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Machine learning

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  • af Tom Mustill
    113,95 - 198,95 kr.

  • af Csaba Grossi
    335,95 kr.

    Reinforcement learning is a learning paradigm concerned with learning to control a system so as to maximize a numerical performance measure that expresses a long-term objective. What distinguishes reinforcement learning from supervised learning is that only partial feedback is given to the learner about the learner's predictions. Further, the predictions may have long term effects through influencing the future state of the controlled system. Thus, time plays a special role. The goal in reinforcement learning is to develop efficient learning algorithms, as well as to understand the algorithms' merits and limitations. Reinforcement learning is of great interest because of the large number of practical applications that it can be used to address, ranging from problems in artificial intelligence to operations research or control engineering. In this book, we focus on those algorithms of reinforcement learning that build on the powerful theory of dynamic programming. We give a fairly comprehensive catalog of learning problems, describe the core ideas, note a large number of state of the art algorithms, followed by the discussion of their theoretical properties and limitations. Table of Contents: Markov Decision Processes / Value Prediction Problems / Control / For Further Exploration

  • af Masanori Hanada & So Matsuura
    554,95 kr.

  • af Shruti Jain, Mandeep Singh, Sudip Paul & mfl.
    1.431,95 kr.

    Artificial intelligent systems, which offer great improvement in healthcare sector assisted by machine learning, wireless communications, data analytics, cognitive computing, and mobile computing provide more intelligent and convenient solutions and services. With the help of the advanced techniques, now a days it is possible to understand human body and to handle & process the health data anytime and anywhere. It is a smart healthcare system which includes patient, hospital management, doctors, monitoring, diagnosis, decision making modules, disease prevention to meet the challenges and problems arises in healthcare industry. Furthermore, the advanced healthcare systems need to upgrade with new capabilities to provide human with more intelligent and professional healthcare services to further improve the quality of service and user experience. To explore recent advances and disseminate state-of-the-art techniques related to intelligent healthcare services and applications. This edited book involved in designing systems that will permit the societal acceptance of ambient intelligence including signal processing, imaging, computing, instrumentation, artificial intelligence, internet of health things, data analytics, disease detection, telemedicine, and their applications. As the book includes recent trends in research issues and applications, the contents will be beneficial to Professors, researchers, and engineers. This book will provide support and aid to the researchers involved in designing latest advancements in communication and intelligent systems that will permit the societal acceptance of ambient intelligence. This book presents the latest research being conducted on diverse topics in intelligence technologies with the goal of advancing knowledge and applications healthcare sector and to present the latest snapshot of the ongoing research as well as to shed further light on future directions in this space. The aim of publishing the book is to serve for educators, researchers, and developers working in recent advances and upcoming technologies utilizing computational sciences.

  • af Tom Crick, Brijesh Iyer & Sheng-Lung Peng
    2.202,95 kr.

    This book is a collection of best selected research papers presented at 7th International Conference on Computing in Engineering and Technology (ICCET 2022), organized by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, India, during February 12 ¿ 13, 2022. Focusing on frontier topics and next-generation technologies, it presents original and innovative research from academics, scientists, students, and engineers alike. The theme of the conference is Applied Information Processing System.

  • - A Constraint-Based Approach
    af Marco (Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics Gori
    882,95 - 953,95 kr.

    Machine Learning: A Constraint-Based Approachprovides readers with a refreshing look at the basic models and algorithms of machine learning, with an emphasis on current topics of interest that includes neural networks and kernel machines. The book presents the information in a truly unified manner that is based on the notion of learning from environmental constraints. For example, most resources present regularization when discussing kernel machines, but only Gori demonstrates that regularization is also of great importance in neural nets. This book presents a simpler unified notion of regularization, which is strictly connected with the parsimony principle, and includes many solved exercises that are classified according to the Donald Knuth ranking of difficulty, which essentially consists of a mix of warm-up exercises that lead to deeper research problems. A software simulator is also included. Presents fundamental machine learning concepts, such as neural networks and kernel machines in a unified mannerProvides in-depth coverage of unsupervised and semi-supervised learningIncludes a software simulator for kernel machines and learning from constraints that also includes exercises to facilitate learningContains 250 solved examples and exercises chosen particularly for their progression of difficulty from simple to complex

  • af Chuzo Ninagawa
    1.217,95 kr.

