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Typografi og skrift

Her finder du spændende bøger om Typografi og skrift. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 158 bøger om emnet. Det er også her du finder emner som Skrifttyper.
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  • - An Introduction to Professional Type Design
    af Ulrike Rausch & Chris Campe
    297,95 kr.

    An essential guide to creating fonts.

  • - Fagudtryk. Regler. Eksempler
    af Henrik Birkvig
    149,95 kr.

    nne bog er til dig, som arbejder med grafisk design og kommunikation. Du kan læse om de principper, forhold og detaljer, der er med til at skabe et effektivt typografisk resultat, hvad enten det handler om opgaver på papir- eller skærmmedier. Målet er at gøre dig bedre til at arbejde med typografi, så du kan træffe et kvalificeret valg af skrift, størrelser, linjelængder og -afstande osv. Valg, der tilsammen bliver til god typografisk kommunikation. Regler, principper og anbefalinger i denne bog er mere eller mindre 'medieuafhængige'. Selvom der kan være stor forskel på at designe et logo, en app, en præsentation, en emballage eller et website, er det alligevel stort set de samme principper, der gælder. Med de hensyn som det enkelte medie måtte kræve. Skrift og typografi er et uhyre omfangsrigt felt inden for grafisk design og kommunikation. Henrik Birkvig har udvalgt de vigtigste fagudtryk og regler og delt stoffet op i korte kapitler, så du kan tilegne dig det grundlæggende lidt ad gangen.

  • af Rodney Ast, Tino Licht & Julia Lougovaya
    561,95 kr.

  • af Ahmed Lafsar
    286,95 kr.

  • af Isabel Schubert
    186,95 kr.

  • af Lydia D. Thomson-Smith
    381,95 kr.

  • af Edward R. Miller-Jones
    273,95 kr.

  • af Mona M. Abdel Wahed & Ashraf M. Kamal
    286,95 kr.

    Green Cities minimize environmental impacts and maximize opportunities to improve and support the natural environment. Those Cities are energy efficient and reduce reliance on nonrenewable energy sources; actively encourage waste reduction and management; include green and resilient infrastructure, low-carbon transport, and water cycle management; and deliver improved quality of life outcomes for residents. Existing gated communities has a good opportunity to turn into green communities, because it has its own management and operation system they do not rely on the government and local administrations, which leads to faster decision-making and implementation and it has its own budget not depending on the governmental budget. This book studies the characteristics of green cities and how to turn a community into green. It also studies and analyzes the possibilities for a gated community to turn into green through AL-Rehab case study, Egypt that can be afterwards form a guideline to other similar communities.

  • af Chetan Jaiprakash Chitte
    286,95 kr.

    Experience in past earthquakes has demonstrated that many common buildings and typical methods of construction lack basic resistance to earthquake forces. In most cases this resistance can be achieved by following simple, inexpensive principles of good building construction practice. Apart from gravity loads, the structure will experience dominant lateral forces of considerable magnitude during earthquake shaking. It is essential to estimate and specify these lateral forces on the structure in order to design the structure to resist an earthquake. It is impossible to exactly determine the earthquake induced lateral forces that are expected to act on the structure during its lifetime. However, considering the consequential effects of earthquake due to eventual failure of the structure, it is important to estimate these forces in a rational and realistic manner. In this study,equivalent static force analysis procedure as per IS 1893(PART I) for four storey RCC building is been carried out and theoretical results are compared with modeling of building in STAAD Pro software .

  • af Sandip Sonawane
    286,95 kr.

  • af Marta Lorenzon
    381,95 kr.

  • af Janice Lindsay
    598,95 kr.

    This research is not about tourism development. It is instead concerned about enriching and developing cultural and human capital within tourism environments. It is a study which recognizes the ¿place¿ of tourism in vulnerable economies operating within the confines of a global marketplace. The research acknowledges the inextricable linkage of heritage assets as primary resources in tourism. It underscores the socio-cultural factor, which is rarely contemplated in scholarship involving heritage tourism ¿ the intrinsic value of cultural heritage and its relationship to sustainable tourism development. The ¿intrinsic value¿ of heritage speaks to the inherent worth that is placed on cultural identity, an issue that impacts the implementation and sustainability of management strategies at the local level. The study shows that the lack of intrinsic value impacts individual knowledge and appreciation of heritage; and hampers development approaches applied at the macro level. While it becomes important to be guided by global management trends in heritage, the study concludes that development models must be shaped by specific vulnerabilities unique to individual island states.

  • af Nadia Nicoleta Mor¿ra¿u
    598,95 kr.

    In projecting narrative identity against the larger background of 19th century English literature, this book re-evaluates some Victorian novels and proposes a model of identity construction in which the prism-like mind creates conceptual rainbows, ¿the maze¿ stands for the intricate realities reflected by Victorian society, ¿the narrative edifice¿ of participants, plot and text gets shaped through naming acts, whereas the Dickensian and Eliotesque names turn from mere cultural identifiers and social classifiers into ¿metaphors for the self¿ (Melnyk, 2003).

