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Tribologi (friktion og smøring)

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  • af Tianshu Liu, John P. Sullivan, Christian Klein, mfl.
    2.202,95 kr.

  • af Mokhtar Awang & Seyed Sattar Emamian
    1.107,95 kr.

  • af Christian Mittelstedt
    623,95 kr.

  • - Proceedings of AIMTDR 2018
    af M. S. Shunmugam
    1.387,95 kr.

    This volume presents research papers on micro and nano manufacturing and surface engineering which were presented during the 7th International and 28th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research conference 2018 (AIMTDR 2018). The papers discuss the latest advances in miniature manufacturing, the machining of miniature components and features as well as improvement of surface properties. This volume will be of interest to academicians, researchers, and practicing engineers alike.

  • af J. Paulo Davim, Kaushik Kumar & B. Sridhar Babu
    1.431,95 kr.

  • af Satish Pujari, Satuluri Srikiran & Sivarao Subramonian
    1.728,95 kr.

  • af Manoj Gupta, K. S. Vijay Sekar & A. Arockiarajan
    1.983,95 kr.

  • - Select Proceedings of ICRAMERD 2020
    af Saroj Kumar Acharya
    2.408,95 kr.

    This book presents select proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering Research and Development (ICRAMERD 2020). The contents focus on latest research and current problems in various branches of mechanical engineering. Some of the topics discussed here include fracture and failure analysis, fuels and alternative fuels, combustion and IC engines, advanced manufacturing technologies, powder metallurgy and rapid prototyping, industrial engineering and automation, supply chain management, design of mechanical systems, vibrations and control engineering, automobile engineering, fluid mechanics and machines, heat transfer, composite materials, micro and nano-engineering for energy storage and conversion, and modeling and simulations. The wide range of topics presented in this book can make it useful for beginners, researchers as well as professionals in mechanical engineering. 

  • - Select Papers from AIMTDR 2016
    af Uday Shanker Dixit
    1.728,95 kr.

    This book focuses on strengthening and joining materials by means of plastic deformation, gathering extended research papers presented at the AIMTDR 2016 conference. Plastic deformation is used in materials processing to improve the strength of the material. For example, the rod/screw used to connect the cooker handle to the main body has to be strong and sustainable; such rods can be strengthened by plastic deformation (using multi-stage forming operations etc.). Similarly, joining by means of plastic deformation is highly valuable since it avoids the material and environmental degradation often caused by fusion welding processes. The book discusses various processing techniques in which plastic deformation is used to strengthen materials - e.g. in equal channel angular extrusion, autofrettage etc., or to join materials without melting them - e.g. in friction stir processing, riveting etc. Offering an extensive guide, the book includes chapters on roll bonding, equal channel angular pressing, autofrettage, friction stir processing/welding, magnetic pulse welding, and riveting - processes used to strengthen and join a variety of materials for lightweight applications and sustainable manufacturing. The contents of this book will be useful to researchers and practitioners alike. 

  • af M. S. Shunmugam & M. Kanthababu
    1.558,95 - 2.153,95 kr.

  • af James M. Watterson
    600,95 kr.

  • af Jan W. Gooch
    901,95 kr.

    Civil and military aircraft - and aerospace vehicles in general - face two related problems:- They depend heavily upon electronic systems and thus must be shielded against electromagnetic interference (EMI). This interference may come in the form of lighting strikes, interference from radio emitters, nuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMP), or even high power microwave (HPM) threats- Environmental conditions including moisture, rain, and pollution from the atmosphere may corrode airframes, skin, and other bonded joints. Most importantly, this corrosion may damage the conductivity and electromagnetic shielding of the vehicleThis book addresses both problems.

    1.223,95 kr.

    Covering energy saving technologies and how these are incorporated into component design, the book is relevant to industries including automotive engineering, and discusses the topical issue of sustainability in industry This book details recent fundamental developments in the field of tribology in industrial systems.