    This book describes the practical application of artificial intelligence (AI) methods using time series data in system control. This book consistently discusses the application of machine learning to the analysis and modelling of time series data of physical quantities to be controlled in the field of system control.Since dynamic systems are not stable steady states but changing transient states, the changing transient states depend on the state history before the change. In other words, it is essential to predict the change from the present to the future based on the time history of each variable in the target system, and to manipulate the system to achieve the desired change. In short, time series is the key to the application of AI machine learning to system control. This is the philosophy of this book: "e;time series data"e; + "e;AI machine learning"e; = "e;new practical control methods"e;.This book can give my helps to undergradate or graduate students, institute researchers and senior engineers whose scientific background are engineering, mathematics, physics and other natural sciences.

  • af Mitsuhiro Toriumi
    1.217,95 kr.

    The recent understandings about global earth mechanics are widely based on huge amounts of monitoring data accumulated using global networks of precise seismic stations, satellite monitoring of gravity, very large baseline interferometry, and the Global Positioning System. New discoveries in materials sciences of rocks and minerals and of rock deformation with fluid water in the earth also provide essential information. This book presents recent work on natural geometry, spatial and temporal distribution patterns of various cracks sealed by minerals, and time scales of their crack sealing in the plate boundary. Furthermore, the book includes a challenging investigation of stochastic earthquake prediction testing by means of the updated deep machine learning of a convolutional neural network with multi-labeling of large earthquakes and of the generative autoencoder modeling of global correlated seismicity. Their manifestation in this book contributes to the development of human society resilient from natural hazards. Presented here are (1) mechanics of natural crack sealing and fluid flow in the plate boundary regions, (2) large-scale permeable convection of the plate boundary, (3) the rapid process of massive extrusion of plate boundary rocks, (4) synchronous satellite gravity and global correlated seismicity, (5) Gaussian network dynamics of global correlated seismicity, and (6) prediction testing of plate boundary earthquakes by machine learning and generative autoencoders.

  • af Weitao Chen
    1.387,95 kr.

    This book examines the theory and methods of remote sensing intelligent interpretation based on deep learning. Based on geological and environmental effects on mines, this book constructs a set of systematic mine remote sensing datasets focusing on the multi-level task with the system of "e;target detectionscene classificationsemantic segmentation."e; Taking China's Hubei Province as an example, this book focuses on the following four aspects: 1. Development of a multiscale remote sensing dataset of the mining area, including mine target remote sensing dataset, mine (including non-mine areas) remote sensing scene dataset, and semantic segmentation remote sensing dataset of mining land cover. The three datasets are the basis of intelligent interpretation based on deep learning. 2. Research on mine target remote sensing detection method based on deep learning. 3. Research on remote sensing scene classification method of mine and non-mine areas based on deep learning. 4. Research on the fine-scale classification method of mining land cover based on semantic segmentation.The book is a valuable reference both for scholars, practitioners and as well as graduate students who are interested in mining environment research.

  • af Bin Li
    1.541,95 kr.

    This book is a collection of seminal position essays by leading researchers on new development in Geographic Information Sciences (GIScience), covering a wide range of topics and representing a variety of perspectives. The authors propose enrichments and extensions to the conceptual framework of GIScience; discuss a series of transformational methodologies and technologies for analysis and modeling; elaborate on key issues in innovative approaches to data acquisition and integration, across earth sensing to social sensing; and outline frontiers in application domains, spanning from natural science to humanities and social science, e.g., urban science, land use and planning, social governance, transportation, crime, and public health, just name a few. The book provides an overview of the strategic directions on GIScience research and development. It will benefit researchers and practitioners in the field who are seeking a high-level reference regarding those directions.

