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Teknisk anvendelse af materialer til overfladebehandling

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  • af Lingwei Ma
    1.517,95 kr.

    Gives an overview of the state of the art of advanced coatings for anticorrosion

  • af Olasehinde Owoseni
    1.512,95 kr.

    This book presents detailed fundamentals of surfactant systems and links these fundamentals to emerging perspectives in the field of surfactant science. Key topics include environmentally friendly surfactants, ionic liquid-based surfactants, chemically enhanced oil recovery, synergy of surfactants with clay minerals, and reactions in microheterogeneous surfactant systems. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and industry professionals.

  • af Kamalan Kirubaharan Amirtharaj Mosas
    2.164,95 kr.

    This book addresses the recent trends in high-temperature coatings that are used to provide oxidation and wear resistance to metallic/ceramic components in extreme environments. Ceramics, intermetallics, organosilicon polymers, cermets, and other materials with great thermal stability have long been recognized for these applications. This book introduces the state of the art in coating materials and processes for high-temperature environments and identifies areas for improvement in materials selection, performance upgrades, design considerations, and manufacturing methods. The book covers a variety of high-temperature coatings prepared through various synthesis processes such as thermal spraying, physical vapor deposition, electrodeposition, and sol¿gel methods. It covers corrosion/oxidation, phase stability, and thermal and mechanical behavior of high-temperature coating materials having greater thermal stability.With contributions from international researchers active in the field, this edited book features the most recent and up-to-date literature references for a broad readership consisting of academic and industrial professionals. It is suitable for graduate students as well as scientists and engineers working in the area of anti-corrosion and anti-wear resistant high-temperature coatings for industrial applications.

  • af Souradip Chattopadhyay
    362,95 kr.

    The ¿ows of thin ¿lm form the core of a large number of scienti¿c, technological, and engineering applications. The occurrence of such ¿ows can be observed in nature, for example on the windshield of vehicles in rainy weather. Thin ¿lm ¿ows are also found in various engineering, geophysical, and biophysical ap- plications. Speci¿c examples are nanöuidics, micröuidics, coating ¿ows, intensive processing, tear-¿lm rupture, lava ¿ows, and dynamics of continental ice sheets. Important industrial applications of thin ¿lms include nuclear fusion research - for cooling the chamber walls surrounding the plasma , complex coating ¿ows - where a thin ¿lm adheres to a moving substrate, distillation units, condensers, and heat exchangers, micröuidics, geophysical settings, such as gravity currents, mud, granular and debris ¿ows, snow avalanches, ice sheet models, lava ¿ows, biological and biophysical scenarios, such as ¿exible tubes, tear-¿lm ¿ows and many more. The dynamics of such ¿lms are quite complex and display rich behavior and this attracted many mathematicians, physicists, and engineers to the ¿eld. In the past three decades, the work in the area has progressed a lot with considerable stress on revealing the stability and dynamics of the ¿lm where the ¿ow is driven by various forces such as gravity, capillarity, thermocapillarity, centrifugation, and inter- molecular. The ¿ow may happen over structured or smooth and impermeable or slippery surfaces. The investigation approaches include modeling and analytical work, numerical simulations, and performing experiments to explain the instabilities that the ¿lm can exhibit. Direct analysis of the equations of the model of the interfacial ¿ows is a very complicated mathematical exercise due to the existence of a free, evolving interface that bounds the liquid ¿lm. The mathematical complexity emerges from a number of things: (a) The Navier-Stokes (or Stokes or Euler) equations need to be solved in changing domains; (b) In certain applications one has to solve for the temperature or electrostatic or electromagnetic ¿elds apart from the ¿uid equations; (c) Several nonlinear boundary conditions should be speci¿ed at the unknown interface(s) and (d) The solutions may not exist for all times. In fact in thin ¿lm problems, one may encounter ¿nite-time singularities accompanied by topological transitions. The breakup of liquid jets is an example of that. However, in the subsequent chapters, we shall see that it is possible to use the di¿erent length scales appearing in thin ¿lm ¿ows to our advantage. Thin ¿lms are characterized by much smaller length scales in the vertical direction as compared to those in the stream-wise direction. This gives rise to a small aspect ratio which makes the problem amenable for small amplitude perturbation expansions.

  • af Michael Diebold
    1.321,95 - 1.807,95 kr.

    This book discusses the diverse array of particles that are found in coatings from both a physical and a performance standpoint.  It also describes the fundamentals of particle behavior and shows how these affect the performance and properties of their end-use applications. It consists of nineteen chapters, demonstrating the wide range of types of particles found in coatings as well as the diversity of the important attributes they hold. The authors also present a forward looking view of current issues and trends in the coatings industry.  In addition, a chapter on the use of particles in paper laminate, a closely aligned field, is included.  This book is of interest to formulators of any type of coatings as well as researchers in aligned fields that use high volumes of small particles, such as the plastics and paper industries.

