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Elektronik: kredse og komponenter

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  • af Sadik Kakaç, Hafit Yüncü & K. Hijikata
    3.173,95 kr.

    Electronic technology is developing rapidly and, with it, the problems associated with the cooling of microelectronic equipment are becoming increasingly complex. So much so that it is necessary for experts in the fluid and thermal sciences to become involved with the cooling problem. Such thoughts as these led to an approach to leading specialists with a request to contribute to the present book. Cooling of Electronic Systems presents the technical progress achieved in the fundamentals of the thermal management of electronic systems and thermal strategies for the design of microelectronic equipment. The book starts with an introduction to the cooling of electronic systems, involving such topics as trends in computer system cooling, the cooling of high performance computers, thermal design of microelectronic components, natural and forced convection cooling, cooling by impinging air and liquid jets, thermal control systems for high speed computers, together with a detailed review of advances in manufacturing and assembly technology. Following this, practical methods for the determination of the parameters required for the thermal analysis of electronic systems and the accurate prediction of temperature in consumer electronics. Cooling of Electronic Systems is currently the most up-to-date book on the thermal management of electronic and microelectronic equipment, and the subject is presented by eminent scientists and experts in the field. Vital reading for all designers of modern, high-speed computers.

  • af Huafeng Xiao
    1.217,95 kr.

    This book is essential and valuable reference for graduate students and academics majored in power electronics, engineers engaged in developing distributed grid-connected inverters, and senior undergraduate students majored in electrical engineering and automation engineering. Soft-switching (SS) technique is an important way to achieve high conversion efficiency and high switching frequency for power converters, which is beneficial to improve power density and reduce volume and cost of power electronics equipment. This book mainly discusses SS technique for transformerless grid-connected inverters (TLIs), and a SS configuration named as "e;Freewheeling-Resonance-Tank Inverters"e; is proposed for TLIs fulfilling requirements of switching loss-free, full power factor range, and constant common-mode voltage performance. The detailed theoretical analysis and experimental validations are presented from ZCT and ZVT type topologies, respectively. 

  • af Xiong Du
    1.217,95 kr.

    This book focuses on the thermal reliability of power semiconductor device by looking at the failure mechanism, thermal parameters monitoring, junction temperature estimation, lifetime evaluation, and thermal management. Theoretical analysis and experimental tests are presented to explain existing reliability improvement techniques. This book is a valuable reference for the students and researchers who pay attention to the thermal reliability design of power semiconductor device. 

  • af Junping Geng
    1.047,95 kr.

    This book investigates in detail the generalized principle of the pattern multiplication (GPPM) and its application to new phased array with high performances. It introduces the generalized element factor (GEF) to small aperture with multi-modes. Based on the GEF, the GPPM can be used to construct the wide-angle scanning array with the dual-port phase mode antenna. Further, a dual-port phase mode SSPPs antenna is proposed to scan in 3D free space. It is extended to two kinds of 1D arrays with 4 elements; both of them perform good 3D scanning with high gain and large range, which will improve future radar design and wireless communication. This book proposes a new method to develop the potentialities of the GPPM and the new phase array. And the readers can study the method or ideas of the GEF, GPPM, even graft the methods to new phase mode antenna and array. It is intended for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in new phase mode antenna and array technology, researchers investigating high-performance antenna, and antenna design engineers working on phase array applications.

  • af Trupti Ranjan Lenka
    1.302,95 kr.

    This book covers two broad domains: state-of-the-art research in GaN HEMT and Ga2O3 HEMT. Each technology covers materials system, band engineering, modeling and simulations, fabrication techniques, and emerging applications. The book presents basic operation principles of HEMT, types of HEMT structures, and semiconductor device physics to understand the device behavior. The book presents numerical modeling of the device and TCAD simulations for high-frequency and high-power applications. The chapters include device characteristics of HEMT including 2DEG density, Id-Vgs, Id-Vds, transconductance, linearity, and C-V. The book emphasizes the state-of-the-art fabrication techniques of HEMT and circuit design for various applications in low noise amplifier, oscillator, power electronics, and biosensor applications. The book focuses on HEMT applications to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry, innovation in terms of materials, design, modeling, simulation, processes, and circuits. The book will be primarily helpful to undergraduate/postgraduate, researchers, and practitioners in their research.

  • af Anshuman Tripathi
    2.202,95 kr.