  • af Parag Kulkarni
    1.302,95 kr.

    This book presents thoughts and pathways to build revolutionary machine learning models with the new paradigm of machine learning to adapt behaviorism. It focuses on two aspects - one focuses on architecting a choice process to lead users on the certain choice path while the second focuses on developing machine learning models based on choice paradigm. This book is divided in three parts where part one deals with human choice and choice architecting models with stories of choice architects. Second part closely studies human choosing models and deliberates on developing machine learning models based on the human choice paradigm. Third part takes you further to look at machine learning based choice architecture. The proposed pioneering choice-based paradigm for machine learning presented in the book will help readers to develop products - help readers to solve problems in a more humanish way and to negotiate with uncertainty in a more graceful but in an objective way. It will help to create unprecedented value for business and society. Further, it will unveil a new paradigm for modern intelligent businesses to embark on the new journey; the journey of transition from shackled feature rich and choice poor systems to feature flexible and choice rich natural behaviors.

  • af Vaclav Skala
    1.981,95 kr.

    This book is a compilation of peer reviewed papers presented at International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Data Science Applications (MIDAS 2021), held in Comilla University, Cumilla, Bangladesh during 26 - 27 December 2021. The book covers applications in various fields like image processing, natural language processing, computer vision, sentiment analysis, speech and gesture analysis, etc. It also includes interdisciplinary applications like legal, healthcare, smart society, cyber physical system and smart agriculture, etc. The book is a good reference for computer science engineers, lecturers/researchers in machine intelligence discipline and engineering graduates.

  • af Zhao Zhang
    1.541,95 kr.

    This book, consisting of 8 chapters, describes the state-of-the-art technological progress and applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in precision agriculture. It focuses on the UAV application in agriculture, such as crop disease detection, mid-season yield estimation, crop nutrient status, and high-throughput phenotyping. Different from individual papers focusing on a specific application, this book provides a holistic view for readers with a wide range of subjects. In addition to researchers in the areas of plant science, plant pathology, breeding, engineering, it is also intended for undergraduates and graduates who are interested in imaging processing, artificial intelligence in agriculture, precision agriculture, agricultural automation, and robotics.

  • af Dinesh Goyal
    2.153,95 kr.

    This book features selected papers presented at Third International Conference on International Conference on Information Management and Machine Intelligence (ICIMMI 2021) held at Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India during 23 - 24 December 2021. It covers a range of topics, including data analytics; AI; machine and deep learning; information management, security, processing techniques and interpretation; applications of artificial intelligence in soft computing and pattern recognition; cloud-based applications for machine learning; application of IoT in power distribution systems; as well as wireless sensor networks and adaptive wireless communication.

  • af P. K. Paul
    1.320,95 kr.

    This interdisciplinary book incorporates various aspects of environment, ecology, and natural disaster management including cognitive informatics and computing. It fosters research innovation and discovery on basic science and information technology for addressing various environmental problems, while providing the right solutions in environment, ecology, and disaster management. This book is a unique resource for researchers and practitioners of energy informatics in various scientific, technological, engineering, and social fields to disseminate original research on the application of digital technology and information management theory and practice to facilitate the global transition toward sustainable and resilient energy systems. Cognitive informatics is also the need of the hour and deals with cutting-edge and multidisciplinary research area that tackles the fundamental problems shared by modern informatics, computation, software engineering, AI, cybernetics, cognitive science, neuropsychology, medical science, systems science, philosophy, linguistics, economics, management science, and life sciences, which this book also presents.

  • af Joe Suzuki
    415,95 kr.