  • af Li Yang, Yichun Zhou & Wang Zhu
    941,95 - 1.740,95 kr.

  • af Peter M. Schweizer
    896,95 - 1.128,95 kr.

    This book compares premetered methods to self-metered processes and addresses general properties of premetered methods. It presents specific properties of slot, slide, and curtain coating. The book is divided in three parts:Part I compares premetered methods to self-metered processes. It explains the term "e;premetered,"e; which is an expression of the law of mass conservation, and discusses the physical fluid properties that are relevant for premetered processes. Furthermore, it presents in detail the various basic flow fields that make up premetered coating methods. Lastly, it introduces the concepts of wall shear stress, residence time, and hydrodynamic assist to dynamic wetting. Part II addresses general properties of premetered methods, such as the fluid conditioning and delivery systems, the nominal film thickness, and the film thickness uniformity, both in machine and cross-web directions (die design). It lists the attractive features of simultaneous multilayer applications, including an explanation of how mixing of adjacent layers can be prevented. This section concludes by revisiting examples of economic considerations.Part III presents specific properties of slot, slide, and curtain coating. It examines various topics, such as coating equipment and coating configurations, coating modes, details of the various flow fields, operating window and process limitations, and process optimization.

  • af Haidou Wang, Guozheng Ma & Shuying Chen
    880,95 - 1.142,95 kr.

  • af Akarsh Verma
    1.305,95 kr.

    This book comprehensively reviews assorted types of coatings, their applications, and various strategies employed by several scientists and researchers to fabricate them. Exclusively, the recent progress in computational strategies that are helpful to optimize the best suitable coating formulation before one goes for the real-time fabrication has been discussed in detail. And this book is also intended to shed light on the computational modeling techniques that are used in the characterization of various coating materials. It covers mechanisms, salient features, formulations, important aspects, and case studies of coatings utilized for various applications. The latest research in this area as well as possible avenues of future research is also highlighted to encourage the researchers.

  • af U. Kamachi Mudali, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Toleti Subba Rao, mfl.
    1.805,95 - 1.815,95 kr.

    This volume elaborates on various corrosion processes in different applications and their prevention strategies. It comprehensively covers the principles of corrosion, engineering issues, methods of corrosion protection and defines corrosion processes and control in select aggressive end industrial environments. The contents especially focus on corrosion issues in nuclear, aerospace, marine, high temperature, bioimplants, automobile, and addresses the application of advanced materials to mitigate them. A special section on corrosion prevention strategies with innovative solutions to resolve corrosion issues in various environments is the highlight of this book. This volume will be a useful guide for those in research, academia and industry, particularly to know state of art in corrosion control and prevention for various practical applications.

  • af Liwei Zhang
    1.950,95 kr.

    This book systematically discusses the operational stages with high risk of CO2-induced corrosion in CCUS projects, and related measures for corrosion control. CO2 capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is a key technology to mitigate climate change and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. CCUS deals with high concentration CO2, which is very corrosive in a humid environment. Therefore, it is very important to characterize, monitor, and mitigate CO2-induced corrosion in all processes of the CCUS operation chain. Some corrosion control techniques included in this book (e.g., CO2-resisting wellbore cement additives) are beneficial for corrosion control research and engineering practices. This book belongs to the field of corrosion science and engineering, and the expected readership is researchers and engineers working on CCUS.

  • af Chandrabhan Verma & Berdimurodov Elyor Tukhlievich
    847,95 kr.

    Recently, surface-engineered and modified nanomaterials have been developed as corrosion inhibitors for different metals alloys in coating and solution phases. This book covers current emerging trends and applications in nanomaterials and nanotechnologies and their applications in corrosion prevention. It offers synthesis, surface modification for enhanced dispersibility and protection, composite formation and their anticorrosive applications.

  • af Masoud Farzaneh & William A. Chisholm
    1.103,95 kr.

  • af Asif Hafeez
    1.356,95 kr.

    This book highlights different domains of functional polymers from membranes and coatings to composite materials. It includes their synthesis routes and techniques, characterization, properties, and applications. The book also provides the basics and advances about different functional polymers and composites with an up-to-date progress in the field of research and their application on a domestic and industrial scale. The main topics to be covered include polymeric membranes, paints and coatings, smart polymers, self-healing elastomers, biodegradable polymers, food packaging, and functional composite materials.

  • af Jianhua Yao, Rong Liu, Guolong Wu & mfl.
    1.654,95 - 1.663,95 kr.

  • af Viswanathan S. Saji
    1.476,95 kr.

    This book covers fundamentals and recent advancements on conversion coatings for magnesium and its alloys. The contents are presented in two sections, respectively dealing with chemical and electrochemical conversion coatings. The chemical conversion coating section is further subdivided into inorganic conversion coatings, organic conversion coatings and advanced approaches/coatings. The section on electrochemical conversion coatings spans from fundamentals to state-of-the-art progress on electrochemical anodization and plasma electrolytic oxidation of magnesium and its alloys. 

