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Algoritmer og datastrukturer

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  • - Et essay om algoritmer og begær
    af Lena Lindgren
    177,95 - 247,95 kr.

    I 2000-tallet møder vi Ekko i medieteknologien; i virale memes, shitstorme, hekseprocesser og ekkokamre. Den, der får algoritmerne på sin side, vinder opmærksomheds- økonomiens største trofæ: at blive set. Og Ekkos store kærlighed var Narcissus; ham, der druknede i sit eget spejlbillede.I dette essay fletter Lena Lindgren politik, mytologi, psykologi og videnskab sammen med scener fra Silicon Valley. Ekko er en samtidsdiagnose og tanker om nogle af de mest afgørende spørgsmål i vores tid – et forsøg på at skildre menneskehedens blind date med kunstig intelligens.Lena Lindgren (f.1969) bor i Oslo. Hun er til daglig politisk kommentator i Morgenbladet. Ekko – et essay om algoritmer og begær vandt Brageprisen 2021 i Norge.“Lena Lindgren følger sporene som en detektiv. Og det er spændende som en thriller.”– Juryens begrundelse, Brageprisen”… det er strålende tænkt og førsteklasses essayistik.”Kjetil Røed, Vårt Land”Anbefales på det stærkeste!”Marius Wulfsberg, Dagbladet

  • af Christopher M. Bishop
    767,95 kr.

    This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the central ideas that underpin deep learning. It is intended both for newcomers to machine learning and for those already experienced in the field. Covering key concepts relating to contemporary architectures and techniques, this essential book equips readers with a robust foundation for potential future specialization. The field of deep learning is undergoing rapid evolution, and therefore this book focusses on ideas that are likely to endure the test of time.The book is organized into numerous bite-sized chapters, each exploring a distinct topic, and the narrative follows a linear progression, with each chapter building upon content from its predecessors. This structure is well-suited to teaching a two-semester undergraduate or postgraduate machine learning course, while remaining equally relevant to those engaged in active research or in self-study.A full understanding of machine learning requires some mathematical background and so the book includes a self-contained introduction to probability theory. However, the focus of the book is on conveying a clear understanding of ideas, with emphasis on the real-world practical value of techniques rather than on abstract theory. Complex concepts are therefore presented from multiple complementary perspectives including textual descriptions, diagrams, mathematical formulae, and pseudo-code.Chris Bishop is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft and is the Director of Microsoft Research AI4Science. He is a Fellow of Darwin College Cambridge, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Hugh Bishop is an Applied Scientist at Wayve, a deep learning autonomous driving company in London, where he designs and trains deep neural networks. He completed his MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence at Cambridge University.¿Chris Bishop wrote a terrific textbook on neural networks in 1995 and has a deep knowledge of the field and its core ideas. His many years of experience in explaining neural networks have made him extremely skillful at presenting complicated ideas in the simplest possible way and it is a delight to see these skills applied to the revolutionary new developments in the field.¿ -- Geoffrey Hinton"With the recent explosion of deep learning and AI as a research topic, and the quickly growing importance of AI applications, a modern textbook on the topic was badly needed. The "New Bishop" masterfully fills the gap, covering algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning, modern deep learning architecture families, as well as how to apply all of this to various application areas." ¿ Yann LeCun¿This excellent and very educational book will bring the reader up to date with the main concepts and advances in deep learning with a solid anchoring in probability. These concepts are powering current industrial AI systems and are likely to form the basis of further advances towards artificial general intelligence.¿ -- Yoshua Bengio

  • af Imran Ahmad
    542,95 kr.

