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Elektronik: kredse og komponenter

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  • af Amol Shashikant Sankpal
    304,95 kr.

    Retention time is an important phenomenon in dynamic random access memory for data storage operation. The storage capacitor is solely responsible for charge storing mechanism. The overall action is control by word line and bit line. It is also responsible for sensing, monitoring and data storing operation. Normally the availability of inexpensive leakage reduction technique is the backbone of any dynamic random access memory wherein the valuable sense information is deposited in storage capacitance in electric charge form. Since there is no option available for replenishing the electric charge on storage capacitor to prevent loss of information or data. One of the most acclaimed and accepted schemes toward effecting high retention time is by incorporating the leakage reduction technique which has becomes a part of dynamic random access memory. Semiconductor memory finds its application in almost all the electronics fields comprises data sensing, monitoring and data storing operation. In computer, tablet, cell phones, real time data acquisition system, healthcare, military and many more. In most of these applications there are requirements of data sense, preserve and processing in real time operation. In other words, this selection of memories based on the types of data stored in semiconductor memory i.e. temporary or permanent in many demanding applications. But leakage current play vital role after data storage operation in semiconductor memories. Due to leakage current there may be chances of loss of information and it affects the system performance. Hence a leakage reduction technique proves to be an excellent alternative with memory circuit for minimized the leakage current.

  • af Ayan Karmakar
    1.487,95 kr.

  • af V T Sreekumar
    286,95 kr.

    "Mastering Electronics Repair: A Practical Handbook for Beginners and Experts" is a comprehensive guide that covers everything from the basics of electronics to advanced repair techniques. Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced repair expert looking to expand your skills, this book has something for you.The book begins with an introduction to basic electronics principles, ensuring that even beginners can follow along. It then progresses to more advanced topics, such as troubleshooting techniques, component identification, and repair strategies for specific devices like power tools, appliances, and automotive systems.Each chapter is filled with detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions, and practical tips that make complex concepts easy to understand. The book also includes illustrations, diagrams, and photographs to help readers visualize the repair process.Whether you're repairing a simple circuit or tackling a complex electronic device, "Mastering Electronics Repair" will be your go-to resource. With this handbook in hand, you'll be able to confidently diagnose and fix a wide range of electronics issues, making it an indispensable tool for anyone interested in electronics repair.

  • af Alireza Mahzoon
    986,95 - 995,95 kr.

  • af Badong Chen
    1.092,95 - 1.101,95 kr.

  • af Stephen C. Thierauf
    1.497,95 - 1.504,95 kr.

    This leading-edge circuit design resource offers the knowledge needed to quickly pinpoint transmission problems that can compromise circuit design. Discusses both design and debug issues at gigabit per second data rates.

  • af Corrado Di Natale
    1.945,95 - 1.954,95 kr.

  • af P. Satish Rama Chowdary
    2.737,95 - 2.857,95 kr.

    This book discusses the latest developments and outlines future trends in the fields of microelectronics, electromagnetics and telecommunication. It contains original research works presented at the International Conference on Microelectronics, Electromagnetics and Telecommunication (ICMEET 2021), held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India during 27-28 August, 2021. The papers were written by scientists, research scholars and practitioners from leading universities, engineering colleges and R&D institutes from all over the world and share the latest breakthroughs in and promising solutions to the most important issues facing today's society.

  • af V V S S S Chakravarthy
    3.697,95 kr.

    The book discusses the latest developments and outlines future trends in the fields of microelectronics, electromagnetics, and telecommunication. It contains original research works presented at the International Conference on Microelectronics, Electromagnetics and Telecommunication (ICMEET 2023), organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology Mizoram, India, during 6¿7 October 2023. The book is divided into two volumes, and it covers papers written by scientists, research scholars, and practitioners from leading universities, engineering colleges, and R&D institutes from all over the world and shares the latest breakthroughs in and promising solutions to the most important issues facing today¿s society.

  • af Xiaojun Bi
    1.186,95 kr.

    This book presents various design theories and methodologies for silicon-based high-sensitivity broadband receivers, including millimeter-wave radiometer chips and photoelectric receivers, which are core elements in imaging systems, data centers, and telecommunication infrastructures. As a key module in application systems, the high-sensitivity broadband receiver, not only attracts the attention of engineers and researchers in the radio-frequency and optoelectronic fields, but also garners significant interest from other disciplines, including optics, communications, and security. The book introduces various silicon-based critical design technologies aim to overcome the limitations inherent in silicon devices, distinctly enhancing sensitivity with a broad bandwidth. These innovative design methodologies, initially proposed and subsequently validated through meticulous measurements, represent a pioneering contribution. The book provides readers with detailed insights into design intricacies and considerations. Its audience includes undergraduate and graduate students with a specific interest in RF/optoelectronic receiver technology, along with researchers and engineers engaged in the study of imaging systems, data centers, or other communication applications.