    This book compiles the best selected research papers presented during the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Computing Techniques for Smart Energy Systems (ICTSES 2021), held at Manipal University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It presents the diligent work of the research community where intelligent computing techniques are applied in allied fields of engineering ranging from engineering materials to electrical engineering to electronics and communication engineering- to computer-related fields. The theoretical research concepts are supported with extensive reviews highlighting the trends in the possible and real-life applications of computational intelligence. The high-quality content with broad range of the topics is thoroughly peer-reviewed and published on suitable recommendations.

  • af P. Satish Rama Chowdary
    2.202,95 kr.

    This book discusses the latest developments and outlines future trends in the fields of microelectronics, electromagnetics and telecommunication. It contains original research works presented at the International Conference on Microelectronics, Electromagnetics and Telecommunication (ICMEET 2021), held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India during 27-28 August, 2021. The papers were written by scientists, research scholars and practitioners from leading universities, engineering colleges and R&D institutes from all over the world and share the latest breakthroughs in and promising solutions to the most important issues facing today's society.

  • af Mohamed M. Sabry Aly
    1.217,95 kr.

    The book covers a range of topics dealing with emerging computing technologies which are being developed in response to challenges faced due to scaling CMOS technologies. It provides a sneak peek into the capabilities unleashed by these technologies across the complete system stack, with contributions by experts discussing device technology, circuit, architecture and design automation flows. Presenting a gradual progression of the individual sub-domains and the open research and adoption challenges, this book will be of interest to industry and academic researchers, technocrats and policymakers.Chapters "e;Innovative Memory Architectures Using Functionality Enhanced Devices"e; and "e;Intelligent Edge Biomedical Sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT) Era"e; are available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via

  • af Selahattin Sayil
    690,95 kr.

    This textbook provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to various noise sources that significantly reduce performance and reliability in nanometer-scale integrated circuits. The author covers different types of noise, such as crosstalk noise caused by signal switching of adjacent wires, power supply noise or IR voltage drop in the power line due to simultaneous buffer / gate switching events, substrate coupling noise, radiation-induced transients, thermally induced noise and noise due to process and environmental Coverages also includes the relationship between some of these noise sources, as well as compound effects, and modeling and mitigation of noise mechanisms.

  • af Amal Banerjee
    690,95 kr.

    This book presents a novel, automated, accurate and unified scheme to design and determine the performance characteristics of standalone planar, spiral inductors and multiple coupled planar spiral inductors (as in embedded transformers), for RF/microwave MMIC designers. The author demonstrates with a set of analysis/design examples a novel scheme that exploits judiciously the existing transmission theory and concepts, organizing and condensing available, scattered information/knowledge about planar spiral inductor, embedded planar transformer and planar antenna design and performance evaluation, into one coherent and unified electronic circuit model easily used by radio frequency electronic circuit engineers. A dedicated chapter contains an exhaustive (19) set of design examples.Presents a bottom-up scheme, starting with  Maxwell's equations of classical electrodynamics and transmission line theory (Telegrapher's equation), specifically microstrips;Demonstrates design of standalone planar, spiral inductors and multiple coupled planar spiral inductors;Includes a  set of ready-to-use, C executables (for both Linux and Windows) , that accept predefined input parameters for each of the sub-circuits discussed and generate SPICE netlists for the equivalent electrical circuit;Automates execution of multi-step design calculations to guarantee their accuracy and reliability.

  • af Karim Abbas
    938,95 kr.

    This book uses digital radios as a challenging design example, generalized to bridge a typical gap between designers who work on algorithms and those who work to implement those algorithms on silicon. The author shows how such a complex system can be moved from high-level characterization to a form that is ready for hardware implementation. Along the way, readers learn a lot about how algorithm designers can benefit from knowing the hardware they target and how hardware designers can benefit from a familiarity with the algorithm. The book shows how a high-level description of an algorithm can be migrated to a fixed-point block diagram with a well-defined cycle accurate architecture and a fully documented controller. This can significantly reduce the length of the hardware design cycle and can improve its outcomes. Ultimately, the book presents an explicit design flow that bridges the gap between algorithm design and hardware design.Provides a guide to baseband radio design for Wi-Fi and cellular systems, from an implementation-focused, perspective;Explains how arithmetic is moved to hardware and what the cost of each operation is in terms of delay, area and power;Enables strategic architectural decisions based on the algorithm, available processing units and design requirements.

  • af Naresh Kumar Sehgal
    938,95 kr.