    The most crucial ability for machine learning and data science is mathematical logic for grasping their essence rather than relying on knowledge or experience. This textbook addresses the fundamentals of kernel methods for machine learning by considering relevant math problems and building R programs. The book's main features are as follows:The content is written in an easy-to-follow and self-contained style.The book includes 100 exercises, which have been carefully selected and refined. As their solutions are provided in the main text, readers can solve all of the exercises by reading the book.The mathematical premises of kernels are proven and the correct conclusions are provided, helping readers to understand the nature of kernels.Source programs and running examples are presented to help readers acquire a deeper understanding of the mathematics used.Once readers have a basic understanding of the functional analysis topics covered in Chapter 2, the applications are discussed in the subsequent chapters. Here, no prior knowledge of mathematics is assumed.This book considers both the kernel for reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) and the kernel for the Gaussian process; a clear distinction is made between the two.

  • af Shyamapada Mukherjee
    1.320,95 kr.

    This book highlights the connections between two technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT). It presents the application of these two technologies to solve various societal problems related to healthcare, agriculture, green environment, renewable energies, smart cities, etc. Each chapter in this book presents novel solutions to these problems along with the challenges in the application of AI and IoT to solve them. It discusses the adverse attacks on machine Learning models and how to protect sensitive data over the IoT networks. It also includes the security issues in IoT and their possible solutions.

  • af Deepak Gupta
    2.202,95 kr.

    This book covers the latest advancements in the areas of machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, computational learning theory, big data analytics, network intelligence, signal processing, and their applications in real world. The topics covered in machine learning involve feature extraction, variants of support vector machine (SVM), extreme learning machine (ELM), artificial neural network (ANN), and other areas in machine learning. The mathematical analysis of computer vision and pattern recognition involves the use of geometric techniques, scene understanding and modeling from video, 3D object recognition, localization and tracking, medical image analysis, and so on. Computational learning theory involves different kinds of learning like incremental, online, reinforcement, manifold, multitask, semi-supervised, etc. Further, it covers the real-time challenges involved while processing big data analytics and stream processing with the integration of smart data computing services and interconnectivity. Additionally, it covers the recent developments to network intelligence for analyzing the network information and thereby adapting the algorithms dynamically to improve the efficiency. In the last, it includes the progress in signal processing to process the normal and abnormal categories of real-world signals, for instance signals generated from IoT devices, smart systems, speech, videos, etc., and involves biomedical signal processing: electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and electromyogram (EMG).

  • af Manda Raz
    1.320,95 kr.

    This book identifies Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a growing field that is being incorporated into many aspects of human life, including healthcare practice and delivery. The precision, automation, and potential of AI brings multiple benefits to the way disease is diagnosed, investigated and treated. Currently, there is a lack of any appreciable understanding of AI and this book provides detailed understandings, which include; foundational concepts, current applications, future challenges amongst most healthcare practitioners.  The book is divided into four sections: basic concepts, current applications, limitations and future directions. Each section is comprised of chapters written by expert academics, researchers and practitioners at the intersection between AI and medicine. The purpose of the book is to promote AI literacy as an important component of modern medical practice. This book is suited for all readers as it requires no previous knowledge, it walks non-technical clinicians through the complex ideas and concepts in an easy to understand manner.

  • af Suparna Biswas
    1.302,95 kr.

    This book provides both the developers and the users with an awareness of the challenges and opportunities of advancements in healthcare paradigm with the application and availability of advanced hardware, software, tools, technique or algorithm development stemming the Internet of Things. The book helps readers to bridge the gap in their three understanding of three major domains and their interconnections: Hardware tested and software APP development for data collection, intelligent protocols for analysis and knowledge extraction. Medical expertise to interpret extracted knowledge towards disease prediction or diagnosis and support. Security experts to ensure data correctness for precise advice. The book provides state-of-the-art overviews by active researchers, technically elaborating healthcare architectures/frameworks, protocols, algorithms, methodologies followed by experimental results and evaluation. Future direction and scope will be precisely documented for interested readers.

