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  • af Johnson
    222,95 kr.

    You've written a book and you're ready to get it published. But where do you start? How do you find the right publisher? And once you've found one, how do you make sure you don't make any costly mistakes?Thankfully, help is on hand from publishing experts Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson. In their new book, "e;7 Costly Mistakes when Choosing a Publisher"e;, they detail the seven most common mistakes authors make when choosing a publisher - and how to avoid them.From not doing your research to forgetting to negotiate your royalties, this book is essential reading for any author looking to get their book published. Foster and Johnson share their insider knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decisions for your book - and ensure that you keep control of your rights and royalties.With clear, practical advice and plenty of insider tips, this book is an essential read for anyone considering self-publishing or going down the traditional route. Avoid the costly mistakes others have made - pick up your copy today!

  • af Louise Willder
    97,95 - 147,95 kr.

    A TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR 'A small masterpiece. There is something funny, notable or awe-inspiring on every single page' Jenny Colgan, SpectatorA joyful celebration of books the perfect gift for bibliophiles, word lovers and anyone who's ever wondered, should you judge a book by its cover? We love the words in books but what about the words on them? How do they work their magic? Here is a book about the ways books entice us to read them: their titles, quotes, covers and, above all, blurbs via authors from Jane Austen to Zadie Smith, writing tricks, classic literature, bonkbusters, plot spoilers and publishing secrets. It's nothing less than the inside story of the outside of books.And it answers questions like: Why do some authors hate blurbs so much they burn their own books? Should all adjectives be murdered? Is blurbing sometimes maybe lying? Is it true that (checks jacket) you need an animal on a book's cover to make it a bestseller? What are the most terrible blurbs of all time? Join Penguin publishing word wizard Louise Willder five thousand blurbs written, mostly avoiding the phrase ';unputdownable tour-de-force' to discover why we should judge a book by its cover. Even this one. (It's an unputdownable tour-de-force.)';The bookiest book about books you'll ever read I loved it' Lucy Mangan ';Truly delightful...I couldn't have had more fun' Benjamin Dreyer ';Very funny, erudite and profound. A delight!' Nina Stibbe

  • af Anonymous
    152,95 kr.

  • af S. C. Scott
    167,95 - 387,95 kr.

  • af Jerry Kelly
    395,95 kr.

  • af Thomas (University of the South Pacific) Vranken
    151,95 kr.

  • af William Shakespeare
    612,95 - 642,95 kr.

  • af Valerie Willis
    562,95 - 652,95 kr.

  • af Vanessa Wilson & Georgina Hatch
    267,95 kr.

    Learn the secrets of the publishing trade to create a high-quality book that reads well, looks good, makes you money, and boosts your author profile and brand.Written by two experts in the publishing industry, Publish Like a Pro is the most comprehensive guide to navigating the world of self-publishing in South Africa today. Authors Vanessa Wilson and Georgina Hatch explain in detail exactly what one should consider when choosing to go this route, empowering authors to create better-quality products and helping them avoid costly mistakes along the way.Every aspect of the publishing process is explored - from making the decision to publish and what will be required of you as an author, to all the processes required to get your book from a raw manuscript to a finished, sellable product - with professional advice and best practices provided along the way. Equipped with the 'insider knowledge' that Publish Like a Pro offers, self-publishers will have a greater chance of making the right decisions and reaping the rewards and profits that self-publishing can offer.This book: Examines different publishing models and budget requirements. Explains the production process in detail, offering advice and practical know-how. Discusses a typical production timeline and provides a template for your own use. Explores printing processes and how to prepare your book files for print. Helps you to choose your printing options, including the cover, paper, and binding. Discusses ebook publishing and preparing your file for ebook conversion. Outlines the options for online ebook and print-on-demand distribution. Looks at the economics of publishing and shows you how to work out your publishing budget, set your retail price, and calculate your profit. Explores sales channels, the distribution chain in South Africa, and promotional ideas for your book. Provides resources, tips, and advice throughout, with convenient worksheets and templates to help you plan, budget and prepare your files.