    This book provides readers with an overview of Cloud Computing, starting with historical background on mainframe computers and early networking protocols, leading to current concerns such as hardware and systems security, performance, emerging areas of IoT, Edge Computing, and healthcare etc.  Readers will benefit from the in-depth discussion of cloud computing usage and the underlying architectures.  The authors explain carefully the "e;why's and how's"e; of Cloud Computing, so engineers will find this book an invaluable source of information to the topic.  This third edition includes new material on Cloud Computing Scalability, as well as best practices for using dynamic cloud infrastructure, and cloud operations management with cost optimizations.  Several new examples and analysis of cloud security have been added, including ARM architecture and https protocol.Provides practical guidance for software developers engaged in migrating in-house applications to Public Cloud;Describes for IT managers how to improve their Cloud Computing infrastructures;Includes coverage of security concerns with Cloud operating models;Uses several case studies to illustrate the "e;why's and how's"e; of using the Cloud;Examples and options to improve Cloud Computing Scalability. 

  • af Muhammad Hassan
    855,95 kr.

    This book describes a comprehensive combination of methodologies that strongly enhance the modern Virtual Prototype (VP)-based verification flow for heterogeneous systems-on-chip (SOCs). In particular, the book combines verification and analysis aspects across various stages of the VP-based verification flow, providing a new perspective on verification by leveraging advanced techniques, like metamorphic testing, data flow testing, and information flow testing. In addition, the book puts a strong emphasis on advanced coverage-driven methodologies to verify the functional behavior of the SOC as well as ensure its security.Provides an extensive introduction to the modern VP-based verification flow for heterogeneous SOCs;Introduces a novel metamorphic testing technique for heterogeneous SOCs which does not require reference models;Includes automated advanced data flow coverage-driven methodologies tailored for SystemC/AMS-based VPs;Describes enhanced functional coverage-driven methodologies to verify various functional behaviors of RF amplifiers.

  • af Ibrahim A. Bello
    707,95 kr.

    This book provides a detailed overview of detection algorithms for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications systems focusing on their hardware realisation. The book begins by analysing the maximum likelihood detector, which provides the optimal bit error rate performance in an uncoded communications system. However, the maximum likelihood detector experiences a high complexity that scales exponentially with the number of antennas, which makes it impractical for real-time communications systems. The authors proceed to discuss lower-complexity detection algorithms such as zero-forcing, sphere decoding, and the K-best algorithm, with the aid of detailed algorithmic analysis and several MATLAB code examples. Furthermore, different design examples of MIMO detection algorithms and their hardware implementation results are presented and discussed. Finally, an ASIC design flow for implementing MIMO detection algorithms in hardware is provided, including the system simulation and modelling steps and register transfer level modelling using hardware description languages.Provides an overview of MIMO detection algorithms and discusses their corresponding hardware implementations in detail;Highlights architectural considerations of MIMO detectors in achieving low power consumption and high throughput;Discusses design tradeoffs that will guide readers' efforts when implementing MIMO algorithms in hardware;Describes a broad range of implementations of different MIMO detectors, enabling readers to make informed design decisions based on their application requirements.

  • af Rafael Luciano Radin
    707,95 kr.

    This book provides design-oriented models for the implementation of ultra-low-voltage energy harvesting converters, covering the modeling of building blocks such oscillators, rectifiers, charge pumps and inductor-based converters that can operate with very low supply voltages, typically under 100 mV. Analyses based on the diode and MOSFET models are included in the text to allow the operation of energy harvesters from voltages of the order of 100 mV or much less, with satisfactory power efficiency. The practical realization of different converters is also addressed, clarifying the design trade-offs of ultra-low voltage (ULV) circuits operating from few millivolts.Offers readers a state-of-the-art revision for ultra-low voltage (ULV) energy harvesting converters;Provides analog IC designers with proper models for the implementation of circuits and building blocks of energy harvesters, such as oscillators, rectifiers, and inductor-based converters, operating under ultra-low voltages;Addresses the design of energy harvesters operating from ultra-low voltages, enabling autonomous operation of connected devices driven by human energy;Demonstrates design and implementation of integrated ULV up-converters;Includes semiconductor modeling for ULV operation.

  • af Guillermo Huerta Cuellar
    1.981,95 kr.

    This book is a compilation of scientific articles written by recognized researchers, and select students, participating in the Second Conference on the Study of Complex Systems and their Applications (EDIESCA 2021). EDIESCA 2021 arose from the need for academic and research groups that carry out this scientific research to disseminate their results internationally. The study and characterization of systems with non-linear and/or chaotic behavior has been of great interest to researchers around the world, for which many important results have been obtained with various applications. The dynamic study of chaotic oscillators of different models, such as Rossler, Lorenz, and Chua, has generated important advances in understanding of chemical reactions, meteorological behavior, design of electronic devices, and other applications. Topics at the event included applications for communications systems by masking techniques, financial behavior, networks analysis, nonlinear lasers, numerical modeling, electronic design, and other interesting topics in the area of complex systems. Additionally, there are results on numerical simulation and electronic designs to generate complex dynamic behaviors.

