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Teknisk anvendelse af polymerer og kompositter

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  • af Selim Gürgen
    1.121,95 kr.

  • af Ranjeet Prasad, Rina Sahu, K. L. Sahoo & mfl.
    1.540,95 kr.

    This book presents select proceedings of the National Conference on Advancement in Materials Processing Technology (AMPT 2020). It covers the new trends in materials and mineral processing technologies along with an emphasis on engineering materials, composite materials, smart materials and nanomaterials. Topics covered include advanced, mineral processing, advanced processing, foundry technology, modelling and simulation, recycling and waste recovery. Given the contents, this book will be useful for researchers, engineers and professionals working in the areas of chemical, mining, metallurgical and mechanical engineering and associated fields.

  • af It-Meng Low, Hatem R. Alamri & Abdullah M. S. Alhuthali
    1.430,95 kr.

    This book provides an overview on the latest advances in the synthesis, properties and applications of polymeric eco-composites and eco-nanocomposites reinforced natural fibers (e.g. pulp-fiber, flax, etc.) and nanofillers (e.g. organoclay, nano-SiC, etc.). Potential challenges and future directions of these composites are highlighted and addressed. This book offers numerous graphs and electron micrographs for easy understanding by students, researchers and practicing engineers.

  • af Shuncong Zhong & Walter Nsengiyumva
    1.540,95 kr.

    This book presents a detailed description of the most common nondestructive testing(NDT) techniques used for the testing and evaluation fiber-reinforced composite structures, during manufacturing and/or in service stages. In order to facilitate the understanding and the utility of the different NDT techniques presented, the book first provides some information regarding the defects and material degradation mechanisms observed in fiber-reinforced composite structures as well as their general description and most probable causes. It is written based on the extensive scientific research and engineering backgrounds of the authors in the NDT and structural health monitoring (SHM) of structural systems from various areas including electrical, mechanical, materials, civil and biomedical engineering. Pursuing a rigorous approach, the book establishes a fundamental framework for the NDT of fiber-reinforced composite structures, while emphasizing on the importance of technique's spatial resolution, integrated systems analysis and the significance of the influence stemming from the applicability of the NDT and the physical parameters of the test structures in the selection and utilization of adequate NDT techniques.The book is intended for students who are interested in the NDT of fiber-reinforced composite structures, researchers investigating the applicability of different NDT techniques to the inspections of structural systems, and NDT researchers and engineers working on the optimization of NDT systems for specific applications involving the use of fiber-reinforced composite structures.

  • af Rajini Nagarajan, Senthilkumar Krishnasamy, Senthil Muthu Kumar Thiagamani, mfl.
    1.650,95 kr.

    This book gives a comprehensive overview of bionanocomposites, a class of materials that consist of a biopolymer matrix which is embedded with nanoparticles and natural fibres as reinforcement to produce novel material and achieve superior physico-chemical and mechanical properties. The book looks into the synthesis of various forms of nanoparticles, the fabrication methods, and the characterization of bionanocomposites. It also includes topics related to the sustainability and life prediction of bionanocomposites such as biodegradability, recycling, and re-use. An important aspect in the designing of bionanocomposites includes computational modeling, and the suitability of the bionanocomposites in various applications is presented. This book appeals to students, researchers, and scientists looking to gain fundamental knowledge, know about recent advancements in the research on bionanocomposites and their applications.

  • af Bibhu Prasad Swain
    1.430,95 kr.

    This book presents recent advances in nanostructured materials. It describes the characterization of nanomaterials, their preparation methods and performance testing techniques; the design and development of nano-scale devices; and the applications of nanomaterials, with examples taken from different industries, such as energy, bioengineering and medicine. The book is broadly divided into sections such as nanostructure semiconductor materials for device applications, nanostructured ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials.. The topics covered include experimental approaches of device fabrication, photovoltaics and supercapacitors applications, etc. Given the contents, the book will be useful for students, researchers, and professionals working in the area of nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

  • af Yu Dong, Songtao Li, Zhengwang Zhu & mfl.
    989,95 kr.

