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  • af Kerry Beck
    166,95 kr.

    Can your kids think for themselves? How well can they discuss what they are learning? How well can your kids make wise, Biblical decisions? How well can your kids solve problems … not just Math problems but real life problems? Are your kids inspired to learn more?If I'm honest, my kids struggled with some of the areas listed above (decision making, critical thinking, Biblical thinking, wanting to learn more). So, I started doing some research in the middle of our homeschool years. I discovered mentoring as an option to help my kids think for themselves and make wise decisions.What I discovered was an education strategy that is very easy for homeschoolers (and Christian educators) to use.It's part of our Christian Leadership Series and called "Mentoring" with classic books. In Teach Your Children "How to Think" with Mentoring, I outline how you as a homeschool mom (or educator) can use classics to teach critical thinking skills, Biblical thinking skills, wise decision making and raise Godly leaders.The Mentoring strategy is one I used with my own kids. It's said, "the proof is in the pudding." My kids used the Mentoring strategy of Leadership Education. All 3 of them are walking with God, making wise decisions and leading others in their comunities.In Teach Your Child "How to Think" with Mentoring, you discover practical ways to implement Leadership Education with older students. You will receive encouragement and hands-on methods to mentor your children using classics. Read - Write - Discuss! That is the general method for training your children to think on their own in any area of study. Also included are practical suggestions for parents to begin their own education as they prepare to raise their children with real thinking skills for the future. See the other secrets in the book.-How to discuss lectures•How to use questions beyond your studies•What to do when you feel overwhelmed•What to expect of an independent student•What to expect of a mentor•How to lead a Socratic discussion with your children•How to get the most from a classic book•How to use your child's interests to develop independent studies•How to ask the best questions to stimulate thinking•How to be a successful mentor to your children•How to use classics to teach thinking skills•How to find Internships•How to use classic books to discuss human nature•What to do about College•What to do about Speed Reading•How to use reading journals in your Socratic Discussions•How to choose classic books to read•How to integrate Scripture into your discussions•Which literary elements to teach your students•How to use projects to develop independence•How to structure your time in your homeschool•How to use classic books to broaden your child's perspective•How to start a reading journalA year from now, your student will surely have arrived. The question is…where? Making the decision to be part of the Leadership Education & Mentoring can ensure that your student's arrival will be a profitable one.

  • af Agnieszka Swiatkowska-Sulecka
    314,95 kr.

  • af John Mighton
    144,95 kr.

  • af John Mighton
    144,95 kr.

  • af John Mighton
    144,95 kr.

  • af John Mighton
    144,95 kr.

  • af John Mighton
    144,95 kr.

  • af Orlando David Garcia
    177,95 - 223,95 kr.

  • af Charlotte M. Mason
    227,95 kr.

  • af Jurea Wray
    270,95 kr.

  • af Fae Stuart Presley
    250,95 kr.

  • af Anthea Davidson-Jarrett
    333,95 kr.

    When Khalia wanted to surprise her sister for her birthday, she decided to bake a cake! But how? With help from mum and dad Khalia has lots of fun getting creative in the kitchen. Let's explore how!

  • af Ortal Green
    233,95 - 308,95 kr.

  • af Tonja McRady & Karen Puckett
    205,95 kr.

    Written for Our Learning is an Old Testament curriculum that takes a fresh approach at teaching primary level students. Each of the 26 lessons in this book is complete, providing teachers everything they need to prepare and present the lessons along with activities for the students. The wide variety of age-appropriate activities allows teachers for grades 1-8 to select the ones they want to customize their lessons. Teachers can change the type of activities and the routine each week--promoting an atmosphere where students are eager to learn.Written for Our Learning emphasizes that the Old Testament was written down for our instruction, as Paul tells the Corinthians. Written for Our Learning paints a vivid historical picture of fascinating Old Testament characters and events. The students will learn: God's plan of salvation in the New Testament has its roots embedded in His covenant with Abraham Through Scripture-rich activities, the close connection of the Old Testament and the New Testament The chronological order and historical significance of Old Testament events Practical, age-appropriate application, illustrating that lessons learned thousands of years ago are still relevant today Written for Our Learning is a valuable tool for your Bible classes, your family Bible time, or your school! Study the Old Testament, for it truly was "written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope" (Romans 15:4)!

  • af Jan May
    218,95 kr.

    Boys will love this curriculum created for writing about battles! It contains 12 easy self-guided lessons covering the basics of creative writing: character, setting, dialogue and plot development. Each lesson has a handout to practice the new concept, writing story time and either a battle craft or activity. Activities include: Put together a back yard obstacle course, make a clay diorama of the battlefield, host a Nerf gun war, draw maps and illustrate the story. Literary tools to enhance writing are incorporated like: onomatopoeia, show don't tell, similes and comic relief. This course can be used in one 60 minute lesson or two 30 minute lessons per week. Perfect for reluctant writers! Perfect for the boys who love to write! Everyone learns!Ages 8-12

  • af Therese Mueller
    113,95 kr.

    2018 Reprint of 1943 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition software. This small pamphlet provides suggestions and considerations for use in the home-school by parents who wish to teach their children to live throughout the year with Christ in the Catholic faith.

  • af Esse & Friends Learning Books
    130,95 - 202,95 kr.

  • af J. Paterson Smyth
    166,95 kr.