  • af Farzin Asadi
    715,95 kr.

    This book explains and focuses on analysis of electric circuits using an up-to-date software package. The book is filled with examples that students will see throughout a standard electric circuit course. This book is a good source to accompany and complete theoretical work of professors. The author provides a single-source for anyone who needs to analyse an electric circuit.

  • af Burkhard Vogel
    1.021,95 kr.

    This book features an extensive index and all Mathcad worksheets.Vinyl is back, tubes/valves are back, on the high-end field SMD-free analog amplification surpasses digitalized chains, and top microphone manufacturers still set on good old op-amps or on fully discrete BJT, FET, and/or tube-driven amplifiers. There is only one problem that is not satisfyingly well solved by the manufacturers: It is the noise production of the active components and the useful reflection in simulation tools, in tables or graphs of the datasheets/data books.Nowadays, mostly surrounded by many digital helping tools, it makes sense using them-also by analog aficionados. It saves cost and time simulating first before spending money. Presented in this book the software tool LTSpice which is the free software solution from Linear Technology (today Analog Devices) that could also be used by full analog lovers to simulate the noise production of their amplifier design. All we need is the right creation approach to develop simulation models for the active components. Inter alia this is already done for tubes and BJTs in the 2nd editions of my "e;How to Gain Gain"e; and "e;Balanced Phono-Amps"e; books. For op-amps, the missing approaches are presented in the book on hand.It cannot be denied that mathematical software like Mathcad is extremely helpful to find the right equations for graphically presented noise curves which we can find in the literature. Nevertheless, it also works well with other types of math software to fulfill the parameter needs of the here presented modeling approaches for the input referred voltage and current noise of-not only-excellent sounding vintage op-amps, applicable in the audio range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz.

  • af Sameer Sonkusale
    770,95 kr.

    This book provides readers with an introduction to the materials and devices necessary for flexible sensors and electronics, followed by common techniques for fabrication of such devices and system-level integration. Key insights into fabrication and processing will guide readers through the tradeoff choices in designing such platforms. A comprehensive review of two specific, flexible bioelectronic platforms, related to smart bandages for wound monitoring and thread-based diagnostics for wearable health, will demonstrate practical application at the system level.  The book also provides a unique electrical engineering perspective by reviewing circuit architectures for low noise signal conditioning of weak signals from sensors,, and for low power analog to digital converters for signal acquisition. To achieve energy autonomy, authors provide several example of CMOS energy harvesting front end circuits and voltage boosters. Beyond circuit architectures, the book also provides a review of the modern theory of sampling and recovery of sparse signals, also known as compressed sensing. They then highlight how these principles can be leveraged for design and implementation of efficient signal acquisition hardware and reliable processing of acquired data for flexible electronic platforms.

  • af Weiqiang Liu
    1.100,95 kr.

    This book explores the technological developments at various levels of abstraction, of the new paradigm of approximate computing. The authors describe in a single-source the state-of-the-art, covering the entire spectrum of research activities in approximate computing, bridging device, circuit, architecture, and system levels.  Content includes tutorials, reviews and surveys of current theoretical/experimental results, design methodologies and applications developed in approximate computing for a wide scope of readership and specialists.Serves as a single-source reference to state-of-the-art of approximate computing;Covers broad range of topics, from circuits to applications;Includes contributions by leading researchers, from academia and industry.

  • af Lennart Bamberg
    1.100,95 kr.

    This book describes the first comprehensive approach to the optimization of interconnect architectures in 3D systems on chips (SoCs), specially addressing the challenges and opportunities arising from heterogeneous integration. Readers learn about the physical implications of using heterogeneous 3D technologies for SoC integration, while also learning to maximize the 3D-technology gains, through a physical-effect-aware architecture design. The book provides a deep theoretical background covering all abstraction-levels needed to research and architect tomorrow's 3D-integrated circuits, an extensive set of optimization methods (for power, performance, area, and yield), as well as an open-source optimization and simulation framework for fast exploration of novel designs.

  • af Veena S. Chakravarthi
    855,95 kr.