  • af Huaqun Guo
    1.541,95 kr.

    This book highlights contemporary state of research in multidisciplinary areas in computer science, computer engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, biomedical sciences, life sciences, medicine, and health care. The accepted submissions to the 7th IRC Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (IRC-SET 2021) that were presented on August 7, 2021, are published in this conference proceedings. The papers presented here were shortlisted after extensive rounds of rigorous reviews by a panel of esteemed individuals who are pioneers and experts in their respective domains.

  • af Sheng-Lung Peng
    2.202,95 kr.

    The conference proceeding of ICMMCS 2021 presents most recent scientific and technological advances in the fields of engineering mathematics and computational science to strengthen the links in the scientific community. It is a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers presented at the Second International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science (ICMMCS 2021), held online during October 29-30, 2021. The topics covered in the book are mathematical logic and foundations, numerical analysis, neural networks, fuzzy set theory, coding theory, higher algebra, number theory, graph theory and combinatory, computation in complex networks, calculus, differential educations and integration, application of soft computing, knowledge engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and data analytics, high-performance computing, network and device security, Internet of Things (IoT).

  • af Shyamasree Ghosh
    1.320,95 kr.

    This book gives an overview of applications of Machine Learning (ML) in diverse fields of biological sciences, including healthcare, animal sciences, agriculture, and plant sciences. Machine learning has major applications in process modelling, computer vision, signal processing, speech recognition, and language understanding and processing and life, and health sciences. It is increasingly used in understanding DNA patterns and in precision medicine. This book is divided into eight major sections, each containing chapters that describe the application of ML in a certain field. The book begins by giving an introduction to ML and the various ML methods. It then covers interesting and timely aspects such as applications in genetics, cell biology, the study of plant-pathogen interactions, and animal behavior. The book discusses computational methods for toxicity prediction of environmental chemicals and drugs, which forms a major domain of research in the field of biology.  It is of relevance to post-graduate students and researchers interested in exploring the interdisciplinary areas of use of machine learning and deep learning in life sciences.

  • af Zhouchen Lin
    1.210,95 kr.

    Machine learning heavily relies on optimization algorithms to solve its learning models. Constrained problems constitute a major type of optimization problem, and the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) is a commonly used algorithm to solve constrained problems, especially linearly constrained ones. Written by experts in machine learning and optimization, this is the first book providing a state-of-the-art review on ADMM under various scenarios, including deterministic and convex optimization, nonconvex optimization, stochastic optimization, and distributed optimization. Offering a rich blend of ideas, theories and proofs, the book is up-to-date and self-contained. It is an excellent reference book for users who are seeking a relatively universal algorithm for constrained problems. Graduate students or researchers can read it to grasp the frontiers of ADMM in machine learning in a short period of time.

  • af Julian Knaup
    715,95 kr.

    Multilayer neural networks based on multi-valued neurons (MLMVNs) have been proposed to combine the advantages of complex-valued neural networks with a plain derivative-free learning algorithm. In addition, multi-valued neurons (MVNs) offer a multi-valued threshold logic resulting in the ability to replace multiple conventional output neurons in classification tasks. Therefore, several classes can be assigned to one output neuron. This book introduces a novel approach to assign multiple classes to numerous MVNs in the output layer. It was found that classes that possess similarities should be allocated to the same neuron and arranged adjacent to each other on the unit circle. Since MLMVNs require input data located on the unit circle, two employed transformations are reevaluated. The min-max scaler utilizing the exponential function, and the 2D discrete Fourier transform restricting to the phase information for image recognition. The evaluation was performed on the Sensorless Drive Diagnosis dataset and the Fashion MNIST dataset.

  • af Zia Uddin
    1.541,95 kr.

