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  • af Edward J. Behrman & David M. Behrman
    773,95 kr.

  • af C. P. Marsden, W. J. Keery & J. K. Moffitt
    227,95 kr.

  • af Ponnadurai Ramasami
    2.971,95 kr.

    Chapters collected from "The Virtual Conference on Chemistry and its Applications (VCCA-2021) - Research and Innovations in Chemical Sciences: Paving the Way Forward". This conference was held in August 2021 and organized by the Computational Chemistry Group of the University of Mauritius. These peer-reviewed chapters offer insights into research on fundamental and applied chemistry with interdisciplinary subject matter.

  • af Gian Paolo Chiusoli & Peter M. Maitlis
    1.682,95 kr.

  • af Ravi Kant, Andrea Penoni, Keshav Lalit Ameta, mfl.
    1.430,95 kr.

    This book presents an overview of the recent advancements for the synthesis of small- and medium-sized azaheterocycles, including pyrroles, indoles, pyrimidines, pyridines, pyrrolidines, imidazoles, pyrazoles, pyrazolines, lactams, and 1,2,3-triazoles, which are significant scaffolds for compounds with pharmaceutical uses. The book also discusses various properties and performance attributes of azaheterocycles including their bioactivity and synthetic strategies. Given the contents, the book will be a valuable reference for students, researchers, and professionals interested in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

  • af Yoshinori Asakawa, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, mfl.
    1.419,95 kr.

  • af Francis Carey
    2.192,95 kr.

  • af Gokare A. Ravishankar & Ambati Ranga Rao
    1.419,95 kr.

  • af Gokare A. Ravishankar & Ambati Ranga Rao
    1.419,95 kr.

  • af Pascal Leclair
    596,95 - 1.528,95 kr.

  • af Yasuaki Einaga
    1.320,95 kr.

    This book introduces the recent development in Japan of diamond electrodes, which has attracted much attention in the world. For example, electrochemical sensors using diamond electrodes are now being utilized commercially. Newly developing applications such as electrochemical organic synthesis including CO2 reduction are also expected to form an important future technology. Those emerging applications to various fields which are receiving increasing attention are described in detail here.This book is useful not only for students who would like to begin their study of diamond electrodes but also for industries that are exploring novel electrochemical applications.

  • af Amin Mousavi Khaneghah, Hadi Hashemi Gahruie, Fatemeh Ghiasi & mfl.
    1.618,95 kr.

  • af Supratik Kar, Jerzy Leszczynski & Juganta K. Roy
    1.767,95 kr.

    This book presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concept, design, working protocols, and diverse photo-chemicals aspects of different solar cell systems with promising prospects, using computational and experimental techniques. It presents and demonstrates the art of designing and developing various solar cell systems through practical examples. Compared to most existing books in the market, which usually analyze existing solar cell approaches this volume provides a more comprehensive view on the field. Thus, it offers an in-depth discussion of the basic concepts of solar cell design and their development, leading to higher power conversion efficiencies. The book will appeal to readers who are interested in both fundamental and application-oriented research while it will also be an excellent tool for graduates, researchers, and professionals working in the field of photovoltaics and solar cell systems.

  • af Carlos Bravo-Diaz
    1.519,95 kr.

  • af Mahendra Rai & Ivan Kosalec
    1.430,95 kr.

  • af Zhongwu (Department of Chemistry Guo
    1.891,95 kr.

    Glycosphingolipids in the Central Nervous System: Diversity in Structure, Metabolism, Distribution, and Function comprehensively covers progress made in the discovery, profiling and understanding of the metabolism, function and functional mechanism of GSLs in the CNS ¿as well as their synthesis, relationships with and therapeutic applications to neurodegenerative disorders, and related CNS diseases. Due to the important roles of GSLs in the CNS and various CNS-related diseases, the interest in these biomolecules is growing. GSLs are the principal glycolipids on the cell surface and an essential constituent of the cell membrane. They are widespread, but especially enriched in the central nervous system (CNS) in vertebrates. The diversity of GSL structures forges the molecular foundation for their broad spectrum of activity.