    This book highlights the preparation and characterization of efficient electromagnetic shielding composites containing bio-carbon derived from natural loofah with unique three-dimensional porous structures by means of entire structure design of composites according to shielding theory. The synergistic effect of multifunctional nanoparticles and bio-carbon on electromagnetic shielding mechanism, mechanical performance, and thermal stability of composites obtained has been holistically investigated. The discovery of this renewable, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive bio-carbon represents a new class of conductive materials with multi-interfaces and unravels further research and development of a wide variety of new electromagnetic shielding material systems with potential commercial applications ranging from electronic devices to energy management.¿

  • af J. M. P. Q. Delgado, Laura H. Carvalho & A. G. Barbosa de Lima
    1.209,95 kr.

  • af Andreas Schönhals & Paulina Szymoniak
    1.540,95 kr.

  • af Longbiao Li
    1.419,95 kr.

    This book focuses on the matrix cracking behavior in ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs), including first matrix cracking behavior, matrix cracking evolution behavior, matrix crack opening and closure behavior considering temperature and oxidation. The micro-damage mechanisms are analyzed, and the micromechanical damage models are developed to characterize the cracking behavior. Experimental matrix cracking behavior of different CMCs at room and elevated temperatures is predicted. The book can help the material scientists and engineering designers to better understand the cracking behavior in CMCs.

  • af Suprakas Sinha Ray & Mpitloane Joseph Hato
    1.430,95 kr.

  • af Yutao Zhao
    1.320,95 kr.

    This book comprehensively and systematically discusses in situ aluminum matrix composites, from their system design, material development, and preparation technology, to their solidification structure, plastic processing, and properties. As a new type of metal matrix composite, it not only provides a technical framework for the low-cost, large-scale development of high-performance compliant materials, but also provides important technical support for the promotion of the aluminum industry. The book appeals to researchers and industrial practitioners in the area of materials development for in situ aluminum matrix composites.

  • af K. Palanikumar, Rajmohan Thiagarajan & B. Latha
    1.303,95 kr.

    This book provides an overview on the latest technology and applications of bio-based fiber composite materials. It covers the mechanical and thermal properties of bio-fibers for polymeric resins and explains the different pre-treatment methods used by the researchers for the enhancement. In addition, this book also presents a complete analysis on the tribological behavior of bio-fiber reinforced polymer composites to appreciate the friction and wear behavior. This book would be a handy to the industrial practitioners and researchers in the direction of achieving optimum design for the components made of natural fiber based polymer matrix composites.

  • af Ji-Ho Song & Chung-Youb Kim
    1.220,95 kr.

    This book demonstrates fatigue crack growth under random loading graphically. This state-of-the-art monograph introduces an expert system for crack growth predictions, particularly based on crack closure. The system is developed after years of research by the authors by using the Math-type software consisting of 5 parts. This system is unique as it is fundamentally different from previous systems as it focuses on fatigue crack growth predictions based on fatigue crack closure. This book can be a useful guide for practicing engineers, researchers, and students in the fields of mechanical, aerospace, or civil engineering.

  • af Yasuyuki Tezuka & Tetsuo Deguchi
    1.419,95 kr.

    This book provides a comprehensive description of topological polymers, an emerging research area in polymer science and polymer materials engineering. The precision polymer topology designing is critical to realizing the unique polymer properties and functions leading to their eventual applications. The prominent contributors are led by Principal Editor Yasuyuki Tezuka and Co-Editor Tetsuo Deguchi. Important ongoing achievements and anticipated breakthroughs in topological polymers are presented with an emphasis on the spectacular diversification of polymer constructions. The book serves readers collectively to acquire comprehensive insights over exciting innovations ongoing in topological polymer chemistry, encompassing topological geometry analysis, classification, physical characterization by simulation and the eventual chemical syntheses, with the supplementary focus on the polymer folding, invoked with the ongoing breakthrough of the precision AI prediction of protein folding. The current revolutionary developments in synthetic approaches specifically for single cyclic (ring) polymers and the topology-directed properties/functions uncovered thereby are outlined as a showcase example. This book is especially beneficial to academic personnel in universities and to researchers working in relevant institutions and companies. Although the level of the book is advanced, it can serve as a good reference book for graduate students and postdocs as a source of valuable knowledge of cutting-edge topics and progress in polymer chemistry.

  • af S. M. Sapuan, R. A. Ilyas & Norkhairunnisa Mazlan
    1.419,95 kr.

  • af Nisa V. Salim, Sanjay Mavinkere Rangappa, Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, mfl.
    1.519,95 kr.