    SoC Physical Design is a comprehensive practical guide for VLSI designers that thoroughly examines and explains the practical physical design flow of system on chip (SoC). The book covers the rationale behind making design decisions on power, performance, and area (PPA) goals for SoC and explains the required design environment algorithms, design flows, constraints, handoff procedures, and design infrastructure requirements in achieving them. The book reveals challenges likely to be faced at each design process and ways to address them in practical design environments. Advanced topics on 3D ICs, EDA trends, and SOC trends are discussed in later chapters. Coverage also includes advanced physical design techniques followed for deep submicron SOC designs. The book provides aspiring VLSI designers, practicing design engineers, and electrical engineering students with a solid background on the complex physical design requirements of SoCs which are required to contribute effectively in design roles.

  • af Shivkumar V. Iyer
    855,95 kr.

    This book describes the role of magnetism in electrical engineering, starting from the most basic laws of physics, converted into simulation models such that electrical engineering students can learn by example and practice. The author demystifies a topic that many electrical engineers take for granted, providing readers the tools to be able to understand how any magnetic component works. He describes magnetic components like inductors and transformers in simple understandable language. Mathematical equations related to the basic laws of physics are described in detail along with the physical significance of the equations. Every application is supported by a simulation. All simulations are performed using free and open source software based on Python making the material in this book universally accessible. 

  • af Shahzad Muzaffar
    770,95 kr.

    This book discusses single-channel, device-to-device communication in the Internet of Things (IoT) at the signal encoding level and introduces a new family of encoding techniques that result in significant simplifications of the communication circuitry. These simplifications translate into lower power consumption, smaller form factors, and dynamic data rates that are tolerant to clock discrepancies between transmitter and receiver. Readers will be introduced to signal encoding that uses edge-coded signaling, based on the coding of binary data as counts of transmitted pulses. The authors fully explore the far-reaching implications of these novel signal-encoding techniques and illustrate how their usage can help minimize the need for complex circuitries for either clock and data recovery or duty-cycle correction. They also provide a detailed description of a complete ecosystem of hardware and firmware built around edge-code signaling. The ecosystem comprises an application-specific processor, automatic protocol configuration, power and data rate management, cryptographic primitives, and automatic failure recovery modes. The innovative IoT communication link and its associated ecosystem are fully in line with the standard IoT requirements on power, footprint, security, robustness, and reliability.

  • af Alberto Bosio
    990,95 kr.

    This book serves as a single-source reference to the latest advances in Approximate Computing (AxC), a promising technique for increasing performance or reducing the cost and power consumption of a computing system. The authors discuss the different AxC design and validation techniques, and their integration. They also describe real AxC applications, spanning from mobile to high performance computing and also safety-critical applications.  

  • af Valentin Asanbayev
    1.431,95 kr.

    This book attempts to eliminate the existing "e;imbalance"e; between the theory of electric machines and the theory of electromagnetic fields. In order to develop viable methods for engineering calculations, the author applies field equations. The resulting, new methods consist of traditional calculation elements represented in a refined form (circuit-loops, parameters, equivalent circuits and voltage equations). These calculation methods should be effective both for researchers and engineering practitioners, especially, in relation to the modern electric machines, such as powerful turbine generators, large high-speed synchronous motors, etc. 

  • af Mohamad Sawan
    7.332,95 kr.

    This book provides a broad survey of the field of biochips, including fundamentals of microelectronics and biomaterials interaction with various, living tissues, as well as numerous, diverse applications. Although a wide variety of biochips will be described, there will be a focus on those at the brain-machine interface. Analysis is included of the relationship between different categories of biochips and their interactions with the body and coverage includes wireless remote control of biochips and arrays of microelectrodes, based on new biomaterials.

  • af Wei Yan, Jun Sun, Yang Zhao, mfl.
    588,95 - 727,95 kr.

  • af Ghanshyam Singh & Isha Malhotra
    825,95 kr.

    This book covers terahertz antenna technology for imaging and sensing, along with its various applications. The authors discuss the use of terahertz frequency and photoconductive antenna technology for imaging applications, such as biological and bio-medical applications, non-destructive inspection of fabrics and plastics, analysis of hydration levels or detecting the presence of metallic components in samples, and detecting a variety of materials with unique spectral fingerprints in the terahertz frequency range, such as different types of explosives or several compounds used in the fabrication of medicines.Provides a comprehensive review of terahertz source and detector for imaging and sensing;Discusses photoconductive antenna technology for imaging and sensing;Presents modalities for improving the photoconductive dipole antenna performance for imaging and sensing;Explores applications in tomographic imaging, art conservation and the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.

  • af Khaled Salah Mohamed
    524,95 kr.

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