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  • af Sandra L. (Cardiology Department Hagen-Ansert
    2.898,95 - 3.132,95 kr.

    Master sonographic examination protocols and techniques! The market-leading ultrasound text and reference, Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography, 9th Edition provides an in-depth understanding of general/abdominal and obstetric/gynecologic sonography. More than 3,100 ultrasound images and full-color anatomy illustrations help you recognize normal anatomy and abnormal pathology. Organized primarily by body system, coverage includes vascular sonography and echocardiography, and in the obstetrics section features a chronologic, trimester approach to ultrasound during pregnancy. Written by expert medical sonography educator and clinician Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert, this resource serves as ideal preparation for board exams and as a reference for practitioners in many different clinical settings. Comprehensive coverage includes sections on the foundations of ultrasound imaging and patient care, the abdomen, superficial structures of the body, pediatrics, the thoracic cavity and echocardiography, cerebrovascular evaluation, gynecology, and obstetrics. More than 3,100 images and full-color illustrations include high-resolution ultrasound pictures, detailed line drawings with need-to-know anatomic information, color photographs of gross pathology, and color Doppler illustrations. Key Terms open each chapter, focusing your attention on the vocabulary that you are required to know and understand. Key Pearls highlight the important concepts in each chapter. Pathology tables summarize clinical findings, laboratory findings, sonographic findings, and differential considerations. Sonographic Findings icon makes it easy to locate clinical information on particular pathologic conditions. Imaging information in each chapter includes normal anatomy, normal physiology, laboratory data and values, pathology, sonographic evaluation of an organ, pitfalls in sonography, clinical findings, and differential considerations. Condensed bibliography at the end of each chapter lists essential references for further research and study. Resources on the Evolve website include review questions for students and PowerPoint® slides, an image collection, and a test bank with 1,625 questions for instructors. NEW! Updated images depict the latest advances in the field of sonography and help you prepare for ARDMS boards and for clinicals. NEW! Updated content reflects the newest curriculum standards so you gain the knowledge and expertise required to pass the boards.

  • af Susan Stephenson & Julia Dmitrieva
    1.431,95 kr.

  • af Diane Kawamura & Tanya Nolan
    1.431,95 kr.

  • af Sandra L. (Cardiology Department Hagen-Ansert
    803,95 - 821,95 kr.

  • af Arlene M. Adler, Richard R. Carlton & Kori L. Stewart
    744,95 kr.

    Using a clear and concise format, Introduction to Radiologic and Imaging Sciences and Patient Care, 8th Edition familiarizes you with the imaging sciences and covers the patient care skills necessary for clinical practice. It offers current, comprehensive content that meets the relevant standards set by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Curriculum Guide and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Task List for certification examinations. This edition includes updates on current digital imaging and instrumentation, providing the essential information and tools you need to master any introduction to radiologic sciences or patient care class. Chapter review questions and lab activities, available online and on tear sheets in the text, give you easy access to study materials for on-the-go learning. In addition to helping you prepare for certification, the content provides useful and practical information that is essential for professional practice and clinical competency. Expanded and updated career content addresses professional development and advancement. Patient care content includes information on biomechanics and ergonomics of the radiologic and imaging sciences professional. Information management coverage provides an overview of health informatics for the radiologic and imaging sciences professional. Step-by-step procedures presented in boxed lists throughout the text supply you with easy-to-follow steps for clinical success. Back-of-book review questions and questions to ponder provide opportunities for further review and greater challenge. More than 300 photos and line drawings help you understand and visualize patient-care procedures. Strong pedagogy, including chapter objectives, key terms, outlines, and summaries organize information and ensure you understand what is most important in every chapter. NEW! Comprehensive coverage encompasses the greater breadth and depth of all primary modalities of the radiologic and imaging sciences as they relate to patient care.

  • af Ann Marie Kupinski
    1.184,95 kr.

  • af Mikhail F. Chernov, Yoshihiro Muragaki & Santosh Kesari
    2.777,95 kr.

    At present most intracranial gliomas are considered incurable with current treatment strategies, and the search for new modalities that may effectively control tumor growth continues. The chapters in this volume describe basic principles and therapeutic possibilities of several innovative techniques, including photodynamic therapy, laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy, stereotactic cryodestruction, high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation, boron neutron capture therapy, proton and carbon ion irradiation, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy, local chemotherapy, and alternating electric fields therapy. Potential applications of extracellular vesicles and nanotechnology for management of gliomas are highlighted as well. Many of these methods have already demonstrated antitumor efficacy in clinical testing, whereas others are still under development. The materials presented in this book are mainly directed at clinicians treating patients with brain tumors, as well as clinical and basic researchers working in the field of neuro-oncology.

  • af Eva Bartels
    1.082,95 kr.

    Die Farbduplexsonografie ist zur umfassenden Diagnostik des Gehirngefäßsystems unabdingbar. Systematisch und detailliert vermittelt Eva Bartels auch in der 2., aktualisierten und erweiterten Auflage Untersuchungstechniken und Befundinterpretation aller hirnversorgenden Gefäße. Sie geht ausführlich auf anatomische und physikalische Grundlagen ein, erläutert Normalbefunde und ihre Varianten sowie pathologische Diagnosen der einzelnen Gefäßbereiche anhand qualitativ hochwertiger Farbaufnahmen und erläuternder Umriss-Skizzen. Die anerkannte, international renommierte Expertin weist auf typische Fehlerquellen hin und gibt Tipps, wie sie vermieden werden können.Ein State-of-the-art-Werk für Neurologen, Angiologen, Gefäßchirurgen, Internisten und Radiologen: Stellen Sie die richtige Diagnose - auch bei schwierigen Befunden!- Neu: moderne Ultraschallkontrastmittel und innovative Entwicklungen in der Ultraschalltechnologie- Umfassend und detailliert: extra- und intrakranielle Farbduplexsonografie- Präzise dargestellt: Anwendungen und Vorteile der transkraniellen Farbduplexsonografie- Hilfreiche Ergänzung: konventionelle angiografische Bilder und MR-Angiogramme- Bilingual (deutsch/englisch): erleichterter Zugang zur englischen Nomenklatur

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