    This book comprehensively summarizes the recent achievements and trends in encapsulation of micro- and nanocontainers for applications in smart materials. It covers the fundamentals of processing and techniques for encapsulation with emphasis on preparation, properties, application, and future prospects of encapsulation process for smart applications in pharmaceuticals, textiles, biomedical, food packaging, composites, friction/wear, phase change materials, and coatings. Academics, researchers, scientists, engineers, and students in the field of smart materials will benefit from this book.

  • af Zeba Khanam, Neelam Gogoi & Divesh Narayan Srivastava
    1.320,95 kr.

  • af Senthilkumar Krishnasamy, Senthil Muthu Kumar Thiagamani, Suchart Siengchin & mfl.
    1.519,95 kr.

  • af Noureddine Abidi
    1.319,95 kr.

  • af Sabu Thomas, Kanchan Upadhyay & Raunak Kumar Tamrakar
    1.540,95 kr.

  • af Stefano Turri & Marcello Colledani
    376,95 - 452,95 kr.

  • af Nithin Kundachira Subramani, S. K. Nataraj, Chetankumar Patel & mfl.
    1.220,95 kr.

  • af Besim Ben-Nissan & Andy H. Choi
    1.320,95 kr.

  • af Ricardo D'Agostino, Francesco Fracassi & Pietro Favia
    3.833,95 kr.

  • af Longbiao Li
    1.419,95 kr.

    This book focuses on the vibration behavior of ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs), including (1) vibration natural frequency of intact and damaged CMCs; (2) vibration damping of CMCs considering fibers debonding and fracture; (3) temperature-dependent vibration damping of CMCs; (4) time-dependent vibration damping of CMCs; and (5) cyclic-dependent vibration damping of CMCs. Ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs) possess low material density (i.e., only 1/4 or 1/3 of high-temperature alloy) and high-temperature resistance, which can reduce cooling air and improve structure efficiency. Understanding the failure mechanisms and internal damage evolution represents an important step to ensure reliability and safety of CMCs. Relationships between microstructure, damage mechanisms, vibration natural frequency, and vibration damping of CMCs are established. This book helps the material scientists and engineering designers to understand and master the vibration behavior of CMCs at room and elevated temperatures.

  • af G. Rajeshkumar
    922,95 kr.

    This edited book focuses on processing, properties, and applications of bast fiber and its composites written by renowned researchers and academicians. The contents focus on properties such as rheological and dielectric of bast fiber composites. It also discusses its dynamic mechanical analysis, thermal stability of polymer composites reinforced with bast fibers, and water absorption behavior of bast fiber incorporated polymer composites. This book will be beneficial to both the industry and academia as it highlights possible avenues of future research.

  • af Ololade Olatunji
    587,95 kr.

    This book addresses the need for a technical guided thought on production, consumption, and waste management of plastic and polymers in the African continent. Issues such as resource availability, processing technologies, plastic policies, and much more are covered in the book. While Africa is made up of several different countries which might be different from each other in many ways, these countries within the African continent have some commonalities such as region, some shared history, resources, and some shared policies through organizations such as the African Union, African Free trade Zone, and ECOWAS. With a population of over a billion, the African continent has become an attractive market for various businesses. Several publications in recent years have pushed for the advancement of the African continent toward increased manufacturing as a road to development. This inevitably includes the plastics and other polymers industry. Careful consideration must be taken to ensure that this growth will focus on more sustainable and greener manufacturing; otherwise, this anticipated growth in the plastics and polymer industry will only spell increased pollution and worsening of the environment.

  • af Shikha Gulati
    922,95 kr.

    This book highlights the state-of-the-art research and discovery in the use of chitosan-based nanocomposites in biomedical applications, including the scope to which these novel materials have been incorporated by the community. It provides an exceptional insight into the strategies for the synthesis and chemical modifications of chitosan, characterization techniques, their use as anticancer agents, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal agents, their role in the biomedical field, and applications in drug delivery, gene therapy, dentistry, orthopedics, etc. This book will also emphasize the challenges with previous signs of progress and way for further research, details relating to the current pioneering technology, and future perspectives with a multidisciplinary approach. Furthermore, it presents up-to-date information on the economics, toxicity, and regulations related to these novel materials.

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