    Delve into the realm of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) while exploring modern deep learning techniques, including LSTMs, GRUs, RNNs with new chapters included in this 50% new edition overhaulPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook in PDF format.Key FeaturesFamiliarize yourself with advanced deep learning architecturesExplore newer topics, such as handling hidden bias in data and algorithm explainabilityGet to grips with different programming algorithms and choose the right data structures for their optimal implementationBook DescriptionThe ability to use algorithms to solve real-world problems is a must-have skill for any developer or programmer. This book will help you not only to develop the skills to select and use an algorithm to tackle problems in the real world but also to understand how it works.You'll start with an introduction to algorithms and discover various algorithm design techniques, before exploring how to implement different types of algorithms, with the help of practical examples. As you advance, you'll learn about linear programming, page ranking, and graphs, and will then work with machine learning algorithms to understand the math and logic behind them.Case studies will show you how to apply these algorithms optimally before you focus on deep learning algorithms and learn about different types of deep learning models along with their practical use.You will also learn about modern sequential models and their variants, algorithms, methodologies, and architectures that are used to implement Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT.Finally, you'll become well versed in techniques that enable parallel processing, giving you the ability to use these algorithms for compute-intensive tasks.By the end of this programming book, you'll have become adept at solving real-world computational problems by using a wide range of algorithms.What you will learnDesign algorithms for solving complex problemsBecome familiar with neural networks and deep learning techniquesExplore existing data structures and algorithms found in Python librariesImplement graph algorithms for fraud detection using network analysisDelve into state-of-the-art algorithms for proficient Natural Language Processing illustrated with real-world examplesCreate a recommendation engine that suggests relevant movies to subscribersGrasp the concepts of sequential machine learning models and their foundational role in the development of cutting-edge LLMsWho this book is forThis computer science book is for programmers or developers who want to understand the use of algorithms for problem-solving and writing efficient code.Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the most used algorithms concisely or an experienced programmer looking to explore cutting-edge algorithms in data science, machine learning, and cryptography, you'll find this book useful.Python programming experience is a must, knowledge of data science will be helpful but not necessary.Table of ContentsCore AlgorithmsData StructuresSorting and Searching AlgorithmsDesigning AlgorithmsGraph AlgorithmsUnsupervised Machine Learning AlgorithmsSupervised Learning AlgorithmsNeural Network AlgorithmsNatural Language ProcessingSequential ModelsAdvanced Machine Learning ModelsRecommendation EnginesAlgorithmic Strategies for Data Handling Large-Scale AlgorithmsEvaluating Algorithmic SolutionsPractical Considerations

  • - Covers x86 64-bit, AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512
    af Daniel Kusswurm
    559,95 kr.

  • - Master essential algorithms, basic data structures, and common programming techniques by solving coding challenges in C++
    af Nhut Nguyen
    312,95 kr.

    Are you ready to take your programming skills to the next level?Look no further! "The Problem Solver's Guide To Coding" is the ultimate guide that will revolutionize your approach to coding challenges.Inside this book, you'll find a comprehensive collection of meticulously solved and explained coding challenges, accompanied by tips and strategies to enhance your programming skills, especially data structures, algorithms, and techniques. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, this book is designed to challenge and elevate your skills to new heights.This book is not just about providing solutions - it's about empowering you to become a coding champion. Each chapter offers detailed explanations, step-by-step breakdowns, and practical tips to sharpen your coding techniques. You'll learn how to optimize time and space complexity, employ practical algorithms, and easily approach common coding patterns.What people say about the book"The book not only focuses on solving specific problems but also provides guidance on writing clean, efficient, and readable code. It can be a valuable tool for readers who are preparing for coding interviews or want to enhance their problem-solving and coding skills." - Dinh Thai Minh Tam, R&D Director at Mobile Entertainment Corp."Through each specific exercise, you can accumulate more ways of thinking in analyzing and designing algorithms to achieve correct results and effective performance." - Le Nhat-Tung, Software Developer, Founder of"The book provides not only solutions to each selected problem, but also many notes and suggestions, hoping to help readers practice analytical thinking and programming skills." - Nguyen Tuan Hung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology."If you spend time reading, practicing, thinking and analyzing all the problems, I believe you will be a master in coding and problem-solving. " - Tran Anh Tuan, Ph.D, Academic Manager at VTC Academy.Learn more at

  • af Leonardo Trujillo
    1.306,95 - 1.672,95 kr.

  • af Otàvio Santana
    383,95 kr.

