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  • af Anne Grethe Jurik, Poul Erik Andersen, Ole Graumann, mfl.
    700,95 kr.

    BASAL RADIOLOGI er den første danske grundbog inden for det stadig vigtigere område radiologi. I 5 kapitler giver erfarne radiologer omfattende introduktioner til det radiologiske speciale. BASAL RADIOLOGI er delt op i thorax, bevægeapparatet, abdomen, urologi og neurologi. Første del af hvert kapitel beskriver den radiologiske anvendelighed ift. de mest almindeligt forekommende sygdommeog har fokus på diagnostiske og differentialdiagnostiske overvejelser. Der lægges desuden vægt på de forskellige modaliteters egnethed, fra traditionelle røntgenbilleder til ultralyd og CT- og MR-skanning.Kapitlernes anden del rummer adskillige cases, der giver læseren mulighed for at teste sin viden og træne evnen til at se på radiologiske billeder. Bogen baserer sig på et rigt billedmateriale, ligesom pile og faktabokse gør det let for den studerende at orientere sig i materialet.BASAL RADIOLOGI henvender sig primært til medicinstuderende og yngre læger, herunder læger under uddannelse i det radiologiske speciale, men andre faggrupper kan også have gavn af den, fx radiografer. Bogen dækker det radiologiske pensum for medicinstuderende.

  • af Annemarie Hellebek, Anne Marie Bak Jylling, Anne-Marie Gerdes, mfl.
    427,95 kr.

    Diagnostiske fag er en tværfaglig grundbog, som giver en systematisk introduktion til de parakliniske og diagnostiske fag. Fagene har på trods af de vidt forskellige emner mange berøringsflader og både fælles metoder og problemstillinger, og kapitlerne er så vidt muligt opbygget på en ensartet måde. Vinklen er praktisk og anvendelsesorienteret, og teksten suppleres af en række klinisk relevante og illustrative cases.De senere års hastige teknologiske udvikling har gjort de parakliniske og diagnostiske discipliner til en vigtig og nødvendig forudsætning for det kliniske arbejde. Diagnostiske fag giver, med den samlede indføring i alle fagene, en faglig baggrund for målrettet diagnostisk strategi. Bogen, som er en videreførelse af Basisbog i diagnostiske fag, er primært tænkt som en lærebog for medicinstuderende. Bogen har fokus på den viden, som alle basislæger bør være i besiddelse af, men andre ansatte i sundhedsvæsenet kan også med fordel læse bogen for at opnå indsigt i de forskellige specialer.

  • af Oliver Gaemperli, Pál Maurovich- Horvat & Koen Nieman
    448,95 kr.

    The handbook represents an important step towards dissemination of skills and knowledge in cardiovascular CT. It is a concise and practical companion, to benefit students, trainees or advanced users; cardiologists, radiologists, cardiac surgeons or technicians, in their everyday practice.

  • - Recognizing the Basics
    af William Herring
    480,95 kr.

  • af Geoiphy George Pulickal, Ashish Chawla & Tiong Yong Tan
    728,95 kr.

    This book presents standard imaging techniques, basic anatomy and an approach to common pathology encountered in temporal bone imaging. Intended as a survival guide for residents and general radiologists, it covers all topics comprehensively, and provides intuitive point-by-point summaries, similar to those of popular radiology reference sites, for easy comprehension at a glance. The book also offers guidance on the pertinent points that need to be included in a report and how to answer basic questions that are likely to be asked by the referring clinician or supervising radiologist.This book will be a valuable resource for general radiologists, radiology residents, ENT residents, otology surgeons and anyone involved in the occasional temporal bone study.

  • af Kaj Klaue
    883,95 - 1.186,95 kr.

  • af Thomas Romer
    517,95 kr.

    Operative hysteroscopy represents an important extension of operative gynaecology. The benefits of this endoscopic technique, however, are balanced by its high demands on the operator. It requires excellent knowledge of safety issues and possible complications. This book acts as guide and resource for the practical acquisition of this technique. This new edition is distinguished by the large number of improved color illustrations and incorporation of the newest scientific findings.

  • af Ivan Selesnick, Iyad Obeid & Joseph Picone
    832,95 kr.