  • af Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo
    598,95 kr.

    This book examines the aesthetics of immersive experience in Light Strings, an interactive immersive environment. One of prominent aspects of Interactive Art is the notion of immersion. The concept of immersion is generally defined as a viewer ¿forgetting¿ the real world outside of the virtual environment and by a sense of being in a make-believe world generated by computational hardware and software. Immersion has been explored in various disciplines such as literature, game, architecture, aesthetics, but many Virtual Reality scientists and artists have actively examined the concept by focusing on creating new immersive environments that push the boundaries of new technology. This approach is often aimed at countering the disembodying tendency of virtual reality concerns. As an interactive artist and researcher, I conceive of immersion as any experience where integrated bodily, conscious, and pre-conscious states thoroughly intertwine with the world. Moreover immersion is where mind, body and environment interweave and communicate with each other inside of technically-mediated, spatially enclosed, and sensuously-interactive computational environments.

  • af Melle Ekane Maurice & Ekabe Quenter Mbinde
    286,95 kr.

  • af Tarek Nazel
    453,95 kr.

    In accordance with the ¿two charities' most commended by the Prophet Muhammad: Free provide of water to the thirsty human and animal and Qur¿an teaching, Sabil-kuttab became the most ideal charitable endowment and a uniquely Cairo style of Islamic architecture which increased its numbers to be more than three hundred in the eighteenth century, but unfortunately a lot of them exposed to damage and deterioration by several causes which with time will threat their survival. Between these buildings the sabil-kuttab of Qaytbay, one of the most impressive and stunning sabils in Islamic Cairo. Don¿t let its photo of the clean external façades deceives you, the building was restored and renewed in 1999 in a joint venture by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Spanish agency for international cooperation, but this doesn¿t mean the sabil building materials are sound, the author proved that they suffer from severe deterioration symptoms which their causes were deeply explained in this monograph supported by various analyses. This monograph was concluded by making a call to the urgent intervention especially by the decrease of relative humidity degree and desalination.

  • af Aselin Lands
    315,95 kr.

    This qualitative research study was conducted between 2012-2013 with high school students in a studio art classroom. The goal of this research was to explore how informal peer conversations in a studio art classroom influenced students¿ creative processes. An ethnographic methodology was employed. Data consisted of: two one- hour audio recordings of classroom conversations, photographs of student art works, field notes, and questionnaires. Data was analyzed through a multi-variant framework comprised of Csikszentmihalyi¿s Stages of Creativity, Gardner¿s Multiple Intelligences, Kantor¿s Four Player System and the eight Studio Habits of Mind. The following themes were discovered: reoccurring phrases, group dynamics, idea generation, admiration and critique of work, and student artwork. Informal peer conversations create a space for empathy that allows students to feel safe about sharing and evaluating ideas. Educators can use these informal conversations to build closer relationships with students, develop meaningful lessons, and create more opportunities for teachable moments.

  • af Solomon Awuzie
    604,95 kr.

    This study contends that with the application of psychoanalytic criticism in the analysis of poetry, poetry is contemplated as a product of the poet¿s experiences. It is further argued that the experiences that the poet realizes as poetry can either be blissful or troubling. Using two Anglophone poets, Christopher Okigbo and Tanure Ojaide, the whole of this claim is demonstrated. This study further posits that, like typical neurotics, Okigbo and Ojaide in their poetry exhibit the worries and pains of not only their different generations, but in fact, the convulsions of the society during their different times. Through a close study of the relationship between the archetypes of ¿symbol¿ and the ¿wounded healer¿ this study further shows that the poetry of Okigbo, a poet belonging to the first generation and the poetry of Ojaide, a poet of the second generation, embody the psychic crises of their generations. Though previous studies on Anglophone African poetry have been focused on socio/political concerns of the poets, this study is concerned with the psychological relations between the poets and their poetry.

  • af Sangeeta Jain Amin
    381,95 kr.

    ¿tHe mEmOrY maChiNe¿ is a studio based project and is conceived on a subject matter which is universal to mankind. It is a combination of several different perceptions of human memory like the personal, scientific, psychological and above all the spiritual aspect. All of these components are handled in a very simplified and playful manner and using art, design and creativity as the base for most interactions. The main aim of this document is to provide a context for the studio based interactive web application and to record the evolution of work. It will include translating all ideas, critiques, planning, investigation, research, analysis and decision-making written in this document intelligently, creatively and aesthetically in to an interactive web application. I imagine that the readers will enjoy reading this document and the users will take pleasure in browsing through this application and interacting with it. It will bring a smile on their face as they write their poem and the feeling of pride as they show off their painting! Moreover when they finish reading and/or interacting they will take joyful mEmOries with them.