    Delve into JVM inner workings and explore internals, memory management, and performance optimizationKey Features:Uncover the intricacies of JVM, from class loading to garbage collection, and moreMaster JVM memory management for efficient resource use and reduced overheadApply JVM knowledge through case studies, reinforcing your understanding of internalsPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook Book Description:Mastering the Java Virtual Machine is a comprehensive guide that will take you into the heart of Java programming, guiding you through the intricate workings of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and equipping you with essential skills to become a proficient Java developer.You'll start by understanding the JVM, exploring its architecture and how it executes Java code. Through detailed explanations and real-world examples, you'll gain a deep understanding of JVM internals, enabling you to write efficient and optimized Java applications.As you progress, you'll delve into memory management and execution, unraveling the complexities of heap and stack management, garbage collection, and memory profiling. You'll learn how memory is allocated and reclaimed in the JVM, as well as how to optimize memory usage and identify performance bottlenecks in your applications. With this knowledge, you'll be able to create Java programs that are not only robust but also highly performant.By the end of this book, you'll have the skills needed to excel in Java programming, writing efficient, maintainable code.What You Will Learn:Understand JVM architecture and bytecode executionExplore memory management and optimize memory usageCompare and evaluate alternative JVMs like GraalVMMaster reflection for dynamic behavior in Java applicationsUtilize Java annotation processors for code generationGet to grips with reactive programming principles for scalable applicationsWho this book is for:This book is for Java developers seeking to deepen their expertise in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and optimize Java applications for peak performance. It caters to both intermediate and seasoned professionals who want to explore specific aspects such as JVM internals, memory management, threading, security, and performance tuning.

  • af Du¿an Stojanovi¿
    382,95 kr.

    Dive into the endless possibilities of data structures and algorithms and have fun doing it¿DESCRIPTION Go, designed by Google, is a modern, open-source language known for its simplicity, readability, and efficiency. It excels at building web applications, network tools, and cloud services. Its clear syntax and built-in concurrency features make it a popular choice for modern developers.This guide simplifies the basics by introducing arrays, lists, stacks, queues, maps, trees, and graphs in a practical way. Get hands-on experience, understand essential operations, and compare strengths and weaknesses. Perfect your skills with searching, sorting, and efficient data retrieval techniques. Traverse graphs and trees with ease, all illustrated in the Go code for real-world application, and conclude with insights for ongoing learning.After reading this book, the reader can determine when and why specific data structures should be used and when an algorithm best fits the actual problem's solution.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN¿ Decide which data structure is the most suitable for a particular problem.¿ Implement different algorithms with the Go programming language.¿ Recognize which algorithm is best suited for certain scenarios.¿ Utilize data structures and algorithm implementations from Go's standard library.¿ Learn how real-life problems can be solved and simulated.WHO THIS BOOK IS FORThe book targets beginners and experienced developers who want to learn how to implement particular algorithms. It is also helpful for developers who wish to expand their knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

  • af Troels Andreasen
    1.674,95 kr.

    Flexible Query Answering Systems is an edited collection of contributed chapters. It focuses on developing computer systems capable of transforming a query into an answer with useful information. The emphasis is on problems associated with high-level intelligent answering systems. The coverage is multidisciplinary with chapters by authors from information science, logic, fuzzy systems, databases, artificial intelligence and knowledge representation. Each contribution represents a theory involving flexibility in query-answering, and each addresses specific answering problems. Coverage includes topics such as fuzzy sets in flexible querying, non-standard database interactions, metareasoning and agents, and many others. Contributions for this volume were written by leading researchers from their respective subject areas, including Patrick Bosc, Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, Amihai Motro, Henri Prade and Ron Yager, among others. Flexible Query Answering Systems is a timely contribution for researchers working on high-level query mechanism systems.

  • af Minh Hoàng Hà
    820,95 kr.

    This book constitutes the refereed conference proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Data and Social Networks, CSoNet 2023, held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in December 2023.The 23 full papers and 14 short papers presented in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 64 submissions. The papers are divided into the following topical sections: machine learning and prediction; optimization; security and blockchain; and network analysis.

  • af Carl Fredrik Samson
    432,95 kr.

