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  • af Xizheng Ke
    1.431,95 kr.

    The book gives a detailed description of optical wireless communication (OWC), including optical laser communication, visible light communication, ultraviolet communication, underwater optical communication and future communication technologies. To achieve an integration between theory and practice, the book avoids tedious mathematical deductions and includes theoretical materials as exercises. Most of the exercises are originated from published journal articles. These exercises will aid the readers in understanding the basic concept and methods and evaluating their knowledge acquisition in the field of OWC. The book is structured into Ten chapters that covers main aspects of OWC:- Optical wireless communication system- Coherent optical communication- Modulation, demodulation, and coding- Atmospheric channel, channel estimation, and channel equalization- White LED communication- Underwater laser communication- Ultraviolet communication- Acquisition, aiming, and tracking technology- Partially coherent optical transmission- Optical communication in the futureThe book is a suitable reference for undergraduate or postgraduate students majored in communication engineering, electronic information engineering or computer science, as well as the engineers and technicians in related fields.

  • af Yong Kang Eugene Tay
    770,95 kr.

    This book highlights the rapidly emerging field of solution-processed halide perovskite lasers. These amazing materials not only possess exceptional photovoltaic properties, but are also outstanding optical gain media. Halide perovskites are the latest member of solution-processed optical gain media, joining organics and traditional semiconductor colloidal quantum dots. Amplified spontaneous emission and lasing have been demonstrated in various halide perovskite configurations and nanostructures with wavelengths tunable over the visible and infrared wavelengths (400-1000 nm).This book provides comprehensive information on perovskite lasing, starting with some fundamentals of lasers and their basic operating principles. Unambiguous methods for identifying lasing light emission are presented, while the basic optoelectronic properties of perovskite materials are also discussed, with an emphasis on their photophysics, using ultrafast optical spectroscopy techniques. The viability of perovskites as a gain media within a suitable resonator, as well as the characterization methods for optical gain, are highlighted. The book closes with a discussion on the remaining challenges (such as electrical driven lasing and material stabilities) that need to be tackled, and the future of this new family of lasers.

  • af Ana de Bettencourt-Dias
    2.578,95 kr.

    This volume builds upon the successful book Lanthanide Luminescence published in the Springer Series on Fluorescence in 2011. Since its publication, the field of lanthanide spectroscopy and the areas in which the light emission properties of the f-elements are used have experienced substantial advances. The luminescence properties of lanthanide ions make them unique candidates for a myriad of optical applications. This book highlights and reviews the latest research in areas ranging from luminescence thermometry to imaging, sensing and photonic applications of these fascinating elements. Each chapter provides a comprehensive introduction to a specific area of application of lanthanide luminescence and extensively reviews seminal papers and current research literature. Given its interdisciplinary scope, the book appeals to scientists and advanced students in physics, chemistry and materials science interested in compounds and materials with optical properties.

  • af Arun K. Majumdar
    1.210,95 kr.

    This book presents posits a solution to the current limitations in global connectivity by introducing a global laser/optical communication system using constellation satellites, UAVs, HAPs and Balloons. The author outlines how this will help to satisfy the tremendous increasing demand for data exchange and information between end-users worldwide including in remote locations. The book provides both fundamentals and the advanced technology development in establishing worldwide communication and global connectivity using, (I) All-Optical technology, and (ii) Laser/Optical Communication Constellation Satellites (of different types, sizes and at different orbits), UAVs, HAPs (High Altitude Platforms) and Balloons. The book discusses step-by-step methods to develop a satellite backbone in order to interconnect a number of ground nodes clustered within a few SD-WAN (software-defined networking) in a wide area network (WAN) around the world in order to provide a fully-meshed communication network. This book pertains to anyone in optical communications, telecommunications, and system engineers, as well as technical managers in the aerospace industry and the graduate students, and researchers in academia and research laboratory.Proposed a solution to the limitations in global connectivity through a global laser/optical communication system using constellation satellites, UAVs, HAPs and Balloons;Provides both fundamentals and the advanced technology development in establishing global communication connectivity using optical technology and communication constellation satellites;Includes in-depth coverage of the basics of laser/optical communication constellation satellites.

  • af Robert N. Compton
    1.210,95 kr.

    This book describes a simple yet innovative method for performing Raman spectroscopy of samples submerged under liquid nitrogen. While Raman spectroscopy has proven to be a powerful tool for the characterization of the structure of matter in the gaseous, liquid, and solid phases, one major difficulty in its application has been laser damage to the material under investigation, especially for biological samples. This book demonstrates how immersion of the sample in liquid nitrogen protects the sample from thermal degradation and oxidation at high incident laser power and allows improvements in sensitivity and spectral resolution over room-temperature Raman spectroscopy, leading to the so-called RUN (Raman Spectroscopy Under liquid Nitrogen) technique. Cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature also allows the selection of the lowest energy molecular conformation for molecules which may have many low energy conformers. In addition, the presence of liquid nitrogen over a roughened surface improves the sensitivity of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), enabling the closely related SERSUN (Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Under liquid Nitrogen) technique. This book starts with the theoretical and experimental basics of Raman and polarized Raman spectroscopy, before moving on to detailed descriptions of RUN and SERSUN. Room temperature and RUN spectra are provided for over fifty molecules.

  • af Kaoru Yamanouchi, Katsumi Midorikawa & Luis Roso
    2.422,95 kr.

  • af Takashi Yatsui
    1.210,95 kr.