  • af Zerong Wang
    1.927,95 - 2.103,95 kr.

  • af Yoshinori Asakawa, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, mfl.
    1.121,95 kr.

  • af Sean Mcmahon & Anna Neubeck
    1.209,95 kr.

  • af Joel S. Miller, D. Gatteschi, Fernando Palacio & mfl.
    1.985,95 kr.

  • af Siegmar Roth & C. Joachim
    1.067,95 kr.

  • af William Albert Noyes
    362,95 kr.

  • af Katherine (Pennsylvania State University) Masters & Kenneth (Mount Holyoke College Williamson
    908,95 - 1.166,95 kr.

  • af Jerzy Haber, E. G. Derouane, Michel Guisnet, mfl.
    2.411,95 kr.

    Light alkanes tend to be resistant to many forms of activation. The horizontal approach of the present book covers homogeneous, heterogeneous and biological catalysis, thus allowing readers to gain an awareness of progress and ideas in research areas different from their own. The book contains both general chapters, giving an overview of the subject, and specialised contributions that deal with the details and state of the art. A specialist report is also included which gives a critical insight into current progress and discusses future prospects and major challenges. Audience: Newcomers and senior researchers in the field of alkane activation. The mixed theoretical and practical approach will be of interest to researchers and industrialists alike.

  • af Ajay Kumar Mishra
    922,95 kr.

    This book discusses the extraction, purification, modification, and processing of biobased materials and their various industrial applications, across biomedical, pharmaceutical, construction, and other industries. It includes contributions from experts on hybrid biopolymers and bio-composites, bioactive and biodegradable materials, bio-inert polymers, natural polymers and composites, and metallic natural materials. Therefore, this encyclopedia is a useful reference for scientists, academicians, research scholars, and technologists. Major challenges of biobased materials are their efficient development, cost-effective, and green & environment friendly production/applications. This encyclopedia answers these challenges to professionals and scientists for proper utilization of biobased materials. It presents the recent practices of biobased materials technology in different scientific and engineering domains. It helps the bounded industrial outcomes to reach the general readership of different domains. This encyclopedia bridges the technological gaps between the industrial and academic professionals and the novice young students/scholars. The interdisciplinarity of this encyclopedia makes it unique for a wide readership.  The topic of biobased materials is currently popular in the scientific community, working in such following areas as Recycled materials, Renewable materials, Materials for efficiency, Materials for waste treatment, Materials for reduction of environmental load, Materials for easy disposal or recycle, Hazardous free materials, Materials for reducing human health impact, Materials for energy efficiency, Materials for green energy, etc. This is a relatively hot topic in materials science and has strong demands for energy, material and money savings, as well as heavy contamination problems, despite that the area of biobased materials belongs to most important fields of modern science & technology, no important encyclopedias have been published in the area of "e;biobased materials"e;

  • af Vijay L. Maheshwari
    1.303,95 kr.

    This book provides an overview of the latest developments and future challenges in enzyme inhibitor research. It discusses the general enzyme inhibitory principles and mechanisms in enzyme activity regulation and application of enzyme inhibitors in different areas and sectors. The major areas of applications of enzyme inhibitors covered in this book are human health management, agriculture, food processing and research, which leads to drug discovery or enzyme activity mechanisms. The book also identifies the gaps in the existing knowledge and opens up new research ideas in this important area. Currently, most enzyme inhibitors are reported to inhibit various classes of enzymes. These enzyme inhibitors are the focus of the scientific community because they may answer an increasing array of questions in the research area of biological sciences, including biochemistry, medicine, physiology, pharmacy, agriculture, ecology etc. It also serves as a useful tool in the study of enzyme structures and reaction mechanisms and in the development of technologies in agriculture, food processing, and health management. Chapters in this book cover topics such as plant-derived inhibitors of serine proteases, pancreatic lipase (PL) inhibitors from indigenous medicinal plants, amylase inhibitors and their applications in agriculture and food processing industries and advances in silico techniques used in the study of enzyme inhibitors.   The book will serve as a valuable resource for students and researchers in Life Sciences, agriculture, medicine, food processing, and allied industries. 