  • af Brad Pauquette
    183,95 kr.

  • af B. L. Ham
    212,95 kr.

    Having trouble getting your book published? Or are you a new author, wondering how to avoid the long wait through dozens of submissions find an author? This books is for you! Written from the perspective of an acquisitions editor for a publishing house who has also served as a reader and adviser for acquisitions editors at presses ranging from small to large to the leading presses in her field, the author helps new writers navigate the confusing myriad choices in finding a publisher. Typical missteps of new authors are presented, along with criteria for making decisions on choosing a publisher - and advice on how to approach the publisher. Of potentially great assistance, the author, an acquisitions editor, shares real-life stories of manuscripts she turned down -- and why. This book differs from most of the books on the market because it is focused on giving authors a decision-making model rather than yet another a reference book on publishers and provides personalized decision-making activities to lead the writer to the right publisher in the right way.

  • af Alice Briggs
    162,95 kr.

  • af Marylee Macdonald
    312,95 kr.

    Have you tried and failed to find a literary agent? Grown tired of pitch sessions and query letters?The Big Book of Small Presses and Independent Publishers lists over 350 small presses, book contests, university presses, and independent publishers that take "unagented" submissions.This book is for you if you have: finished writing your book; given up on finding an agent; waiting months for an agent to call you back; longed for an editor to validate your creativity recoiled at the thought of self-publishing.In this essential reference, you'll discover publishers for romance, women's fiction, historical fiction, sci fi, fantasy, poetry, literary fiction, history, self-help, spirituality, politics, sports, thrillers, Christian fiction, young adult fiction, and children's books. Best of all, the publishers in this book aren't vanity presses. They don't charge a fee to consider your manuscript. If they like your story, they will proofread your book, create a stunning cover, and upload your book into the online bookstores. Finally, when people ask where they can buy your book, you'll have an answer.Isn't it time to transform your manuscript from a file on your hard drive into a finished book? Get started on your journey to becoming a published author. Buy The Big Book of Small Presses and Independent Publishers today!

  • af Jill Ronsley & Ian Stanbury
    217,95 kr.

  • af Laura L Bush & Sarah J Bush Lloyd
    154,95 kr.

  • af Leah Cutter
    130,95 kr.

  • af Branch Isole
    152,95 kr.

    Pathways to Publishing is a step-by-stepguidebook, which describes and detailsthe various paths and options of publishing today. Take your manuscript from paper to paperback or e-book format using theinformation and contacts listed in Pathways to Publishing. Learn the process of self publishing and launch you writing career todaywith this easy to read and follow resource handbook to control yourpublishing destiny and income. Branch Isole, author of eighteen self published books, shows the readerthe ways and means to self publishing any completed manuscript.

  • af Blaze Ward
    127,95 kr.

    These days, your readers want series. That chance to revisit their favorite characters over and over, to see where their lives are going next.Television has spoiled them for long arcs of story spanning seasons, rather than episodes. You need to adapt to this new world.Learn to write in series, expanding your stories into greater and greater tales.Topics we cover: Writing faster and cleaner Writing series that your fans will want to read Continuity encyclopedias (or, how to not have to spend hours looking up some detail) Extending your universe with spin-offs and things Thoughts on marketing your series Ending things before everyone gets bored.This is a 201-level book, taking you from writing novels to that place where you are turning a quarter of a million or more words into one long, engaging story that your fans just can't put down.Be sure to read the entire Business For Breakfast books and see how it can help you improve your writing craft and up your publishing game.

  • af Giacomo Giammatteo
    197,95 kr.

  • af Samuel Squire Sprigge
    192,95 kr.

  • af M. J. Rose & Angela Adair-Hoy
    223,94 kr.

  • af Emma Smith
    107,95 - 197,95 kr.