  • af Shigemasa Suga, Akira Sekiyama & Christian Tusche
    1.210,95 kr.

  • af Nils W. Carlson
    622,95 kr.

  • af Roderick F. Neale & S. Desmond Smith
    750,95 kr.

  • af Charles Patterson, Denis Weaire & John F. McGilp
    750,95 kr.

  • af K. Hirao, J. Qiu, J. Si & mfl.
    1.217,95 kr.

  • af M. A. Trishenkov
    2.014,95 - 2.153,95 kr.

  • af Wolfgang Brandner & Markus E. Kasper
    623,95 kr.

  • af Isaac Amidror
    877,95 kr.

  • af Victor Antonov, Bruce Harmon & Alexander Yaresko
    1.430,95 kr.

  • af A. K. Pati & S. L. Braunstein
    1.983,95 kr.

  • af Fritz-Albert Popp & L. V. Beloussov
    1.430,95 kr.

  • af Jean-Marie Mariotti & D. M. Alloin
    2.068,95 kr.

  • af Alfonso Ferreira & Pascal Berthome
    1.728,95 kr.

  • af Joachim Piprek
    1.728,95 kr.

  • af Peter Klein
    252,95 kr.

    The process of heating and reshaping plastics sheet and film materials has been in use since the beginning of the plastics industry. This process is known as thermoforming. Today this process is used for industrial products including signage, housings, and hot tubs. It also produces much of the packaging in use today including blister packs, egg cartons, and food storage containers. This process has many advantages over other methods of producing these products, but it has some limitations. This book has a twofold purpose. It is designed to be used as a text book for a course on thermoforming. It is also intended to be an application guide for professionals in the field of thermoforming including manufacturing, process and quality engineers, and managers. This book is focused on process application rather than theory. It refers to real products and processes with the intent of understanding the real issues faced in this industry. In addition to materials and processes, part and tool design are covered. Quality control is critical to any operation and this is also covered in this text. Two areas of focus in today's industry include Lean operations and environmental issues. Both of these topics are also included. Table of Contents: Introduction / Plastics Materials / Thermoforming Process Overview / The Forming Process / Part Design Mold / Tool Design / Quality Control Issues / Lean Operations / Environmental Issues

  • af Steffen Hackbarth
    300,95 kr.

    Singlet Oxygen, the lowest electronically excited state of molecular oxygen, is highly reactive and involved in many chemical and biological processes. It is one major mediator during photosensitization, which has been used by mankind since ancient times, even though the mechanisms behind it were understood only about half a century ago. The combination of high reactivity and very long natural lifetime allows for direct optical detection of singlet oxygen and its interactions using its characteristic phosphorescence at around 1270 nm. Since this emission is very weak, optical detection was technically very challenging for a long time. Therefore, even today, most laboratories only exploit the high reactivity to observe the interaction with sensor molecules, rather than singlet oxygen emission itself. However, in recent years highly sensitive optical detection was developed, the authors being major contributors. This book is dedicated to the detection of singlet oxygen, discussing possibilities, pitfalls and limits of the various methods with a special focus on time-resolved phosphorescence and the kinetics of singlet oxygen generation and decay including involved and related processes, discussing investigated systems with various complexity from solutions over in vitro to in vivo. The long-standing paradigm that singlet oxygen phosphorescence is a benchmark for detection systems rather than an option for process observation is still ubiquitous and this book hopes to contribute in overcoming this still prevailing bias.

  • af He-Xiu Xu
    550,95 kr.

    In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid expansion of using super-thin metasurfaces to manipulate light or electromagnetic wave in a subwavelength scale. However, most designs are confined to a passive scheme and monofunctional operation, which hinders considerably the promising applications of the metasurfaces. Specifically, the tunable and multifunctional metasurfaces enable to facilitate switchable functionalities and multiple functionalities which are extremely essential and useful for integrated optics and microwaves, well alleviating aforementioned issues. In this book, we introduce our efforts in exploring the physics principles, design approaches, and numerical and experimental demonstrations on the fascinating functionalities realized. We start by introducing in Chapter 2 the "e;merging"e; scheme in constructing multi-functional metadevices, paying particular attention to its shortcomings issues. Having understood the merits and disadvantages of the "e;merging"e; scheme, we then introduce in Chapter 3 another approach to realize bifunctional metadevices under linearly polarized excitations, working in both reflection and transmission geometries or even in the full space. As a step further, we summarizes our efforts in Chapter 4 on making multifunctional devices under circularly polarized excitations, again including designing principles and devices fabrications/characterizations. Starting from Chapter 5, we turn to introduce our efforts on using the "e;active"e; scheme to construct multifunctional metadevices under linearly polarized wave operation. Chapter 6 further concentrates on how to employ the tunable strategy to achieve helicity/frequency controls of the circularly polarized waves in reflection geometry. We finally conclude this book in Chapter 7 by presenting our perspectives on future directions of metasurfaces and metadevices.

  • af Zhikun Wu
    466,95 kr.

    Atomically precise metal nanocluster research has emerged as a new frontier. This book serves as an introduction to metal nanoclusters protected by ligands. The authors have summarized the synthesis principles and methods, the characterization methods and new physicochemical properties, and some potential applications. By pursuing atomic precision, such nanocluster materials provide unprecedented opportunities for establishing precise relationships between the atomic-level structures and the properties. The book should be accessible to senior undergraduate and graduate students, researchers in various fields (e.g., chemistry, physics, materials, biomedicine, and engineering), R&D scientists, and science policy makers.

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