  • - Properties, Biological Activity and Applications
    af Ugiloy Yusufovna Yusupova
    1.220,95 kr.

    This book presents the results of comprehensive research of an inadequately studied class of secondary plant metabolites: phytoecdysteroids, which are structural analogs of the hormones of molting and metamorphosis of arthropods. The chemical structures of ecdysteroids isolated from plants of the genera Ajuga, Rhaponticum, and Silene have been established. Data on the physicochemical characteristics, reactivity, metabolism, and biological activity of these compounds are presented in this book. Considerations of the role of ecdysteroids in plants are expressed and data on their pharmacological properties are also given. Issues regarding the use of phytoecdysteroids in practical medicine and, accordingly, the technological aspects of deriving drugs on their basis and biologically active food additives of a fortifying type of action are considered as well.The book is intended for specialists in the fields of bioorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, and pharmacology. It is also relevant to scientists of various profiles and teachers and students interested in the problems of the chemistry of natural and physiologically active substances.

  • af Saverio Mannino
    1.320,95 kr.

    This useful and extensive set of guidelines is designed to assist food control laboratories in gaining accreditation from an internationally recognized external body, providing all of the necessary information and practices in an easy-to-read, step-by-step fashion.  Authored by an experienced consultant for laboratory accreditation in many different countries, with this text food control lab owners now have all of the up-to-date information they need to gain accreditation in a single source. Guidelines for Laboratory Quality Managers covers the essentials for quality management in the food control laboratory, from testing processes to current quality management systems. The ISO standards for accreditation are extensively explored, including managerial requirements, organizational aspects, complaint handling procedures, internal audits, and sampling. An entire section is dedicated to the implementation of managerial and technical requirements from quality control to program monitoring and evaluation. Analysis selection, preparation, and validation is covered extensively, and an entire section is dedicated to basic statistics from data presentation to distribution. Each section comes with helpful tips for lab managers plus definitions and terms. Comprehensive, easy-to-use and up-to-date, Guidelines for Laboratory Quality Managers is the guide for accreditation for food control laboratories. 

  • af Curtis M. Zaleski
    1.388,95 kr.

    This volume focuses on recent developments in metallacrown chemistry. While the field was established in 1989 by Professor Vincent Pecoraro and numerous applications had been proposed, there has been a recent surge in the practical applications for this class of molecules. Written by leaders in the metallacrown chemistry field this book addresses recent developments. The single-molecule magnet properties of metallacrowns are presented along with discussions on their ability to bind DNA, as well as their potency to serve as building blocks for supramolecular structures. The volume is not only intended for those who work directly in the field of metallacrowns but it also appeals to those working in the aligned fields of metallamacrocyclic chemistry, self-assembly chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry. This dedicated volume serves as an encyclopedic reference for those wishing to gain insight into the field.

  • af Keshavan Niranjan
    466,95 kr.

    As an introductory text book on food engineering principles, this text gives students a firm, quantitative foundation in all aspects of food process and product formulation, packaging, manufacturing processes; engineering aspects of the fate of food in the GI tract; engineering principles of the environmental impact of foods; and principles of process economics and project management. The contents are based on a new definition of Food Engineering which is fit-for-purpose for this day and age:Food Engineering is the work of designing, formulating and manipulating food products which have desired sensory, satiety, health and well-being responses; and developing - across various operational scales - designs for the lowest environmental impact processing, packaging and storage systems capable of realizing the products.Based on this definition, Engineering Principles for Food Process and Product Realization re-defines the core competencies of food engineering, covers the engineering principles needed for food process and product design, and examines the engineering principles relevant to the interactions between food on the one hand, and human health, security and environment on the other - which are the key drivers for the growth of food business. With security, human health and environmental legacy driving business, the engineering paradigm must shift from being farm and preservation focused to becoming consumer focused - which this book aims to achieve. All of these topics are covered at a level that is easy to read and absorb, but with challenging questions and problems which require knowledge integration across topics. This book is uniquely placed to serve as an effective launching pad for undertaking further studies on advanced topics and concepts relating to the design of food processes and products.

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