    This book provides an interdisciplinary look at emerging trends in signal processing and biomedicine found at the intersection of healthcare, engineering, and computer science. It examines the vital role signal processing plays in enabling a new generation of technology based on big data, and looks at applications ranging from medical electronics to data mining of electronic medical records. Topics covered include analysis of medical images, machine learning, biomedical nanosensors, wireless technologies, and instrumentation and electrical stimulation. Biomedical Signal Processing: Innovation and Applications presents tutorials and examples of successful applications, and will appeal to a wide range of professionals, researchers, and students interested in applications of signal processing, medicine, and biology.

  • af Murat Bozkurt & Halil ¿brahim Açar
    927,95 kr.

    This book provides detailed information on functional anatomy, physical examination, and clinical radiology of the knee with a view to enabling the clinician to identify the most suitable treatment approach to different knee joint pathologies. In addition, the arthroscopic treatment techniques most frequently employed in patients with these conditions are described, with presentation of numerous arthroscopic images detailing characteristic findings. Knee joint pathologies today represent a significant challenge owing to the complexity of the injuries suffered, rising activity levels, and high patient expectations. A proper physical examination plays an important role in diagnosis. The surgeon who has the opportunity to conduct a clinical evaluation must fully understand the role of radiological evaluations, and assessment by a radiology expert is also necessary. In all cases, knowledge of the normal anatomy and its correlation with clinical and radiological findings is fundamental to correct diagnosis and treatment selection. Surgeons and trainees with an interest in knee joint pathologies will find this book to be an excellent, richly illustrated educational guide to the subject.

  • af Thomas Apard & Jean Louis Brasseur
    927,95 kr.

  • af Euclid Seeram, Robert Davidson, Andrew England & mfl.
    828,95 kr.

  • af Temel Tirkes
    958,95 kr.

    This book is a basic, practical guide to performing and interpreting state-of-the-art prostate MRI, utilizing the latest guidelines in the field. Prostate MRI has become one of the fastest growing examinations in the radiology practice, and this demand has continuously increased within the past decade. Since it is relatively new, MRI of the prostate is predominantly being performed at academic institutions, however there is a growing demand within the lower-tier health care institutions to offer this examination to their patients. This is an ideal guide for radiologists who want to enhance or initiate prostate MRI service for their referring clinicians and as a manual for technologists and those who are in training. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men, exceeded only by lung cancer. The best predictor of disease outcome lies with correct diagnosis, which requires precise imaging and diagnostic procedures aided by prostate MRI. Urologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists all agree that multi-parametric prostate MRI is essential for evaluation of prostate cancer. However, the technical aspects of prostate MR imaging are not as straightforward as for the other imaging modalities and constantly evolving. Its small size presents a real challenge to the radiologist, who needs to do the T2 and diffusion weighted images and perform a dynamic contrast enhanced sequence correctly. These images may also need to be analyzed on an independent workstation. Due to the absence of a current reference manual, when a radiologist wants to establish a prostate imaging service, he/she needs to attend dedicated prostate MR workshops or dive into the literature search alone, only to get more confused about what to do and how to do it.With this book, expert authors were asked to give clear guidance to those who want to enhance or initiate their prostate imaging service. With this much-needed, concise, practical guidance, radiologists can perform and interpret multi-parametric prostate MRI in a standardized fashion, in concordance with PI-RADS v2.1 that can be applicable to all available hardware platforms (GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba). Additionally, they can perform post-processing for possible targeted biopsy and interpret post-therapy and PET studies. The book discusses imaging protocols (planning and prescription) and sequence parameters with representative images for each MRI sequence. This handbook-style practical manual can be used in the radiology reading room by those interpreting the MR exam as a reference as well as at the MRI scanner by the technologists as a guide. Coverage of basic prostate anatomy, pathology, Urologists¿ point of view, MRI guided radiation treatment planning and molecular imaging is also included. Throughout the book, authors will discuss basics, pitfalls, and provide tips in image acquisition and interpretation, alongside several case examples.

  • af Ryota Hokari
    2.362,95 kr.

