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  • af Oded Galor
    107,95 - 197,95 kr.

  • af Rana Foroohar
    166,95 kr.

    A sweeping case that a new age of economic localization will reunite place and prosperity, putting an end to the last half century of globalization—by one of the preeminent economic journalists writing today“This invaluable book is as bold in its ambitions as it is readable.”—Ian Bremmer, New York Times bestselling author of The Power of CrisisONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: Kirkus ReviewsAt the dawn of the twenty-first century, Thomas Friedman, in The World Is Flat, declared globalization the new economic order. But the reign of globalization as we’ve known it is over, argues Financial Times columnist and CNN analyst Rana Foroohar, and the rise of local, regional, and homegrown business is now at hand. With bare supermarket shelves and the shortage of PPE, the pandemic brought the fragility of global trade and supply chains into stark relief. The tragic war in Ukraine and the political and economic chaos that followed have further underlined the vulnerabilities of globalization. The world, it turns out, isn’t flat—in fact, it’s quite bumpy. This fragmentation has been coming for decades, observes Foroohar. Our neoliberal economic philosophy of prioritizing efficiency over resilience and profits over local prosperity has produced massive inequality, persistent economic insecurity, and distrust in our institutions. This philosophy, which underpinned the last half century of globalization, has run its course. Place-based economics and a wave of technological innovations now make it possible to keep operations, investment, and wealth closer to home, wherever that may be. With the pendulum of history swinging back, Homecoming explores both the challenges and the possibilities of this new era, and how it can usher in a more equitable and prosperous future.

  • af James Rickards
    187,95 kr.

    "Our global economy faces unprecedented challenges in the next few months. But whether we sink or swim depends on how prepared we are - and what we do now to thwart the coming collapse"--

  • - A Treatise On Economical, Moral And Religious Conditions Of The Present Time (1909)
    af Henry Lewis Hubbard
    155,95 - 172,95 kr.

    This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

  • af Jefferson Hane Weaver
    197,95 kr.

  • af Habibullah Magsi, Amitabh Kundu, Tomaz Ponce Dentinho, mfl.
    1.319,95 kr.

  • af Dhimit¿r Doka & Perikli Qiriazi
    772,95 - 1.066,95 kr.

  • af Regina Frei, Temidayo Akenroye & Sherwat Ibrahim
    604,95 kr.

  • af A. Narayanamoorthy
    1.134,95 - 1.209,95 kr.

  • af Subrata Saha, Mukunda Mishra & Anil Bhuimali
    1.417,95 kr.

  • af Claude Diebolt & Ralph Hippe
    879,95 kr.

  • af Minrui Zheng
    1.218,95 kr.

    Neural networks as the commonly used machine learning algorithms, such as artificial neural networks (ANNs) and convolutional neural networks (CNNs), have been extensively used in the GIScience domain to explore the nonlinear and complex geographic phenomena. However, there are a few studies that investigate the parameter settings of neural networks in GIScience. Moreover, the model performance of neural networks often depends on the parameter setting for a given dataset. Meanwhile, adjusting the parameter configuration of neural networks will increase the overall running time. Therefore, an automated approach is necessary for addressing these limitations in current studies. This book proposes an automated spatially explicit hyperparameter optimization approach to identify optimal or near-optimal parameter settings for neural networks in the GIScience field. Also, the approach improves the computing performance at both model and computing levels. This book is written for researchers of the GIScience field as well as social science subjects.

  • af Abhijit Mitra
    1.049,95 kr.

    This book provides a cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary assessment of the major verticals of Blue Economy relevant to the mangrove ecosystem in Indian Sundarbans, which is a deltaic complex at the apex of Bay of Bengal. This book evaluates the feasibility of Blue Economy considering the natural resource base in this mangrove dominated deltaic complex.Chapter 1 discusses the need of expanding different marine and estuarine oriented verticals of Blue Economy as the land resources are gradually becoming depleted. Chapter 2 highlights the wide spectrum of biotic and abiotic resources of the Indian Sundarbans which can serve as the strong foundation of expanding Blue Economy in the region. Chapter 3 highlights several mangrove based livelihoods that are not only innovative, but may present new opportunities to initiate cottage industries. Chapter 4 highlights the threats associated with Blue Economy in Indian Sundarbans like, sea level rise, acidification of water, weather extremes, pollution, over-exploitation of natural resources, etc., along with ground-zero environmental data collated over three decades. Chapter 5 offers several solutions to combat the threats to regional Blue Economy emphasizing both technology and policy based management. The book attempts to align the proliferation of different sectors of Blue Economy in the framework of Indian Sundarbans.

  • af Enda Murphy
    1.108,95 kr.

    This volume fills a significant gap in the scientific and policy literature on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and on SDG 17 which focuses on partnership as a means of implementation (MOI) for the SDGs. The collection offers a strong theoretical context, and outlines the nature of partnerships (e.g. alternative forms, multi-level forms, barriers to take-up) using the most recent UN database as well as through key case studies that highlight partnership successes and failures at local, national and global scales. The text covers a brief history and background of partnerships and the SDGs, an analysis of existing SDG partnership using UN data, a scalar analysis of case studies involving multi-stakeholder partnerships, and recommendations for successful partnership models and implementation strategies. The book will be relevant for a wide variety of readerships including academics in different policy fields and disciplines, policymakers, SDG advocates and practitioners, and NGOs active in the promotion of the SDGs and environmental issues. Provides a unique outline of partnership theory and its application to the SDGsOutlines the nature of partnerships, including their multi-level forms and barriers to take-up using UN dataAnalyzes key SDG partnerships case studies that highlight partnership success stories for practitioners 

  • af Magdalena Ziolo
    921,95 kr.

