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  • af Marko Orel
    439,95 kr.

    The recent shift in labour markets has heightened the demand for alternative work arrangements. Virtual reality (VR) technology plays a significant role in this transition, with remote work as efficient as work performed from an organization's own office space. This book explores the impact of immersive VR technology on the new virtual workspace. Specifically, it examines how VR can enable employees to overcome the distractions associated with working from home, increase their visibility on team projects, build stronger relationships with co-workers, reduce feelings of isolation due to social distancing, and facilitate their engagement in collaborative work processes. It also explores the limitations of two-dimensional, computer-mediated communication tools for flexible working arrangements. It, thus, offers theoretical foundations for future research on office digitalization and subsequent applications of VR technology on office work. It also features the analysis of two dozen problem-centered expert interviews with creators and executives of leading productivity VR tools that enable the remote collaboration between knowledge workers.

  • af Ahmad Hoirul Basori, Sharaf J. Malebary & Omar M. Barukab
    959,95 kr.

  • af Vicky V. Choudhary
    176,95 - 234,95 kr.

  • af Eduard Babulak
    959,95 kr.

    This book presents state-of-the-art educational technologies and teaching methodologies and discusses future educational philosophies in support of the global academic society. New Updates in E-Learning is a collection of chapters addressing important issues related to effective utilization of the Internet and Cloud Computing, virtual robotics, and real-life application of hybrid educational environments to enhance student learning regardless of geographical location or other constraints. Over ten chapters, the book discusses the current and future evolution of educational technologies and methodologies and the best academic practices in support of providing high-quality education at all academic levels.

  • af M. Mahruf C. Shohel
    1.580,95 kr.

    E-learning and digital education approaches are evolving and changing the landscape of teaching and learning at all levels of education throughout the world. Innovation of emerging learning technologies is assisting e-learning and digital education to meet the needs of the 21st century. Due to the digital transformation of everyday practice, the process of learning and education has become more self-paced and accessible at any time from anywhere. The new generations of digital natives are growing up with a set of skills through their engagement with the digital world. In this context, this book includes a collection of chapters to facilitate continuous improvements including flexibility and accessibility in e-learning and digital education by exploring the challenges and opportunities of innovative approaches through the lenses of current theories, policies, and practices.

  • af Lars C. Grabbe, Patrick Rupert-Kruse & Norbert M. Schmitz
    381,95 kr.

  • af Jeff H. Bolton
    202,95 kr.

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