    This manual treats both conceptual and practical aspects of gastrointestinal polyposis syndrome, which is characterized by dermatologic manifestations. The book offers both detailed and comprehensive analysis of the endoscopic findings achieved from 88 cases, which led to novel concepts and classification of the dermatologic manifestations according to distribution pattern, the thickness of mucosa, and intervening inflamed mucosa between polyps. The book also offers comparisons of the endoscopic features to pathological features. Abundant illustrations show the observations of the malignant lesions using special lights, such as NBI and BLI, to provide a comprehensive view of the Cronkhite-Canada syndrome (CCS) polyp.Atlas of Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome is essential guidance for gastroenterologists and pathologists who pursue the new diagnostic approach and treatment for CCS. It also attracts clinicians interested in the latest updates on this field and those who encountered the CCS patients with refractory to corticosteroid treatment. The risk of colorectal cancer in patients with CCS may increase because multiple inflammatory pseudopolyps make it more difficult to detect premalignant adenomas. Additionally, as endoscopy for GI disease becomes widespread in developing countries, the number of diagnosed patients will likely increase. Thus, it is crucial to have a broader understanding of the disease and the treatment strategy, and this book aims to simplify a complicated picture of the rare disease.

  • af Hongjun Li
    1.074,95 - 1.351,95 kr.

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art imaging in infectious and inflammatory diseases in head and neck. It starts with a brief introduction of infectious diseases in head and neck, including normal anatomy, classification, and laboratory diagnostic methods. In separate parts of eye, ear, nose, pharynx, larynx, and maxillofacial region, the common imaging techniques and imaging anatomy is firstly introduced, and then typical infectious and inflammatory diseases is presented with clinical cases. Each disease is clearly illustrated with PET and MR images and key diagnostic points. The book provides a valuable reference source for radiologists and doctors working in the area of infectious and inflammatory diseases.

  • af R. Rajeswaran
    1.351,95 kr.

    This book presents the anatomy and MRI features of the normal fetus and describes the anomalies of each system in a systematic way. The normal fetal brain at different gestational ages is also extensively illustrated. It features a treasure of MR images illustrating several clinical conditions. Sonographic images, line diagrams and post-natal images are supplemented for easy learning. It also addresses the differential diagnoses and prognostic indicators of the various fetal anomalies.This book will help the consultants and postgraduates of radiology, obstetrics, fetal medicine and pediatrics in understanding various fetal anomalies and in patient counseling.

  • af Jae Hong Kim
    1.186,95 kr.

    This atlas is the first book on the use of high-resolution ultrasound to assess breast implants and identify the various potential breast implant-related complications, which are frequently asymptomatic. The aim is to provide radiologists, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, and other medical staff with a comprehensive guide of high clinical value during not only the diagnostic but also the treatment process. To this end, a wealth of ultrasound images and videos are presented, along with surgical photos and videos and pathological findings. The coverage includes the role of ultrasound in the management of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell carcinoma, with explanation of its value in distinguishing the type of implant shell, which is highly relevant in this disease. A concluding chapter presents a large series of instructive cases. The author has extensive experience in breast surgery and has been collecting implant-related data using high-resolution ultrasound, including data on the diagnosis of side effects, for more than a decade. 

  • af Qingyu Fan
    1.186,95 kr.

    The book provide up-to-date information on clinical application of microwave ablation for limb salvage in bone tumors. First chapters briefly introduce clinical diagnosis, stage, amputation and limb salvage surgery of bone tumors. In the following chapters, detailed procedure of microwave ablation of bone tumors in various parts of the body, for example, upper limb, lower limb, pelvis and spine, is described, accompanying a large number of high-resolution illustration. Microwave ablation of different kinds of bone tumors, for example, bone metastases, giant cell tumor, osteosarcoma, soft tissue tumors is also presented with tips in clinical procedure. In the closing chapters, joint function preservation, prevention and treatment of complications, and the advantages and disadvantages of microwave ablation of bone tumors are also discussed for reader to have a in-depth understanding. It will be a valuable reference for orthopedic surgeons and oncologists, as well as practitioners interested in this field.

  • af Hongjun Li
    1.268,95 kr.

    This book offers a systematic coverage of diagnostic imaging in infectious and inflammatory diseases in musculoskeletal system. The first part is devoted to a general review of infectious diseases in musculoskeletal system, as well as pathogenic classification, imaging techniques, pathogenic and imaging characteristics. In the following parts, imaging interpretation of typical infectious and inflammatory diseases affecting bone, joint, and soft tissue is described. Each disease is clearly illustrated using cases combined with high-resolution CT, MRI and PET. The book provides a valuable reference source for radiologists and doctors working in the area of infectious and inflammatory diseases.

  • af Sacha Jon Mooney
    1.527,95 kr.