    Get a fundamental understanding of asynchronous programming and Rust's futures by working through examples that show you how everything really worksKey FeaturesMaster asynchronous Rust through examples focusing on key conceptsBuild a solid understanding of concepts such as goroutines, fibers, futures, and callbacksExplore Rust's futures, craft your runtime, and excel in handling stacks, ABIs, syscalls, and inline assemblyPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookBook DescriptionStep into the world of asynchronous programming with confidence by conquering the challenges of unclear concepts with this hands-on guide. Using functional examples, this book simplifies the trickiest concepts, exploring goroutines, fibers, futures, and callbacks to help you navigate the vast Rust's async ecosystem with ease.You'll start by building a solid foundation in asynchronous programming and explore diverse strategies for modeling program flow. The book then guides you through language implementations, explaining concepts like epoll, stackfull coroutines, green threads, and callbacks using practical examples. The final section focuses on Rust, examining futures, generators, and the reactor-executor pattern. You'll apply your knowledge to create your runtime, solidifying expertise in this dynamic domain. Throughout the book, you'll not only gain proficiency in Rust's async features but also see how Rust models asynchronous program flow.By the end of the book, you'll possess the knowledge and practical skills needed to actively contribute to the Rust async ecosystem.What you will learnExplore the essence of asynchronous program flow and its significanceUnderstand the difference between concurrency and parallelismGain insights into how computers and operating systems handle concurrent tasksUncover the mechanics of async/awaitUnderstand Rust's futures by implementing them yourselfImplement green threads from scratch to thoroughly understand themWho this book is forThis book is for programmers who want to enhance their understanding of asynchronous programming, especially those experienced in VM'ed or interpreted languages like C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, and Go. If you work with C or C++ but have had limited exposure to asynchronous programming, this book serves as a resource to broaden your knowledge in this area.Although the examples are predominantly in Rust, the intricacies of Rust's futures are covered in detail. So, anyone with a keen interest in learning Rust or with working knowledge of Rust will be able to get the most out of this book.Table of ContentsAn Introduction to Asynchronous ProgrammingEpoll, Kqueue and IOCPEpoll exampleDifferent strategies for modelling asynchronous program flowStackfull Coroutines/Green Threads/Fibers [Example]Callbacks and promises [Example]Futures in RustCoroutines and async/awaitRuntimes, Wakers, and the Reactor-Executor PatternCoroutines, Self-Referential Structs, and PinningCreating Your Own Runtime

  • af Dan S Myers
    618,95 kr.

    A hands-on undergraduate textbook covering all core data structures and algorithms topics with an emphasis on real-world projects. Accessibly written and includes over 250 'Try It Yourself' boxes, more than 500 end-of-chapter problems, and additional interview question sections.

  • af Vladimir Jordan
    808,95 kr.

    This book constitutes the revised selected papers of the 13th International Conference on HPCST 2023, held in Barnaul, Russia, during May 19¿20, 2023.The 21 full papers included in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 81 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections as follows: Hardware for High-Performance Computing and Signal Processing; Information Technologies and Computer Simulation of Physical Phenomena; Computing Technologies in Data Analysis and Decision Making; Information and Computing Technologies in Automation and Control Science; Computing Technologies in Information Security Applications.

  • af David Kreps
    1.377,95 kr.

    This project was motivated by the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of the IFIP Human Choice and Computers (HCC) conference, the event that led to IFIP¿s Technical Committee 9 (TC 9). Although IFIP committees are mainly technical, TC 9 is dedicated to research at the intersection of information and communication technology (ICT) with society. In addition to sponsoring HCC, TC 9 supports groups that have specific research interests. In consultation with their members, the leaders of each group offer chapters about their groups¿ history and goals. An additional chapter describes TC 9¿s formation, and an appendix details the national groups that work closely with TC 9. Overall, this volume is a useful guide to the historical development of research on ICT and society, providing readers with important reference works and relevant themes, and also points to likely new trends in these domains.

  • af Frahaan Hussain
    312,95 kr.