  • af Naseem (University of Technology Brunei Uddin
    1.118,95 kr.

  • af Jitendra Kumar (SRM Institute of Science and Technology Katiyar & Mohammed Abdul (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Samad
    917,95 kr.

    This book covers sustainable composites and bio-composites in terms of proper selection of reinforcements, methods to improve the thermal and mechanical properties, techniques for uniform dispersion of the reinforcements and its tribological performance. Also, it details the testing and damage characterization methods of these composites.

  • af R. David (Pathmaster Marketing Ltd. Whitby
    1.773,95 kr.

    This book fills a need for a guide on the important commercial aspects of the lubricants business, offering valuable insights from an industry veteran. It answers questions and offers insights on how to effectively market and sell all types of lubricants, including automotive, industrial, mining, marine, agricultural, and aerospace, among others.

  • af U. Kamachi Mudali, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Toleti Subba Rao, mfl.
    1.320,95 kr.

    This volume elaborates on various corrosion processes in different applications and their prevention strategies. It comprehensively covers the principles of corrosion, engineering issues, methods of corrosion protection and defines corrosion processes and control in select aggressive end industrial environments. The contents especially focus on corrosion issues in nuclear, aerospace, marine, high temperature, bioimplants, automobile, and addresses the application of advanced materials to mitigate them. A special section on corrosion prevention strategies with innovative solutions to resolve corrosion issues in various environments is the highlight of this book. This volume will be a useful guide for those in research, academia and industry, particularly to know state of art in corrosion control and prevention for various practical applications.

  • - Theory and Design
    af Andras Z. (University of Delaware) Szeri
    635,95 - 1.333,95 kr.

    Fluid film bearings are among the best devices for overcoming friction and eliminating wear; together with shafts, gears, and cams, they constitute the building blocks engineers use in the design and construction of mechanical devices. This book provides students, practising engineers, and researchers with a systematic treatment of fluid film lubrication and bearings.

    696,95 kr.

    This book focuses on research efforts involved in the development of biobased lubricants and fuels. Among other things, it covers the advantages and disadvantages of using vegetable oil lubricants and their availability, the modification of vegetable oils for improving base oil properties, the use of new non-food oils as lubricant base oils, the

    2.324,95 kr.

    The manufacture and use of almost every consumer and industrial product rely on application of advanced knowledge in surface science and tribology. These two disciplines are of critical importance in major economic sectors, such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing (including metals, plastics, wood, computers, MEMS, NEMS, appliances), construction, transportation, and medical instruments, transplants, and diagnostic devices. An up-to-date reference with contributions by experts in surface science and tribology, Surfactants in Tribology, Volume 3 discusses some of the underlying tribological and surface science issues relevant to many situations in diverse industries.The tradition of presenting new developments and research that began with the first volume in this groundbreaking series continues in the third volume. Comprising 19 chapters on various aspects of surfactants in tribologyΓÇöincluding subjects not covered in previous volumesΓÇöthis book is presented in four parts: Nanotribology and Polymeric Systems, Biobased and Environmentally Friendly Lubricants and Additives, Tribological Properties of Aqueous and Nonaqueous Systems, and Advanced Tribological Concepts. Topics include tribological properties of nanoparticles, biopolymer friction, environmentally friendly surface-active agents, biolubricants, aqueous mixed surfactant systems, and surfactants in motor oil, drilling fluids, and in electrowetting for MEMS and NEMS.The information in this volume provides a cutting-edge reference connecting the fields of surfactants and tribology as a way forward to novel, enhanced methods of controlling lubrication, friction, and wear. Written by a global team of established authorities, this book reflects the latest developments, highlighting the relevance of surfactants in tribological phenomena in a broad range of industries. It provides a valuable resource for readers working in or entering the fields of

  • - Theory and Design, Second Edition
    3.303,95 kr.

  • af S. K. Basu, S. N. Sengupta & B. B. Ahuja
    143,95 kr.

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