    The advent of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) as a tool for the soil sciences almost 40 years ago has revolutionised the field. Soil is the fragile, thin layer of material that exists above earth's geological substrates upon which so much of life on earth depends. However a major limitation to our understanding of how soils behave and function is due to its complex, opaque structure that hinders our ability to assess its porous architecture without disturbance. X-ray imagery has facilitated the ability to truly observe soil as it exists in three dimensions and across contrasting spatial and temporal scales in the field in an undisturbed fashion. This book gives a comprehensive overview of the "e;state of the art"e; in a variety of application areas where this type of imaging is used, including soil water physics and hydrology, agronomic management of soils, and soil-plant-microbe interactions. It provides the necessary details for entry level readers in the crucial areas of sample preparation, scanner optimisation and image processing and analysis. Drawing on experts across the globe, from both academia and industry, the book covers the necessary "e;dos and don'ts"e;, but also offers insights into the future of both technology and science. The wider application of the book is provided by dedicated chapters on how the data from such imagery can be incorporated into models and how the technology can be interfaced with other relevant technical applications. The book ends with a future outlook from the four editors, each of whom has over 20 years of experience in the application of X-ray CT to soil science.

  • af John A. Andreou
    1.137,95 kr.

    This book presents artificial intelligence applications that may help in detecting disease, defining tissue characterization (benign vs malignant), staging and correlation with molecular biomarkers. Originally positioned as a means for noninvasive molecular phenotyping and quantification in the 1970s, PET's technological improvements in the 2000s generated renewed interest in quantification, which has grown over the last five years. This progress is parallel with the development of Artificial intelligence (AI) systems for Oncology which aim at providing the best possible treatment to patients suffering from lung, breast, brain, prostate, liver and other types of cancer.The chapters provide an overview of the use of AI in PET/CT imaging for various types of cancer, and it will be an invaluable tool especially for nuclear medicine physicians and oncologists.

  • af Huabei Jiang
    1.327,95 kr.

    Fluorescence Molecular Tomography: Principles and Applications is the first book to cover the underlying principles and practical applications of fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) in a systematic manner. Using a tutorial approach, the text begins with an overview of the fundamentals of FMT and goes on to detail image reconstruction approaches (including linear and nonlinear reconstruction algorithms), FMT instrumentations (including time-domain, frequency-domain, and continuous-wave domain systems), and implementation of image-enhancing schemes (including both software and hardware approaches). Further chapters examine multimodal approaches combining photoacoustic tomography (PAT), computed tomography (CT), single-photon emission tomography (SPECT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and discuss bioluminescence tomography and miniaturized FMT from hand-held to endoscopic FMT. A final chapter looks at clinical applications and animal studies. This authoritative and practical guide will serve as a valuable reference for researchers, scientists, clinicians, and industry professionals.The first book dedicated to fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT); Covers underlying principles and practical applications; Written by a leading FMT research pioneer and expert.

  • af Mirko D'Onofrio
    1.230,95 kr.

    The second edition of this atlas focuses on imaging methods and techniques, new diagnostic concepts and therapeutic approaches in management of pancreatic neoplasms. Although interest in pancreatic pathology is very high in the radiological and gastroenterological communities, less is known about it than about, for example, liver pathology. Diagnosis depends on the structure of the pancreatic lesion, which can be directly visualized in US, CT or MR images.The book's focus is very much on the imaging and pathological appearances, with most of the text concentrated at the beginning of the book followed by images gallery. A comprehensive overview is provided of typical and atypical presentations and diverse aspects of common and rare pancreatic tumors, including ductal adenocarcinomas with dedicated chapter to ductal adenocarcinoma downstaging, neuroendocrine neoplasms, cystic pancreatic neoplasms and intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms. The Verona "e;Pancreas Centre,"e; the first institute of its kind in Italy and one of very few in the world, pursues an interdisciplinary approach to treating the problems of this organ, focusing on the patient, on research, and on teaching. A dedicated center that can look back on 40 years of tradition, many of its respected specialists have made essential contributions in surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, pathology, and radiology. Given its scope, this atlas will be an invaluable asset, helping radiologists understand the underlying pathology and helping pancreatic pathologists understand the imaging translation.

  • af Narasimham L. Parinandi
    1.327,95 kr.

    This contributed volume focuses on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), and explores the ways in which signaling mechanisms at the biochemical, molecular, and cellular levels in the blood vessels (vascular) and heart contribute to the underlying causes of development and progression of the CVDs. This volume covers unique topics such as oxidant signaling in vascular and heart diseases and health, cytoskeletal signaling in vascular health and disease, phospholipase signaling in CVDs, lipid signaling in vascular and myocardial health and diseases, and drug discovery in cellular signaling for cardiovascular diseases.This book assembles the most important discoveries made by leaders on the cellular signaling mechanisms operating behind the development and progression of life-threatening CVDs. It is an extremely useful resource for the investigators in the field of CVDs, and opens the discussion for further discovery of efficient management and effective treatment of the CVDs.