  • af Keval Shah
    286,95 kr.

  • af Danica Dreyer
    200,95 kr.

    Current literature review on the cost of sustainable retrofitting in the South African Building Industry regarding a misconceptions amongst stakeholders with regard to the cost of energy retrofitting; the circle of blame; cost of energy versus conventional retrofitting; the Government¿s role in development frameworks and incentives as well as findings and recommendations made. Practical Relevance: The built environment¿s large carbon footprint requires existing buildings to be part of future green strategies. Stakeholders¿ misconceptions on cost of energy retrofitting may hamper progress and should be addressed. Methodology: A thorough review of approximately 56 sources, consisting out of journals, books, articles, reports and internet articles was researched over a period of 10 months. Findings: Through research done it was clear that there is lack of information resulting in misconceptions on cost of energy retrofitting, the ¿Circle of blame¿ is strengthening such misconceptions, energy retrofitting is costlier than conventional but acceptable returns on investment is often possible, lack of Government prescriptions, funding and incentives do not stimulate energy retrofitting.

  • af Christine Charbonneau
    381,95 kr.

    This study investigates the relationship between the practice of Kundalini yoga and the development of interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness in Middle Years students. Secondary aims were to provide reflection time for students in their school day and to find out whether the participants were better able to cope with stress. A qualitative method was applied. Two consent forms were sent to the participants¿ parents. One granted permission to participate in the yoga sessions, the other requested permission to use the students¿ journals as data. There were 16 yoga sessions over three weeks. After each session, the participants and the instructor/researcher wrote reflective journal entries. Twenty-nine students participated in the yoga sessions, but only 15 student journals were used for data collection. Results included growth in interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness, growth in physical flexibility and awareness, and a desire to have relaxation during the regular school day. Results revealed student appreciation for a greater number of physical opportunities throughout the school day.

  • af Waddah Mahwari
    568,95 kr.

    Colleges of Education in different universities of the world strive to provide student teachers with opportunities to succeed in challenging educational programmes. To support this aim, EPEETSEM Model (Mahwari¿s Model) was designed to evaluate teacher education programmes using four domains. Recent work highlights the potential utility of four domains for evaluating teacher education programmes effectiveness: (1) Educational purposes domain, (2) educational experience domain, (3) teaching strategies domain, and (4) evaluation methods domain. This book also highlights the utility and limitations of each of these domains for evaluating teacher education programmes and provides a set of recommendations for their optimal use by teacher education programmes and other stakeholders in teacher preparation. This model can be used by institutions or colleges of education to improve their teacher education programmes. I hope that this model that focuses on components of the curriculum of teacher education programmes to be useful for improving these programmes.

  • af Elena Fellas
    265,95 kr.

    What can be defined as the unpredictable, the random event? How do we face fortune, what is our stand and belief towards serendipity, or fate? These are just a few of the questions I will be examining through the introduction of this paper, in order to receive a finer perception of how fortune, serendipity, or the element of the unpredictable has been interpreted throughout humanity. How were the views in Greek mythology, ancient and modern philosophy, religion, science, society, and nature? After opening all these doors of the perception of fortune, I begin to focus on the ¿now¿ and the ¿afterwards¿ of the element of randomness, specifically within the field of design and design management. Where does everything start and at which point is it worth discussing about? Where can it be integrated; is it at all possible?

  • af Athanasios Kouzelis
    388,95 kr.

    The present essay aims to clarify the form and the value of the object in order to contribute particularly to its understanding as entity that can be created and altered in all categories of our everyday life. Its reading is expected to be an effective tool for anyone who wants to create the objects of our future by designing their forms and connoting their value, so that the human welfare gets an innovative configuration and a sense of remarkable approval. Each object constitutes a fundamental category of the human praxis and therefore is an issue that needs to be clarified and obvious to its recipients. In particular, any object¿s form and feasibility has been and continues to be an actual epistemological problem, whose solution lies on human praxis and the means by which we can understand it.

  • af Mohammed Zeriouh
    604,95 kr.

    This book attempts to investigate the notion of re-Orientalism in the Moroccan immigrants' literary writings. For this objective to be acheived, the book lays a convenient theoretical background to approach these literary manifestations as discourses rooted in energizing sets of epistemes that affect the diasporic experience of the diasporic writers beyond home. It argues that this search for a homeland is a politically motivated process influenced by the dominant forces in the host cultures which disseminate designations for ¿outsiders¿ founded on their biographical referentialities. This politics of exclusion pushes various writers to throw behind their nationalistic nostalgias for home and zealously inscribe in the pre-existing essentialist preconditions prevailing in the host cultures for the sake of becoming accepted in the Western literary canons. These diasporic discursive articulations stand as reactions to the rhetorics of blame woven by political structures in the West as is the case in Dutch multiculturalism.

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