    2019 Reprint of undated Edition from the 1920s. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition software. This title is one of eight comprising the series The Bible for School and Home. It was used in Charlotte Mason schools and intended for parents and teachers to use in preparing Bible lessons for the children in their charge. Each of the volumes contains two dozen or more lessons, preceded by the same lengthy introduction to sound teaching practices, a section which is well worth reading. For each lesson, Smyth specifies the Biblical passages to cover, then provides background information you can incorporate in your telling of the story to gain the interest of your children, carefully framed questions you can use to draw their attention to the main points, and ways you might direct the conversation to stir their affections and their actions.

  • af Kerry Beck
    196,95 kr.

    Did you know that most American children receive an education designed for the poor...whether public school, private school or even homeschoolers? That's right, most homeschool families and private schools provide an education historically designed for the poor. This type of education has also been called Conveyor Belt Education.Discover how to jump off the conveyor belt and give your child a superb education. Use your homeschool to raise Christian leaders who will impact our communities for God. Kerry explains how you can give your children a leadership education from a Christian perspective. You'll have practical ideas you can implement this week.If you have younger kids If you want an overall strategy of leadership education If you want specific ideas on character development If you want 9 strategies to develop a love of learning If you have kids shifting to independent learning…you should get Raising Leaders, Not Followers

  • - Forældreguide til hjemmeundervisning og lektiehjælp
    af Jonas Lilleskov
    186,95 - 217,95 kr.

    Skal du hjemmeskole dit eget barn? Tænker du over, hvordan du bedst griber det an, og hvordan du fanger dit barns interesse? Denne bog er en guide til dig, som overvejer hjemmeskoling af dit barn eller bare vil gøre lektier til en god oplevelse. Til dig, som vil styrke dit barn og give det et fagligt løft på egen hånd. Bogen vil hjælpe dig med at skabe et rart læringsmiljø derhjemme, hvor dit barn oplever lysten og glæden ved undervisning – måske for første gang. Gennem enkle metoder og eksempler guider bo­gen dig til at reflektere over, hvordan du skaber processer, hvori dit barn bliver bekræftet i sine bestræbelser, anerkendt i sin kun­nen og støttet igennem alle forløb i et trygt hjemmemiljø. Gennem 32 kapitler og fordelt ud over fire temaer gennemgås forskellige emner og temaer, der vil få dig til at reflektere over læring og det at lære fra sig. Desuden tilbyder bogen simple metoder til, hvordan du skaber undervisning, der er tryg, rar og sjov at være i, for både dig og dit barn. God fornøjelse med bogen og held og lykke med undervisningen.

  • af Mystie Winckler
    218,95 kr.

  • af Jennifer Georgia
    155,95 kr.

    How are millions of parents successfully helping their children learn at home using time-tested methods? What do parents have that certified teachers do not? This is a homeschooling book, but it's not about your child. It is about you and for you: the home-educating parent. It dissects the history, purposes, and outcomes of a standard K-12 education and shows how education at home can be a superior lifestyle for your family. You'll learn the "Six Secrets of Homeschooling," as well as what "experts" have said about education from ancient to modern times. Along the way you'll be given tools to aid your children in becoming academically successful, all of which will help you confidently embark on the journey of homeschooling.

  • af Reza Nazari & Ava Ross
    207,95 kr.

    The only book you'll ever need to beat the SSAT Middle Level Math Test!The goal of this book is simple. It will help you incorporate the most effective method and the right strategies to prepare for the SSAT Middle Level Math test quickly and effectively.Ace the SSAT Middle Level Math in 30 Days, which reflects the 2019 test guidelines and topics, is designed to help you hone your math skills, overcome your exam anxiety, and boost your confidence -- and do your best to defeat SSAT Middle Level Math Test. This SSAT Middle Level Math new edition has been updated to replicate questions appearing on the most recent SSAT Middle Level Math tests. This is a precious learning tool for SSAT Middle Level Math test takers who need extra practice in math to improve their SSAT Middle Level Math score. After reviewing this book, you will have solid foundation and adequate practice that is necessary to ace the SSAT Middle Level Math test. This book is your ticket to ace the SSAT Middle Level Math!Ace the SSAT Middle Level Math in 30 Days provides students with the confidence and math skills they need to succeed on the SSAT Middle Level Math, providing a solid foundation of basic Math topics with abundant exercises for each topic. It is designed to address the needs of SSAT Middle Level test takers who must have a working knowledge of basic Math.Inside the pages of this comprehensive book, students can learn math topics in a structured manner with a complete study program to help them understand essential math skills. It also has many exciting features, including: Content 100% aligned with the 2019 SSAT Middle Level test Written by SSAT Middle Level Math tutors and test experts Complete coverage of all SSAT Middle Level Math concepts and topics which you will be tested Step-by-step guide for all SSAT Middle Level Math topics Dynamic design and easy-to-follow activities Over 2,500 additional SSAT Middle Level math practice questions in both multiple-choice and grid-in formats with answers grouped by topic, so you can focus on your weak areas Abundant Math skill building exercises to help test-takers approach different question types that might be unfamiliar to them Exercises on different SSAT Middle Level Math topics such as integers, percent, equations, polynomials, exponents and radicals 2 full-length practice tests (featuring new question types) with detailed answers Effortlessly and confidently follow the step-by-step instructions in this book to ace the SSAT Middle Level Math in a short period of time.SSAT Middle Level Math in 30 Days is the only book you'll ever need to master Basic Math topics! It can be used as a self-study course - you do not need to work with a Math tutor. (It can also be used with a Math tutor).You'll be surprised how fast you master the Math topics covering on SSAT Middle Level Math Test.Ideal for self-study as well as for classroom usage. Published By:Effortless Math

  • af Marilyn Wickstrom
    200,95 kr.

  • af Rhonda Barfield
    236,95 kr.

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