  • af Mohamed Fethi Ladeb
    1.186,95 kr.

    This book provides an extensive overview of the role of imaging in the detection, diagnosis, management, and follow-up of tuberculosis. Chapters cover the disease's epidemiology and pathophysiology, microbiological diagnosis and pathology relevant to radiologists, and the distinct aspects of imaging tuberculosis at various locations and body systems. This book discusses recent advances in imaging pertaining to tuberculosis, and addresses the approach to patients with tuberculosis and HIV co-infection. The final chapter offers an algorithmic approach to the diagnosis and management steps of tuberculosis. Imaging of Tuberculosis is an updated and comprehensive reference source that covers imaging of tuberculosis in a structured fashion and is valuable for radiologists.

  • af Niklas Lidströmer
    8.104,95 kr.

    This book provides a structured and analytical guide to the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. Covering all areas within medicine, the chapters give a systemic review of the history, scientific foundations, present advances, potential trends, and future challenges of artificial intelligence within a healthcare setting.Artificial Intelligence in Medicine aims to give readers the required knowledge to apply artificial intelligence to clinical practice. The book is relevant to medical students, specialist doctors, and researchers whose work will be affected by artificial intelligence.

  • af Carl E. Noe
    1.682,95 kr.

    This book presents multiple aspects of spine care from the perspective of different disciplines. It's organized by sections focused on non-operative care, spine injections and procedures, perioperative care, operative care, pediatric care, and special topics. Each chapter has been written by a clinician whose active practice involves the topic of their chapter. Practical and clinically relevant, this book educates any practitioner who cares for patients with back and neck pain and other spine conditions about implementing a multidisciplinary team to treat the spine. 

  • af Ali F. AbuRahma
    8.342,95 kr.

    This revised and updated edition reflects the increasing popularity of noninvasive techniques in the management of vascular disease. It represents the definitive text written on the subject and has been honed over the past editions to represent the enormous number of changes to the use of imaging to diagnose the multitude of conditions being seen in the clinic and surgical suite. Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis comprehensively covers all aspects of noninvasive evaluation of the circulatory system, including the extremities, cerebrovascular, and abdomen. In this updated edition, it is well supported by exceptional illustrative material, making it invaluable to all those who work in vascular laboratories as well as internists, cardiologists, radiologists, vascular surgeons, vascular medicine specialists, vascular laboratory directors and staff, general surgeons involved in vascular surgery and the vascular surgery community in general.

  • af Rosalind Sadleir
    1.627,95 kr.

    This book covers the latest developments in tissue electrical conductivity and current density imaging, increasingly popular as well as challenging applications of MRI. These applications are enabled by the acquisition of high-quality MR phase images. This book provides a practical description of the MRI physics needed to understand and acquire phase images in MRI and the key details required to reconstruct them into conductivity, current density or electric field distributions. Comprehensive details are provided about the electrical properties of biological tissues, computational modeling considerations, experimental methods, construction of non-biological and biological phantoms and MRI pulse sequences. An inclusive review of image reconstruction algorithms, and their potential applications is provided for applications directed at determining current density or electric fields, such as in transcranial DC or AC stimulation techniques; as well as electrical conductivity reconstructions that may be of use in quantitative MRI applications used to detect cancer or other pathologies. This is an excellent book for undergraduate and graduate students beginning to explore phase, current density, and conductivity imaging in MRI, and will also be of great use to researchers interested in the area of MR-based electrical property imaging.

  • - Scanning, Modelling and 3D Printing
    af Emre Huri
    927,95 kr.

    This book provides a practical guide in the use of imaging and visualization technologies in urology. It details how output from diagnostic systems, can be represented through synthetic, virtual and augmented reality tools, such as holograms and three dimensional (3D) modelling and how they can improve everyday surgical procedures including laparoscopic, robotic-assisted, open, endoscopic along with the latest and most innovative approaches.   Anatomy for Urologic Surgeons in the Digital Era: Scanning, Modelling and 3D Printing systematically reviews diagnostic imaging, visualization tools available in urology and is a valuable resource for all practicing and in-training urological surgeons.   

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