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Akustisk teknologi og lydteknik

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  • af Mike Senior
    397,95 - 1.361,95 kr.

  • af Lin X. Cai, Bin Lin, Jianli Duan & mfl.
    1.127,95 kr.

  • af William H. Watkins
    728,95 kr.

  • af Woon Siong Gan
    1.319,95 kr.

    This book highlights the theories and applications of quantum acoustical imaging which can be considered as a part of quantum technology. It starts with the theories and background principles of this new field in depth.The examples of some present forms of available acoustical imaging which can be considered as quantum acoustical imaging are given such as ultrasonics in the terahertz range with the use of optical transducers for producing terahertz ultrasound and the theory of sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (SASER) and principles based on terahertz ultrasound. The SASER transducer is described, followed by the applications of SASER.Other examples of quantum acoustical imaging are the atomic force acoustic microscope (AFAM) and the ultrasonic force microscope. The author's personal inventions of quantum acoustical imaging are a system based on phonons entanglement based on the quantum property of phonons entanglement and the quantum ultrasound diffraction tomography system.The advantage of quantum acoustical imaging is the defeat of the classical Rayleigh image resolution limit. An unique feature of this book is that it has gone in depth into the quantum theories of acoustical imaging such as phonons entanglement,,superposition principle and the application of transport theory.Quantum microphones and quantum transducers are also introduced with a final chapter on quantum image processing.

  • af Naveen Garg
    1.760,95 kr.

  • af Timothy J. Mason & Mircea Vinatoru
    638,95 - 792,95 kr.

  • af Nalini Vadivelu, Alan David Kaye, Jinlei Li & mfl.
    1.152,95 kr.

    Written by experts in the field, this concise and evidence-based ultrasound text includes key topics ranging from the head and neck to the upper and lower extremity, covering all the clinically relevant sonoanatomy. This 33-chapter book emphasizes the practical use of ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of conditions in various specialty areas such as airway management, cardiovascular disease assessment, pulmonary status evaluation, orthopedics, gynecology and pediatrics. The optimal techniques and the step-by-step interpretation of normal and pathologic sonoanatomy are discussed in detail. This text can be used as a starting point for the study of ultrasound guided diagnosis and treatment, a refresher manual for sonoanatomy on major organ systems, or a last-minute guide before a bedside procedure. There is a great breadth of material that is covered in a comprehensive manner, making it a great resource for board review and exam preparation for various medical, surgical and allied specialties. Unique and pragmatic, Ultrasound Fundamentals is a back to basics manual on normal and pathologic sonoanatomy of head and neck, upper and lower extremity, chest, abdomen and other major organ systems

  • af Oleg Ivanovich Zavalishin, Dmitry Alexandrovich Zatuchny & Yury Grigorievich Shatrakov
    828,95 kr.

    This book presents a technical solution to ensuring the noise immunity of navigation systems in civil aviation aircrafts at the stages of their terminal procedures. It highlights instrumental precision approaches to landing and landing in automatic mode using satellite and inertial radio navigation systems and ground-based augmentation used as the primary means, in accordance with the ICAO requirements. The book is intended for engineering and technical specialists engaged in the development, manufacture and operation of on-board radio electronic systems of aircrafts and ground-based radio engineering support for flights, as well as graduate students and senior students of radio engineering specialties. It is also useful for professionals whose activities are related to air traffic control.

  • af N. Chari, Prasad Mukkavilli & Laxminarayana Parayitam
    1.027,95 kr.

  • af R. M. Crawford
    3.436,95 kr.

  • af Baron John William Strutt Rayleigh
    377,95 kr.

  • af Xi Shao
    1.472,95 kr.

    The book presents selected papers at the 9th Conference on Sound and Music Technology (CSMT) held virtually in June 2022, organized by Zhejiang University, China. CSMT is a multidisciplinary conference focusing on audio processing and understanding with bias on music and acoustic signals. The primary aim of the conference is to promote the collaboration between art society and technical society in China. In this book, the paper included covers a wide range topic from speech, signal processing, music understanding, machine learning, and signal processing for advanced medical diagnosis and treatment applications, which demonstrates the target of CSMT merging arts and science research together. Its content caters to scholars, researchers, engineers, artists, and education practitioners not only from academia but also industry, who are interested in audio/acoustics analysis signal processing, music, sound, and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • - Localization, Tracking, and Formation
    af Jing Yan
    1.227,95 kr.

    Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are emerging as a promising solution to help us explore and understand the ocean. The global market for AUVs is predicted to grow from 638 million dollars in 2020 to 1,638 million dollars by 2025 - a compound annual growth rate of 20.8 percent. To make AUVs suitable for a wider range of application-specific missions, it is necessary to deploy multiple AUVs to cooperatively perform the localization, tracking and formation tasks. However, weak underwater acoustic communication and the model uncertainty of AUVs make achieving this challenging. This book presents cutting-edge results regarding localization, tracking and formation for AUVs, highlighting the latest research on commonly encountered AUV systems. It also showcases several joint localization and tracking solutions for AUVs. Lastly, it discusses future research directions and provides guidance on the design of future localization, tracking and formation schemes for AUVs. Representing a substantial contribution to nonlinear system theory, robotic control theory, and underwater acoustic communication system, this book will appeal to university researchers, scientists, engineers, and graduate students in control theory and control engineering who wish to learn about the core principles, methods, algorithms, and applications of AUVs. Moreover, the practical localization, tracking and formation schemes presented provide guidance on exploring the ocean. The book is intended for those with an understanding of nonlinear system theory, robotic control theory, and underwater acoustic communication systems.