  • af Teruo Matsushita
    615,95 kr.

    This book leads students to learn electromagnetism and then moves to chapters about electric circuits. It aims to give an understanding of electromagnetism which gives a fast way to master the features of circuit elements such as resistors, capacitors, and coils that compose electric circuits. The author provides chapters on electromagnetism and electric circuits separately and gives a chapter explaining the correlation between them in detail.In the chapters for electric circuit, DC electric circuits, transient and steady response of AC electric circuits are treated. AC circuit theory is introduced for describing the phenomena in circuits. Theoretical treatments such as branch current method, closed current method, and node potential method are also introduced to show the validity of solution methods that have been used in the book. The book can serve as a compact textbook for lectures, as an introduction for hardware system and electric control systems, and mechanical systems. Chapters for electromagnetism or ones for electric circuits are suitable for a lecture over a semester.

  • af Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio
    691,95 kr.

    This book provides a single-source reference for any reader requiring basic and advanced information on wide bandgap semiconductors and related design topics. Focusing on practicability, it explains the principles of GaN and SiC semiconductors, manufacturing, characterization, market and design for key applications.

  • af Raimund Ubar
    2.377,95 kr.

    This is the first book that sums up test-related modeling of digital circuits and systems by a new structural-decision-diagrams model. The model represents structural and functional information jointly and opens a new area of research.The book introduces and discusses applications of two types of structural decision diagrams (DDs): low-level, structurally synthesized binary DDs (SSBDDs) and high-level DDs (HLDDs) that enable diagnostic modeling of complex digital circuits and systems.Topics and features:Provides the definition, properties and techniques for synthesis, compression and optimization of SSBDDs and HLDDsProvides numerous working examples that illustrate the key points of the textDescribes applications of SSBDDs and HLDDs for various electronic design automation (EDA) tasks, such as logic-level fault modeling and simulation, multi-valued simulation, timing-critical path identification, and test generationDiscusses the advantages of the proposed model to traditional binary decision diagrams and other traditional design representationsCombines SSBDDs with HLDDs for multi-level representation of digital systems for enabling hierarchical and cross-level solving of complex test-related tasksThis unique book is aimed at researchers working in the fields of computer science and computer engineering, focusing on test, diagnosis and dependability of digital systems. It can also serve as a reference for graduate- and advanced undergraduate-level computer engineering and electronics courses.Three authors are affiliated with the Dept. of Computer Systems at the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia: Raimund Ubar is a retired Professor, Jaan Raik and Maksim Jenihhin are tenured Professors. Artur Jutman, PhD, is a researcher at the same university and the CEO of Testonica Lab Ltd., Estonia.

  • af Marta Rencz
    911,95 kr.

    This book discusses the significant aspects of thermal transient testing, the most important method of thermal characterization of electronics available today. The book presents the theoretical background of creating structure functions from the measured results with mathematical details. It then shows how the method can be used for thermal qualification, structure integrity testing, determining material parameters, and calibrating simulation models. General practical questions about measurements are discussed to help beginners carry out thermal transient testing. The particular problems and tricks of measuring with various electronic components, such as Si diodes, bipolar transistors, MOS transistors, IGBT devices, resistors, capacitors, wide bandgap materials, and LEDs, are covered in detail with the help of various use cases. This hands-on book will enable readers to accomplish thermal transient testing on any new type of electronics and provides the theoretical details needed tounderstand the opportunities and limitations offered by the methodology. The book will be an invaluable reference for practicing engineers, students, and researchers.

  • af V T Sreekumar
    342,95 kr.

    Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of electronics with "E-Circuit Revolution," a comprehensive guide that transcends traditional boundaries and ushers you into the dynamic realm of online learning. This book is your passport to the future of electronic exploration, where circuits come to life in the digital landscape, and knowledge is crafted through the language of innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technologies.Navigating the Digital Landscape: "E-Circuit Revolution" opens the gateway to a new era in electronics education. From the fundamentals to advanced topics, this book is your virtual guide, providing a roadmap through the intricacies of online learning platforms, virtual laboratories, and collaborative communities. Explore the evolving language of online electronics and chart your course through a sea of possibilities.Building Strong Foundations: Set the foundation for your electronic journey by unravelling the basics of online learning. Dive into the language of virtual circuits, decode electronics jargon, and grasp the essentials that form the cornerstone of your online education. Learn not just by reading, but by doing, as you engage with hands-on simulations and practical exercises that fortify your understanding.Mastering Tools and Techniques: Equip yourself with a virtual toolbox filled with essential software and tools. The book guides you through the language of selecting the right resources, understanding their functionalities, and harnessing their power for optimal learning. Whether you're a novice or an experienced enthusiast, discover the tools that make online electronics accessible and engaging.Demystifying Advanced Topics: As the E-Circuit Revolution unfolds, delve into advanced topics that redefine the boundaries of electronics. From machine learning to the Internet of Things (IoT), and beyond, the language of innovation takes centre stage. Uncover the intricacies of augmented reality, blockchain technology, and edge computing, gaining insights into the future of electronic exploration.Collaboration in the Digital Realm: Connect with a global community of learners, makers, and professionals. The book explores the language of collaborative circuits, taking you through online forums, collaborative projects, and virtual hackathons. Navigate the challenges, seize the opportunities, and become an integral part of a collaborative symphony that propels the E-Circuit Revolution forward.Project Showcase and Beyond: Bring your electronic creations to life and showcase them on virtual stages. The book guides you through the language of project showcases, offering insights into effective communication, documentation, and engagement. Explore the power of visuals, schematic diagrams, and interactive demonstrations as you present your innovations to a global audience.Pioneering the E-Circuit Frontier: As you progress through the book, witness the emergence of trends and innovations that define the future of online electronics education. From integrated learning platforms to immersive virtual laboratories, and from blockchain-based credentials to community-driven education, embrace the pioneering spirit that propels you into the E-Circuit Frontier."E-Circuit Revolution: Navigating the World of Online Electronics" is not just a book; it's your companion in the electronic journey of a lifetime. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or seasoned professional, this guide opens doors to a world where circuits transcend physical boundaries, and the language of online electronics becomes a symphony of knowledge, innovation, and limitless possibilities. Join the revolution-navigate, innovate, and pioneer the future of electronic exploration!

  • af Anubhab Baksi
    1.221,95 kr.

    This book deals with the upcoming threat that may be posed by quantum computers on modern-day security standards, particularly those involving symmetric key ciphers. Considering the progress in the field of quantum computing over the past few years, there is an ever-growing need to analyze the ciphers that are being employed in ensuring security. The symmetric key ciphers are generally considered safe against quantum computers, though one must consider the possible impact due to Grover's search algorithm (that reduces the security claim to the square root bound of what is expected against a classical computer). This book consolidates all the major research works in one place and presents it with adequate clarity, making the subject matter easy to understand for seasoned researchers and students alike. It covers the prerequisite information, new research works (including some of the state of the art), thought-provoking problems for further research, and all the relevant source codes. This book is interesting to engineers, researchers, and students who work/study in the field of cryptography.

  • af Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi, Manjaree Pandit, Hari Mohan Dubey & mfl.
    2.160,95 - 2.909,95 kr.

  • af Van& Litovski
    524,95 - 858,95 kr.

  • af Dean Banerjee
    1.287,95 kr.

    This book is intended for the reader who whishes to gain a solid understanding of Phased Locked Loop fundamentals. It provides a unique balance that matches theoretical behavior with measured results. Engineers faced with real world design problems will find this book to be a valuable reference providing example implementations, underlying equations, and measured results. In this way, one can have confidence that the equation s truly model reality and can be trusted. The sixth edition is very similar to the fifth edition with the exception that several errata have been corrected.

  • af Weijie Yuan
    1.306,95 - 1.666,95 kr.

    This book focuses on the receiver design issue in high spectral efficiency communication systems, which is one of the main research directions in beyond 5G and 6G era. In particular, this book studies two technologies to improve the spectral efficiency, i.e., FTN signaling which transmits more data information in the same time period and NOMA scheme which supports more users with the same resource elements. Different commonly used channel propagation conditions are considered, and advanced signal processing algorithms have been developed for designing receivers, which is suitable for low-complexity receiver design in engineering practice. Moreover, this book discusses possible solutions to further increase spectral efficiency and propose practical receivers in such scenarios. It benefits researchers, engineers, and students in the fields of wireless communications and signal processing.

  • af Ali Iranmanesh
    1.032,95 - 1.327,95 kr.

  • af Athanasios T. Ramkaj
    1.189,95 - 1.198,95 kr.

  • af Francesco Bellotti
    1.732,95 kr.

    This book provides a thorough overview of cutting-edge research on electronics applications relevant to industry, the environment, and society at large. It covers a broad spectrum of application domains, from automotive to space and from health to security, while devoting special attention to the use of embedded devices and sensors for imaging, communication, and control. The book is based on the 2023 ApplePies Conference, held in Genoa, Italy, in September 2023, which brought together researchers and stakeholders to consider the most significant current trends in the field of applied electronics and to debate visions for the future. Areas addressed by the conference included information communication technology; biotechnology and biomedical imaging; space; secure, clean, and efficient energy; the environment; and smart, green, and integrated transport. As electronics technology continues to develop apace, constantly meeting previously unthinkable targets, further attention needs tobe directed toward the electronics applications and the development of systems that facilitate human activities. This book, written by industrial and academic professionals, represents a valuable contribution in this endeavor.

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