  • af Francesca Gherardi
    1.306,95 kr.

    The design of treatments for the conservation of stone in historical buildings and works of art is a challenging task, as a deep understanding of the working properties and performance of the available products and methods is required to tackle complex decay patterns.The chapters in this book illustrate the state of the art on traditional and innovative materials and methods for stone conservation, examining current trends and future perspectives. Each of them is focused on describing the consequent phases that complement the spectrum of the conservation intervention: preliminary investigations, condition assessment, and mapping of the deterioration patterns; surface cleaning, with a specific focus on laser technology; consolidation; protection; repair mortars and grouts; and onsite assessment and monitoring of conservation treatments. The performance of the applied conservation interventions is criticized and discussed with an aim of providing the specialists with specific tools for stone conservation.   This book intends to bridge the gap between laboratory studies and conservation interventions, by linking together the diverse scientific areas involved in the preservation of stone heritage. Different case studies are included, highlighting specific conservation challenges and their solutions in order to understand and overcome them. The aim is to guide conservators, conservation scientists and heritage stakeholders in the selection of compatible and sustainable materials and techniques for Conserving Stone Heritage.

  • af Patricia Silvana Carrizo
    1.476,95 kr.

  • af Azman Jalar
    1.759,95 kr.

    This book gathers the latest research, innovations, and applications in the field of corrosion prevention and control, as presented by leading national and international academics, researchers, engineers, and postgraduate students at the AWAM International Conference on Civil Engineering 2022 (AICCE'22), held 7th International Corrosion Prevention Symposium for Research Scholars (CORSYM 2021), held as a virtual conference on November 2021. The CORSYM 2021 theme, Nurturing Future Corrosionist for Better Corrosion Mitigation, covered key topics such as corrosion and inhibitors, corrosion of biomaterials, top of line corrosion, H2S and CO2 corrosion, coatings and composites for biomedical devices, electrochemical testing techniques, advanced materials and coatings, corrosion in concrete structures, welding and hot Corrosion, corrosion in ships and marine structures, corrosion of biomaterials, corrosion Under insulation, digitalization in corrosion. The contributions introduce numerous exciting ideas that spur novel research directions and foster multidisciplinary collaborations between various specialists in the field of corrosion engineering.

  • af Yasuyuki Katada
    492,95 kr.

    This book describes the details of the research and development of nickel-saving high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel and high nitrogen steel (HNS) with excellent corrosion resistance in the sea. This resistance was realized by using nitrogen (N), one of the ubiquitous elements, as an alloying element. By using N it is possible to save nickel (Ni), a national strategic substance in Japan, to be partially reduced or to be totally free. Not only basic information about low nickel HNS but also its promising application to bipolar plates of solid polymer fuel cells are provided. Reduction of Ni ions in the cell environment can be expected to extend the life of the fuel cell. Furthermore, there is discussion of the serendipitous application and impact of nickel-free HNS in the field of biomaterials as an anti-nickel allergy material, leading to its development for coronary stents.The book includes an explanation of how to develop extremely high corrosion-resistance steel by controlling its level of oxygen. For researchers and engineers involved in the development and evaluation of corrosion-resistant materials in particular, this book is extremely helpful for understanding the details of the development of those materials.

  • af Pierre L. Fauchais, Maher I. Boulos & Joachim V. R. Heberlein
    702,95 kr.

  • af Juan Rodriguez-Hernandez & Carlos Drummond
    858,95 kr.

    Pattern formation is a fascinating and challenging aspect in polymer science. This book describes a number of unconventional approaches developed to control the morphology of polymer surfaces and materials, from random or simple patterns to complex structures. Specialists provide an up-to-date and complete overview of each technique in their respective field.

  • af Werner Rudolf Cramer
    407,95 kr.

    Dieses Buch beschreibt moderne Erkenntnisse der Farbwahrnehmung, die auf physikalischen und physiologischen Phänomenen basiert. Dargestellt werden die Vorgänge vor unserem Auge und die Umsetzung hinter unserem Auge (Gehirn). Dabei spielen Pigmente eine große Rolle bei der Manipulation der Lichtstrahlen. Diese Manipulation kann unterschiedlich sein und durch Absorption, Spiegelung oder Interferenz erfolgen. Allerdings ist es dem Auge egal, wie diese Manipulation stattfindet. Ein grünes Buntpigment erzeugt den gleichen Farbeindruck wie eine Mischung aus einem gelben und einem blauen Buntpigment. Das Buch führt populärwissenschaftlich an das Thema heran und spricht hierdurch einen großen Leserkreis an, der Interesse an naturwissenschaftlichen Themen zeigt.

  • af Fahmina Zafar
    1.512,95 kr.

  • af Sabu Thomas & Jesiya Susan George
    2.853,95 kr.

  • af Tianshu Liu, John P. Sullivan, Christian Klein, mfl.
    2.707,95 kr.

  • af Giuseppe Pintaude
    1.522,95 kr.

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