    "Mastering Xcode: A Developer's Journey" is an insightful and comprehensive guide designed for developers seeking to deepen their understanding and mastery of Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment (IDE). This book is a must-read for anyone aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of iOS and MacOS app development. As you embark on this journey, you'll discover the book's meticulous attention to detail in every chapter. It starts by introducing the fundamentals of Xcode, making it suitable even for beginners. Gradually, the book delves deeper, covering advanced topics that will challenge and engage experienced developers. From the basics of setting up your development environment to exploring sophisticated features like Interface Builder and the LLVM compiler, this book leaves no stone unturned. The author, a seasoned developer with years of experience in Apple programming, shares valuable insights and practical tips gained through real-world projects. You'll learn how to navigate the complex Xcode interface with ease, optimize your workflow, and harness the full potential of Swift, Apple's powerful programming language. "Mastering Xcode: A Developer's Journey" also emphasizes the importance of design in app development. It guides you through the process of creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, the book provides crucial advice on App Store optimization, ensuring your apps stand out in a competitive marketplace. Each chapter is enriched with code snippets, diagrams, and real-life examples, making complex concepts accessible and easy to understand. Whether you're looking to develop your first iOS app or aiming to refine your existing skills, this book will be an invaluable resource. Embark on this journey to master Xcode and transform your ideas into successful apps. With this guide, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the exciting world of Apple programming and achieve professional success in app development.

  • af Bin Sheng
    769,95 - 1.024,95 kr.

  • af Tomohiro Sogabe
    1.374,95 - 1.383,95 kr.

    This book focuses on Krylov subspace methods for solving linear systems, which are known as one of the top 10 algorithms in the twentieth century, such as Fast Fourier Transform and Quick Sort (SIAM News, 2000). Theoretical aspects of Krylov subspace methods developed in the twentieth century are explained and derived in a concise and unified way. Furthermore, some Krylov subspace methods in the twenty-first century are described in detail, such as the COCR method for complex symmetric linear systems, the BiCR method, and the IDR(s) method for non-Hermitian linear systems.The strength of the book is not only in describing principles of Krylov subspace methods but in providing a variety of applications: shifted linear systems and matrix functions from the theoretical point of view, as well as partial differential equations, computational physics, computational particle physics, optimizations, and machine learning from a practical point of view.The book is self-contained in that basic necessary concepts of numerical linear algebra are explained, making it suitable for senior undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers in mathematics, engineering, and computational science. Readers will find it a useful resource for understanding the principles and properties of Krylov subspace methods and correctly using those methods for solving problems in the future.

  • af Nilanjan Dey
    1.482,95 kr.

    The book explains basic ideas behind several kinds of applied multi-objective optimization and shows how it will be applied in practical contexts in the domain of healthcare, engineering design, and manufacturing. The book discusses how meta-heuristic algorithms are successful in resolving challenging, multi-objective optimization issues in various disciplines, including engineering, economics, medical and environmental management. The topic is useful for graduates, researchers and lecturers in optimization, engineering, management science and computer science.

  • af Adarsh Kumar
    1.288,95 kr.

    This book focuses on the sustainable security practices in the domain of blockchain, quantum, and post-quantum technologies dealing with the real-time applications. The topics discussed in this book include banking applications, protection of digital assets in healthcare, military defense applications, supply chain management, secure messaging, and keyless secure infrastructures.Blockchains and quantum technologies are the emerging technological developments both in academic and industrial domains. The problems related to quantum threat and execution of post-quantum signatures in a blockchain platform have become hot topics in today's scientific community because they have remarkably progressed in recent years and have found a variety of applications.This book is a valuable resource for academicians, researchers, students, and technicians in the field of blockchain and quantum computing.

  • af Frahaan Hussain
    312,95 kr.

    "Mastering Rust Programming: From Foundations to Future" is a comprehensive guide that caters to both beginners and experienced programmers looking to deepen their understanding of Rust, a language renowned for its safety, speed, and concurrency. This book meticulously explores the Rust programming language, from its fundamental principles to its most advanced features, providing a solid foundation for anyone aspiring to become proficient in modern systems programming. The journey begins with an introduction to Rust's syntax and basic concepts, making it accessible even for those new to the language. Readers will learn about ownership, borrowing, and lifetimes, which are central to Rust's memory safety guarantees. The book then smoothly transitions into more complex topics, including error handling, effective use of Rust's type system, and functional programming features. What sets this book apart is its focus on real-world application. It dives into building reliable and efficient software, with chapters dedicated to performance optimization, concurrency, and asynchronous programming. These sections are particularly invaluable, as they address common challenges faced in systems-level development and offer Rust-specific solutions. "Mastering Rust Programming" also dedicates substantial coverage to advanced features like macros, domain-specific languages, and FFI (Foreign Function Interface). These topics are crucial for developers looking to leverage Rust's full potential, especially when integrating with other languages or working on cross-platform projects. The latter part of the book is forward-looking, discussing the future trajectory of Rust programming. It provides insights into the evolving ecosystem, emerging patterns, and practices in the Rust community. This future-focused perspective prepares readers not just to work with Rust as it is today, but to adapt and grow with the language over time. Throughout the book, practical examples, real-world case studies, and hands-on projects solidify the reader's understanding and provide ample opportunities to apply the concepts learned. This makes it an ideal resource for self-study, academic coursework, or professional reference. Whether you're looking to start your journey in Rust programming or aiming to master its intricacies, "Mastering Rust Programming: From Foundations to Future" is an essential companion, providing a thorough and nuanced understanding of one of the most important programming languages in modern software development.