    User care at home is a matter of great concern since unforeseen circumstances might occur that affect people's well-being. Technologies that assist people in independent living are essential for enhancing care in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Assisted care applications often demand real-time observation of the environment and the resident's activities using an event-driven system. As an emerging area of research and development, it is necessary to explore the approaches of the user care system in the literature to identify current practices for future research directions. Therefore, this book is aimed at a comprehensive review of data sources (e.g., sensors) with machine learning for various smart user care systems. To encourage the readers in the field, insights of practical essence of different machine learning algorithms with sensor data (e.g., publicly available datasets) are also discussed. Some code segments are also included to motivate the researchers of the related fields to practically implement the features and machine learning techniques. It is an effort to obtain knowledge of different types of sensor-based user monitoring technologies in-home environments. With the aim of adopting these technologies, research works, and their outcomes are reported. Besides, up to date references are included for the user monitoring technologies with the aim of facilitating independent living.Research that is related to the use of user monitoring technologies in assisted living is very widespread, but it is still consists mostly of limited-scale studies. Hence, user monitoring technology is a very promising field, especially for long-term care. However, monitoring of the users for smart assisted technologies should be taken to the next level with more detailed studies that evaluate and demonstrate their potential to contribute to prolonging the independent living of people. The target of this book is to contribute towards that direction.

  • af Alessa Hering
    550,95 kr.

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration, WBIR 2020, which was supposed to be held in Munich, Germany, in July 2022.The 11 full and poster papers together with 17 short papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 32 submitted papers. The papers are organized in the following topical sections: optimization, deep learning architectures, neuroimaging, diffeomorphisms, uncertainty, topology and metrics.

  • af João Manuel R. S. Tavares
    1.047,95 kr.

    This book gathers selected, extended and revised contributions to the 17th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering and the 5th Conference on Imaging and Visualization (CMBBE 2021), held online on September 7-9, 2021, from Bonn, Germany. It reports on cutting-edge models, algorithms and imaging techniques for studying cells, tissues and organs in normal and pathological conditions. It covers numerical and machine learning methods, finite element modeling and virtual reality techniques, applied to understand biomechanics of movement, fluid and soft tissue biomechanics. It also reports on related advances in rehabilitation, surgery and diagnosis. All in all, this book offers a timely snapshot of the latest research and current challenges at the interface between biomedical engineering, computational biomechanics and biological imaging. Thus, it is expected to provide a source of inspiration for future research and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

  • af Philip Osborne
    483,95 kr.

    Reinforcement learning is a powerful tool in artificial intelligence in which virtual or physical agents learn to optimize their decision making to achieve long-term goals. In some cases, this machine learning approach can save programmers time, outperform existing controllers, reach super-human performance, and continually adapt to changing conditions. This book argues that these successes show reinforcement learning can be adopted successfully in many different situations, including robot control, stock trading, supply chain optimization, and plant control. However, reinforcement learning has traditionally been limited to applications in virtual environments or simulations in which the setup is already provided. Furthermore, experimentation may be completed for an almost limitless number of attempts risk-free. In many real-life tasks, applying reinforcement learning is not as simple as (1) data is not in the correct form for reinforcement learning, (2) data is scarce, and (3) automation has limitations in the real-world. Therefore, this book is written to help academics, domain specialists, and data enthusiast alike to understand the basic principles of applying reinforcement learning to real-world problems. This is achieved by focusing on the process of taking practical examples and modeling standard data into the correct form required to then apply basic agents. To further assist with readers gaining a deep and grounded understanding of the approaches, the book shows hand-calculated examples in full and then how this can be achieved in a more automated manner with code. For decision makers who are interested in reinforcement learning as a solution but are not technically proficient we include simple, non-technical examples in the introduction and case studies section. These provide context of what reinforcement learning offer but also the challenges and risks associated with applying it in practice. Specifically, the book illustrates the differences between reinforcement learning and other machine learning approaches as well as how well-known companies have found success using the approach to their problems.

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