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Energi og naturressourcer: lov og ret

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    1.529,95 kr.

    Bringing together leading experts from across the UK and Europe, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of Brexit on the energy sector in the UK and in the European Union and its member states.

    4.282,95 kr.

    This is the first book to focus on the law and practice relating to offshore oil and gas floating production. It deals with all legal and commercial risk management issues from initial concept through design, construction, modification, installation, acceptance, production and offloading, including ancillary legal topics.

  • af Cynthia (Guest Fellow Giles
    244,95 kr.

    Nearly everyone accepts as gospel two assumptions: compliance with environmental rules is high, and enforcement is responsible for making compliance happen. Both are wrong. Next Generation Compliance shows how regulators can avoid the compliance calamities that plague far too many environmental rules today, a lesson that is particularly urgent for regulations tackling climate change.

  • af Kangyin (Associate Professor Dong, Jun (Lecturer Zhao & Xiucheng (Professor Dong
    1.502,95 kr.

    Databook of Surface Modification Additives, Second Edition contains data on ten groups of additives, including anti-scratch and mar-preventing additives, additives for surface tension reduction and wetting, hydrophobization additives, gloss enhancement and surface matting additives, additives for the formation of tack-free surface and tackifiers, and stain inhibiting additives. The information on each is divided into five sections, including General Information, Physical-Chemical Properties, Health and Safety, Ecological Properties, and Use and Performance. This data is provided for approximately 360 of the most important surface modification additives produced and used today. This databook will be an extremely useful resource for engineers, researchers and technicians interested in using additives to modify and improve the surface properties of materials.

  • af Renate Pirstner-Ebner
    417,95 kr.

    This book deals with the European Union energy law. It contains an introduction (terms, overview), the market system for electricity and gas (e.g. equal treatment, network access), the regulatory institutions (ACER, requirements for the national regulatory authorities) and the European coordination institutions (ENTSO for Electricity etc). A separate chapter is dedicated to the security of supply for electricity and gas (risk-preparedness plan [electricity], emergency plan and solidarity principle [gas]). In addition the book deals with renewable energies, energy efficiency, storage, decentralisation (energy communities) and digitalisation (Smart Meters). It closes with the chapter "Energy System of the Future" (Green Smart Grid).

  • - Risk Control for the Non-Operator, Second Edition
    af Eduardo G Pereira
    1.873,95 kr.

    Joint operating agreements (JOAs) are well-accepted standard agreements in the oil and gas industry which regulate the relationship between the parties to a joint venture: the operator and the non-operator. Traditionally, the operator is responsible for performing operations on behalf of the consortium, while the non-operator is responsible for contributing to the financial commitments of the joint venture. However, due to the strong position typically maintained by the operator, this structure does not always accurately reflect the non-operator's position. Unbalanced agreements can create uncertainty, increase the risk of litigation and even jeopardise the very existence of the consortium. Therefore, it is essential to understand the position of both parties in order to ensure a fair and reasonable negotiation, and this fully updated second edition provides an in-depth analysis of the JOA from the perspective of the non-operator. Coverage includes an examination of the relationship between operators and non-operators under general law, and an analysis of the critical issues facing non-operators in a JOA. In addition, this book reveals how a non-operator can seek to protect its interests - initially through tight control of operations and expenditures, and ultimately through adequate remedies to remove the operator and/or restrict its liability. Further, this edition provides recommendations to address these concerns and also includes the JOA model form from Mozambique as well as reviews of other JOA model forms explored in the first edition. JOAs are relevant to law, finance, human resources and operations. This book provides invaluable practical guidance for in-house counsel, private practitioners, executives, academics, international oil companies, national oil companies, independents and anyone interested in investing in the upstream sector.

  • - Dynamic Solutions for Energy Transitions
    1.651,95 kr.

    As energy innovation becomes imperative for the environment and energy security, the law must be fleet-footed to evolve in an unwieldy area of policy. This much-needed text assembles experts to analyse the most recent developments, and to postulate how human rights, sustainable development, and the eradication of energy poverty could be achieved.

  • - A Practical Guide to the Life Cycle of a Mining Project
    1.552,95 kr.

    This practical title outlines in a single volume the essential principles involved in the life of a mining project, from preliminary agreements, to the sale and purchase of minerals, and the decommissioning of mining assets.

  • af Taotao Yue
    1.394,95 kr.

    Biofuels are promoted as a type of renewable energy from biomass that replaces fossil fuels in transportation, in an attempt to achieve the three-fold objectives of energy security, rural development, and GHG emission reductions.

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