  • af M. Ashok
    397,95 kr.

    Dive into the world of C programming with our accessible guide, where every concept is demystified in simple English terms. This book goes beyond theory, offering hands-on learning with clear and concise code examples for each topic. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, readers progress seamlessly, gaining confidence through practical exercises. Real-world applications are woven into the fabric of the book, connecting theory to practice. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, this resource equips you with the tools to write efficient and robust code. Unlock the power of C programming with clarity, simplicity, and a focus on real-world applicability in every chapter.

  • af Sung-Shik Jongmans
    660,95 kr.

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software, FACS 2023, which took place virtually during October 19-20, 2023.The 11 full papers included in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 23 submissions. They were organized in topical sections as follows: cloud computing, cyber-physical and critical systems, and the Internet of Things.

  • af Markus Chimani
    664,95 - 767,95 kr.

  • af Tuvi Etzion
    1.906,95 kr.

    Sequences and the de Bruijn Graph: Properties, Constructions, and Applications explores the foundations of theoretical mathematical concepts and their important applications to computer science, electrical engineering, and bioinformatics. The book introduces the various concepts, ideas, and techniques associated with the use of the de Bruijn Graph, providing comprehensive coverage of sequence classification, one-dimensional and two-dimensional properties, constructions, and interconnection networks. This book is suitable for researchers, graduate students, professors, and professionals working in the fields of applied mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics. The de Bruijn graph was defined in 1946 to enumerate the number of closed sequences where each n-tuple appears exactly once as a window in a sequence. Through the years, the graph and its sequences have found numerous applications - in space technology, wireless communication, cryptography, parallel computation, genome assembly, DNA storage, and microbiome research, among others.

  • af Kristian Lindgren
    1.282,95 kr.

    This book introduces a comprehensive framework tailored for dissecting complex systems across diverse disciplines. What defines a complex system? How can we harness information to quantify its order, structure, and intricacy? Delving into phenomena from the intricate processes in physical systems to the dynamic behaviours in cellular automata and pattern formation, readers will uncover the profound interplay between physics and information theory. This intricate relationship provides fresh insight into physical phenomena, reimagining them through the lens of information. Notably, the book demystifies how seemingly opposing forces¿rising order and increasing disorder¿coexist, ultimately shedding light on the second law of thermodynamics as an outcome of deterministic, reversible dynamics beneath the surface. Geared towards graduate students, this book presumes an undergraduate foundation in mathematics and physics, ensuring a deep, engaging exploration for its readers.

  • af Dipti Singh
    991,95 - 1.286,95 kr.

  • af Arieh Ben-Naim
    1.732,95 - 2.137,95 kr.

  • af Laura Koesten
    332,95 - 457,95 kr.

  • af Sara Mannheimer
    332,95 kr.

    This book explores the connections between qualitative data reuse, big social research, and data curation. A review of existing literature identifies the key issues of context, data quality and trustworthiness, data comparability, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, and intellectual property and data ownership. Through interviews of qualitative researchers, big social researchers, and data curators, the author further examines each key issue and produces new insights about how domain differences affect each community of practice¿s viewpoints, different strategies that researchers and curators use to ensure responsible practice, and different perspectives on data curation. The book suggests that encouraging connections between qualitative researchers, big social researchers, and data curators can support responsible scaling up of social research, thus enhancing discoveries in social and behavioral science.

  • af Christian Brecher
    454,95 - 543,95 kr.

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