst, Reviewer on Børsen.

  • af Lars Moeller
    177,95 - 391,95 kr.

    „Yes, we have made a new strategy ... But we can’t remember where we put it.“ That is the honest comment from a senior executive, I met recently. History repeats itself. Fortunes are spent on analysis, discussion and documentation while the strategy work is in progress. Plans are turned into PowerPoint presentations. After-work meetings are held for employees. Banners with slogans, caps and badges are distributed in generous quantities to get the new strategy in place in the company. But does it work? Surveys of top executives time and again show that managements feel that the strategic work fails during execution. A McKinsey survey reveals that 44% believe that their strategic plans weren’t executed. In the same survey 9 out of 10 emphasize the fact that the organization‘s ability to quickly change tactics or direction has become more important. In „Strategy Execution”, 12 leaders from several countries describe the results they have achieved by implementing the change related to executing a new strategy. The leaders had to change themselves and their organization to succeed with the ambitious strategies and to prevent the strategy process from only becoming „this month’s“ campaign.

  • - Strategies and technologies are not enough ... people are the key
    af Lars H. Nielsen
    167,95 kr.

    PROFESSOR SEAN MEEHAN, IMD BUSINESS SCHOOL: "By framing the central issue as alignment we have a fresh lens to look at change process. “Winning Through Alignment in Leadership” is worth any executive’s time."This book is about how you as a leader can design the process and work purposefully to create strategic alignment within your organisation.When the manoeuvrability is challenged by the speed of the market and the complexity of the organisation.Alignment is about cohesion and team manoeuvrability. To shorten the time from when the strategy is in place to when it is put into practice and executed.The challenge is to ensure that you, across all functions and areas of responsibility, perform at your very best when it matters most, thus optimising your competitiveness.Lars H. Nielsen has close to 30 years’ experience in facilitating successful strategic development processes in the business sector. This book offers you insight into how organisations such as Sanofi Genzyme, Pfizer, Sparekassen Kronjylland, Banedanmark, Bayer Crop Science and the Danish national rowing team have handled the challenges with success and created unique performances when it really mattered.It starts with you as a leader – and especially with you as management.

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