    'A fascinating journey into our relationship with the physical book...I lost count of the times I exclaimed with delight when I read a nugget of information I hadn't encountered before' Val McDermid, The TimesMost of what we say about books is really about the words inside them: the rosy nostalgic glow for childhood reading, the lifetime companionship of a much-loved novel. But books are things as well as words, objects in our lives as well as worlds in our heads. And just as we crack their spines, loosen their leaves and write in their margins, so they disrupt and disorder us in turn. All books are, as Stephen King put it, 'a uniquely portable magic'. Here, Emma Smith shows us why.Portable Magic unfurls an exciting and iconoclastic new story of the book in human hands, exploring when, why and how it acquired its particular hold over us. Gathering together a millennium's worth of pivotal encounters with volumes big and small, Smith reveals that, as much as their contents, it is books' physical form - their 'bookhood' - that lends them their distinctive and sometimes dangerous magic. From the Diamond Sutra to Jilly Cooper's Riders, to a book made of wrapped slices of cheese, this composite artisanal object has, for centuries, embodied and extended relationships between readers, nations, ideologies and cultures, in significant and unpredictable ways. Exploring the unexpected and unseen consequences of our love affair with books, Portable Magic hails the rise of the mass-market paperback, and dismantles the myth that print began with Gutenberg; it reveals how our reading habits have been shaped by American soldiers, and proposes new definitions of a 'classic'-and even of the book itself. Ultimately, it illuminates the ways in which our relationship with the written word is more reciprocal - and more turbulent - than we tend to imagine.

  • af Lorenz Korn & Berenike Metzler
    332,95 kr.

    For the cultural history of the Islamic World, writing has long been recognized as a highly important form of art, as calligraphy has traditionally held a particular place in the perception of Islamic elites and their artistic practices. The culture of calligraphy was intimately connected with the production of prestigious book manuscripts, but reached a climax in the creation of single-leaf calligraphies that were also highly appreciated by collectors in centres of Islamic culture from the Ottoman Mediterranean to post-Timurid Central Asia, Safavid Iran and Mughal India. At the same time, writing by its very nature fulfilled its age-old functions of encoding verbal language as text.The present volume approaches the variegated aspects of writing, fathoming its ambiguous character between text and image. It contains ten contributions that originated from a conference held at the University of Bamberg in 2019. These studies range from text-image relations in precious manuscripts through the use of Chinese decorated paper for artistic book production, the training of calligraphers and the process of design, to the iconic character of writing in the layout of books, single-leaf works of calligraphy, iconic writing in contemporary art, to more theoretical considerations on aesthetic perception.

  • af Stephan Fussel
    1.547,95 kr.

  • af Stephanie Feger
    212,95 kr.

  • af Various & Jane Holloway
    127,95 kr.

    Here are libraries modest, mobile, mystical (Borges of course) and magical (Helen Oyeyemi's enchanting 'Books and Roses'); public and private, provincial and prestigious. Little that happen in Elizabeth McCracken's eccentric library did not happen in real life - even down to the murder; and it is rumoured that on 3 June 1997 the British Museum Reading Room really was visited by the ghost of Max Beerbohm's obscurest of poets, Enoch Soames...Fiction and reality merge in Cortazar's 'A Continuity of Parks'. Characters step out of their books in Fay Weldon's 'Lily Bart's Hat Shop', while Jasper Fforde's Jurisfiction operatives enter Wuthering Heights to deliver a Rage-Counselling session. Charles Lamb muses on the annoying book-borrowing habits of Samuel Taylor Coleridge; the teenage Teffi is overawed by Tolstoy; Helene Hanff in Manhattan launches her famous correspondence with a London antiquarian bookshop at 84 Charing Cross Road.Reading, as the Queen informs an appalled private secretary, is 'untidy, discursive and perpetually inviting'. And also, of course, a lot of fun. Sit comfortably, then, and begin.

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