    The aim of this volume is to foster more sustainable business models through financial markets. To that end, it is necessary to know the main global challenges facing financial markets and their impact on creating sustainable value in business models of enterprises in the context of sustainable adaptation. The book focuses on assessing the decision criteria adopted by financial markets in the process of transaction risk valuation, in terms of the presence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, and by assessing the impact of including these criteria in the risk assessment process by financial markets in business decisions, leading as a consequence to building new value in the form of a sustainable business model.The book presents global ESG risks facing the financial markets, and discusses how ESG risks are managed and monitored, and how financial markets can measure and operationalize extra-financial risks in its assessment process. The book also analyses ESG risk implications and influences on company behavior, and the actions that companies should take considering the ESG assessment requirements of financial markets. Finally, it provides a comprehensive, structured, and systematic view of how financial markets and companies should adapt and improve their business models. The book provides unique challenges for investors, companies, financial markets, and for our society as a whole, advancing traditional risk management approaches to address global risks.

  • af Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair
    1.209,95 - 1.382,95 kr.

    This book discusses leafy spices or herbs known as "e;aromatic herbs"e;, which, apart from being used in culinary art for flavoring of foods and beverages, are also known to possess antiseptic, anti-oxidant and other medicinal properties, in addition to many nutraceutical and cosmetic properties. Of the numerous herbs twelve of the commercially important herbs are imported into 4 major European markets, namely, France, Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands to the tune of 12000 to 13000 tonnes per annum. This book discusses these leafy herbs and their tremendous commercial potential in international trade. The book offers a comprehensive insight into  commercial herbs, with an objective of enhancing their yield, and provides a platform for further research into the global trade potential.

  • af Dipayan Dey
    1.134,95 kr.

    This book evaluates local conservation successes of global south in the climate milieu, as an empirical evidence of 'Bio-rights' of commons at community-ecosystem interface for sustainable intensification of nature's goods and services. Bio-rights is a right-based neo-economic conservation paradigm that compensates the opportunity costs incurred in conservation efforts by the marginal communities, living near globally important ecosystems and dependent on it for their livelihood, through payments from environment services. The book would bring forth the true value of circular economic interventions in socio-ecological conservation, shaped through sustainable human interactions with nature. This multilevel study of conservation science serves an interdisciplinary academia, consistent with conventions on climate change, bio-diversity and sustainable development, to establish links between conservation priorities and development objectives. Herein, Bio-rights is introduced as a 'design approach' for production linked sustainable development, supplemented with case studies from the east.

  • - Networks, Scales, and Places of Extraction
    af Felipe Irarrázaval
    1.020,95 kr.

    This book discusses the conditions that underpin configuration of specific places as resource peripheries and the consequences that such a socio-spatial formation involves for those places. The book thereby provides an interdisciplinary approach underpinned by economic geography, political ecology, resource geography, development studies and political geography. It also discusses the different technological, political and economic changes that make the ongoing production of resource peripheries a distinctive socio-spatial formation under the global economy. Through a global and interdisciplinary perspective that uncovers ongoing political processes, socio-economic changes and socio-ecological dynamics at resource peripheries, this book argues that it is critical to take a more profound appraisal about the socio-spatial processes behind the contemporary way in which capitalism is appropriating and transforming nature.

  • - Proceedings of EDESUS 2019
    af An Thinh Nguyen
    1.814,95 kr.

    This two-volume set presents the conference papers from the 1st International Conference on Economics, Development and Sustainability (EDESUS 2019), organized by the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The collection addresses global changes and sustainable development in Vietnam and other emerging market economies in Asia, and covers wider topics such as economics and business (e.g. economic theory, national and international income distribution, macroeconomic policies, sectors of economy, productivity developments, financial market, business governance, bank financing), development and sustainability (e.g. developing process, development policy, public policy, sustainable growth, sustainability tools, sustainable livelihood, sustainable tourism, green growth), and resources and global change (e.g. human resources, natural resources, climate change, globalization, global challenges). The books are of interest to professors, researchers, lecturers, and students in economics and geography, consultants, and decision makers interested in global changes and sustainable development.  Volume 1 focuses on economic development in Vietnam and other emerging market economies in Asia. This covers topics such as economics and business (e.g. economic theory, national and international income distribution, macroeconomic policies, sectors of economy, productivity developments, financial market, business governance, bank financing) and development studies (e.g. developing process, development policy, public policy, green growth).

  • af N. P. Gleditsch
    3.350,95 kr.

  • af Professor Jonathon (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Moses & Dr Anne Margrethe (Ruralis Brigham
    277,95 - 817,95 kr.

  • af Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair
    1.516,95 kr.

  • af Swapan Kumar Maity
    801,95 - 1.209,95 kr.

  • af Xi Chen, Gulnura Issanova & Sadyrbek Kozhokulov
    722,95 kr.

  • af Masahisa Fujita, Nobuaki Hamaguchi & Yoshihiro Kameyama
    1.020,95 kr.

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