  • af Axel Baumann
    832,95 kr.

    Caused by downsizing of combustion engines, the torque fluctuation at the crankshaft induces torsional vibrations in the powertrain. Manual transmissions and dual clutch transmissions are particularly sensitive to gear-rattle noise. Gear-rattle noise arises from oscillations of loose parts with clearance, e.g. idler gears, synchronizer rings and gearshift sleeves. The aim of this research is the formulation of a gear oil for the application in a manual transmission to minimize gear rattling noise. Acoustic measurements on a gear-rattle noise test bench verify the noise reduction of the developed gear oils with commonly used low oil viscosity. An analysis of the transmission error proves that gear tooth impacts during rattling lead to elastic deformation of the meshing gear pairs. The main source for the intensity of gear-rattle noise is the additional presence of meshing impacts at the beginning of each gear pair meshing. Gear-rattle noise reduction can be achieved by avoiding meshing impacts, e.g. by minimizing the traction coefficient of the gear oil.

  • af Denton J. Dailey
    417,95 kr.

    This updated, augmented third edition is aimed at hobbyists, students, engineers, and others who would like to learn more about the design and operation of electronic circuits used by guitarists. This book presents accessible qualitative and quantitative descriptions and analysis of a wide range of popular amplifier and effects circuits, along with basic design techniques allowing the reader to design their own circuits. The new edition further includes several additional circuits and topics suggested by readers of the previous editions, including noise gates, analog multipliers, the effects loop,  and additional tube amplifier design examples. 

  • af Burkhard Vogel
    1.020,95 kr.

    This book features an extensive index and all Mathcad worksheets.Vinyl is back, tubes/valves are back, on the high-end field SMD-free analog amplification surpasses digitalized chains, and top microphone manufacturers still set on good old op-amps or on fully discrete BJT, FET, and/or tube-driven amplifiers. There is only one problem that is not satisfyingly well solved by the manufacturers: It is the noise production of the active components and the useful reflection in simulation tools, in tables or graphs of the datasheets/data books.Nowadays, mostly surrounded by many digital helping tools, it makes sense using them-also by analog aficionados. It saves cost and time simulating first before spending money. Presented in this book the software tool LTSpice which is the free software solution from Linear Technology (today Analog Devices) that could also be used by full analog lovers to simulate the noise production of their amplifier design. All we need is the right creation approach to develop simulation models for the active components. Inter alia this is already done for tubes and BJTs in the 2nd editions of my "e;How to Gain Gain"e; and "e;Balanced Phono-Amps"e; books. For op-amps, the missing approaches are presented in the book on hand.It cannot be denied that mathematical software like Mathcad is extremely helpful to find the right equations for graphically presented noise curves which we can find in the literature. Nevertheless, it also works well with other types of math software to fulfill the parameter needs of the here presented modeling approaches for the input referred voltage and current noise of-not only-excellent sounding vintage op-amps, applicable in the audio range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz.

  • af Noé Jiménez
    1.227,95 kr.

    This book delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of practical applications of metamaterials, structured media, and conventional porous materials. With increasing levels of urbanization, a growing demand for motorized transport, and inefficient urban planning, environmental noise exposure is rapidly becoming a pressing societal and health concern. Phononic and sonic crystals, acoustic metamaterials, and metasurfaces can revolutionize noise and vibration control and, in many cases, replace traditional porous materials for these applications.In this collection of contributed chapters, a group of international researchers reviews the essentials of acoustic wave propagation in metamaterials and porous absorbers with viscothermal losses, as well as the most recent advances in the design of acoustic metamaterial absorbers. The book features a detailed theoretical introduction describing commonly used modelling techniques such as plane wave expansion, multiple scattering theory, and the transfer matrix method. The following chapters give a detailed consideration of acoustic wave propagation in viscothermal fluids and porous media, and the extension of this theory to non-local models for fluid saturated metamaterials, along with a description of the relevant numerical methods. Finally, the book reviews a range of practical industrial applications, making it especially attractive as a white book targeted at the building, automotive, and aeronautic industries.

  • af Marin Marinov & Janene Piip
    1.327,95 kr.

  • af Yong-Ping Zheng & Yongjin Zhou
    778,95 kr.

  • af Niaz Ahmed & Yi Lou
    517,95 kr.

  • af Choi-Keung Ng
    1.057,95 kr.

    Preoperative and intraoperative echocardiography has become an indispensable tool for guiding mitral valve surgery and has fostered the development of many innovative surgical techniques. Mitral valvuloplasty is now an established surgical method for the treatment of mitral insufficiency but the success is largely dependent on the extent of the underlying disease of the mitral valve. The book by Dr. Ng and coauthors is an extraordinary presentation of the relation between echocardiographic display of mitral valve pathology and reconstructive mitral valve surgery. The atlas provides an excellent illustrative guide to teach echocardiographic-anatomic correlations and educates the reader on the techniques of mitral valve repair. The quality of the illustrations, particularly the surgical photographs is exquisite. The book will be helpful for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

  • af Yurii Meshcheryakov
    1.127,95 kr.

  • af Michael Bull & Marcel Cobussen
    528,95 kr.

  • af Keith Attenborough & Timothy Van Renterghem
    629,95 kr.

    Predicting Outdoor Sound provides a scholarly yet practical examination for acoustical engineers of the phenomena that affect outdoor sound close to the ground and its prediction.

  • af Gang Tao, Dipankar Deb & Jason Burkholder
    1.227,95 kr.

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