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Tidlig moderne krigsførelse (inkluderer krigsførelse med krudt)

Her finder du spændende bøger om Tidlig moderne krigsførelse (inkluderer krigsførelse med krudt). Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 67 bøger om emnet.
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  • - Hitlers sidste træk
    af Antony Beevor
    247,95 kr.

    Den 16. december 1944 satte Hitler sin sidste offensiv ind i Ardennernes sneklædte skove og kløfter på grænsen mellem Belgien og Tyskland. Han troede, at de tyske tropper kunne nå hele vejen til Antwerpen og dermed skyde en kile ind mellem de allierede. Hitlers egne generaler tvivlede på planens chance for succes. De yngre officerer derimod var parat til at kæmpe, drevet af desperation efter at redde deres hjem og familier fra den hævntørstige Røde Hær, der nærmede sig fra øst. Ardenneroffensiven fra december 1944 til januar 1945 blev med mere end en million involverede soldater anden verdenskrigs største vesteuropæiske slag. Den barske vinter og kampenes vildskab mindede i uhyggelig grad om kampene på østfronten. Efter massakrer begået af Waffen-SS-soldater billigede selv de amerikanske generaler, at deres soldater skød tyskere, der overgav sig. Offensiven i Ardennerne blev det slag, som endegyldigt knækkede den tyske værnemagt.

  • af Alice Loxton
    247,95 kr.

  • af Richard L. Blanco
    365,95 - 2.476,95 kr.

    This definitive encyclopedia, originally published in 1983 and now available as an ebook for the first time, covers the American Revolution, comes in two volumes and contains 865 entries on the war for American independence.

  • af Charles Petrie
    341,95 - 1.168,95 kr.

    Until this book was published in 1974, many of the letters in this book between Charles I Prince Rupert his nephew and the leading Royalist commander had never been published. From a mainly private collection, the letters give a fascinating insight into the stormy relationship between the monarch and his nephew.

  • af Nick (Liverpool John Moores University Ridley
    451,95 - 1.589,95 kr.

  • af Christine Arkinstall
    537,95 kr.

    The ways in which women have historically authorized themselves to write on war has blurred conventionally gendered lines, intertwining the personal with the political. Women on War in Spain's Long Nineteenth Century explores, through feminist lenses, the cultural representations of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Spanish women's texts on war.Reshaping the current knowledge and understanding of key female authors in Spain's fin de sicle, this book examines works by notable writers - including Rosario de Acua, Blanca de los Rios, Concepcin Arenal, and Carmen de Burgos - as they engage with the War of Independence, the Third Carlist War, Spain's colonial wars, and World War I. The selected works foreground how women's representations of war can challenge masculine conceptualizations of public and domestic spheres. Christine Arkinstall analyses the works' overarching themes and symbols, such as honour, blood, the Virgin and the Mother, and the intersecting sexual, social, and racial contracts. In doing so, Arkinstall highlights how these texts imagine outcomes that deviate from established norms of femininity, offer new models to Spanish women, and interrogate the militaristic foundations of patriarchal societies.

  • af Villi John Petersen
    63,94 - 347,95 kr.

  • af Stanley D. M. Carpenter, Kevin J. Delamer, James R. McIntyre & mfl.
    426,95 - 1.466,95 kr.

  • af Jessie Childs
    127,95 kr.

  • af Russell M. Lawson
    339,95 - 1.237,95 kr.

  • af Alan (Emeritus Professor of Modern History Forrest
    163,95 - 187,95 kr.

  • af Alexander Ivano Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky
    247,95 kr.

  • af Professor Alexander Mikaberidze
    157,95 kr.

  • af John Sadler & Rosie Serdiville
    145,95 - 197,95 kr.

  • af Ian (Newcastle University Ward
    287,95 - 855,95 kr.

  • af Derek Baxter
    147,95 - 207,95 kr.

    A debut that combines historical nonfiction with travel books, for fans of Bill Bryson and Tony Horwitz, In Pursuit of Jefferson is the story of an American on a journey through Europe, following the epic trail of Thomas Jefferson.A controversial founding father. A man ready for a change. And a completely unique trip through Europe.In 1784, Thomas Jefferson was a broken man. Reeling from the loss of his wife and stung from a political scandal during the Revolutionary war, he needed to remake himself. To do that, he traveled. Wandering through Europe, Jefferson saw and learned as much as he could, ultimately bringing his knowledge home to a young America. There, he would rise to power and shape a nation.More than two hundred years later, Derek Baxter, a devotee of American history, stumbles on an obscure travel guide written by Jefferson-Hints for Americans Traveling Through Europe-as he's going through his own personal crisis. Who better to offer advice than a founding father himself? Using Hints as his roadmap, Baxter follows Jefferson through six countries and countless lessons. But what Baxter learns isn't always what Jefferson had in mind, and as he comes to understand Jefferson better, he doesn't always like what he finds.In Pursuit of Jefferson is at once the story of a life-changing trip through Europe, an unflinching look at a founding father, and a moving personal journey. With rich historical detail, a sense of humor, and boundless heart, Baxter explores how we can be better moving forward only by first looking back.

  • af Jonathan Harris
    277,95 - 1.038,95 kr.

  • af Margaret James
    402,95 - 1.581,95 kr.

  • af James S. Hart
    365,95 - 1.786,95 kr.

  • af C. H. Firth
    365,95 - 1.270,95 kr.

  • af Peter Newman
    341,95 - 1.208,95 kr.

  • - The British Army's Day of Destiny
    af Gregory Fremont-Barnes
    147,95 - 197,95 kr.


  • af Till Weber
    359,95 kr.

    From the early 17th century until the 1860s, Japan was ruled by samurai led by the Shoguns of the powerful Tokugawa dynasty. The long period of peace following almost incessant civil war had negative effects on the proficiency of these feudal warriors. When industrialized Western powers whose armies and navies were equipped with the most modern weapons began to take interest in Japan in the 1850s, a tumultuous period of reforms and radical changes ensued - Bakumatsu. From this time emerged a country which had thoroughly albeit painfully rid itself of former taboos: modern rifles and artillery produced new tactics, while modern uniforms replaced the samurai's former splendour in arms. Now even non-samurai could become fighting men. By the 1870s, the Emperor Meiji ruled over a new Japan which no longer had any use for its ancient warrior élite.The Zeughaus Verlag's third volume of the history of the samurai provides a detailed overview of the opposing parties as well as their respective military reforms. The reader is introduced to the various modern and traditional-minded combatants, from lowly but efficient regular infantry to the gallant desperadoes filling the ranks of the Shinsengumi. Rag-tag militias replaced proud and resplendently attired samurai fighting for a lost cause. Tactics, arms, clothing and equipment are presented in detail. The author describes the campaigns and battles which changed the country's face between 1866 and 1869, and introduces the protagonists of the struggle which culminated in modern Japan's entrance onto the world stage.

  • af David Farr
    1.587,95 kr.

    Suitable for specialists in the area and students taking courses on early modern English, European and American history as well as those with a more general interest in the period.

  • af Frederick Schmettau
    272,95 kr.

  • af John Barbour
    1.599,95 kr.

    Barbour's Bruce underpins contemporary understanding of Robert Bruce and his achievements, and sets up paradigms of medieval Scottish heroism and chivalry

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