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  • - Bolighandlen
    af Carsten Munk-Hansen
    569,95 kr.

    Bogen er det andet af tre bind om fast ejendom: I Overdragelsen (2015), II Bolighandlen (2016) og III Ejerbeføjelsen (2015). Fremstillingen belyser reguleringen af bolighandlen, dvs. ejendomsformidlingsloven og forbrugerbeskyttelsesloven. Det er en samlet fremstilling om bolighandlen og dens udfordringer, men navnlig de spørgsmål, der giver anledning til tvister er opprioriteret. Behandlingen af forbrugerbeskyttelsesloven omfatter en række vanskelige spørgsmål om risikofordelingen mellem ejerskifteforsikringen, sælgeren og køberen. Med henvisning til 396 ankenævnskendelser og 141 domme påvises, at loven har en række svagheder, og at ankenævnspraksis bevæger sig væk fra retspraksis på en række områder. Endeligt argumenteres der for løsningsmodeller af vanskelige tilfælde.Om forfatterenCarsten Munk-Hansen, cand.jur., ph.d., er beskæftiget som lektor ved Aalborg Universitet inden for formueret, retsfilosofi og metode.IndholdsfortegnelseForord Kapitel 1. Afgrænsning og begreberKapitel 2. Udbud og overdragelsesaftaleKapitel 3. Introduktion til mangelshæftelse i forbrugerbeskyttelseslovenKapitel 4. Huseftersynsordningens betingelserKapitel 5. Ejerskifteforsikringens hæftelseKapitel 6. Ejerskifteforsikringens erstatningsudmålingKapitel 7. Sælgerens hæftelseKapitel 8. Køberens risikoKapitel 9. »Risikofordeling« i svære sagerKapitel 10. Den bygningssagkyndiges hæftelseKapitel 11. Forbud mod omgåelseKapitel 12. Direkte kravBILAG I. BILAG II.BILAG III. Litteratur Forkortelser Love Afgørelser

  • af Steve Palise
    223,95 kr.

    The essential handbook for all residential property investors.Many property investing books sell the dream - scores of properties bought in a handful of years, and millions of dollars made in a number of minutes. But how does property investing actually work?Unlike other property books, Residential Property Investing Explained Simply comprehensively explains how to invest in residential property. It covers planning your investment strategy, searching for and analysing opportunities, building a residential property portfolio, finding and managing tenants, and much, much more.If you want to grow your wealth through residential property investing and start your journey toward financial freedom, this is the only book you will ever need.

  • af Herman R. Williams
    151,95 kr.

    This book is intended for those who (1) are interested in the real estate business; (2) want to purchase their first home and want to educate themselves before taking that big step; (3) want to invest/sell real estate; and (4) are interested in learning more about mortgages. If you fit in one of these categories, then this book is definitely for you.Herman R. Williams has written and condensed this book with information that would enlighten you with most of the tools you would need before you make that first step. For example, if you are a homeowner and wish to sell your home yourself, well, this book will teach you how to write your own ad copy for the local newspapers and get results. This is not the typical off-the-shelf generic real estate book that one would purchase. You will enjoy reading it, whether you are at the beach relaxing or on that flight to your favorite destination or simply just taking a break from work. In Be Sure the Message Gets to the Buyer, potential buyers realize that they should never purchase a home sight unseen. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments one may ever make in a lifetime. Therefore, if you are a potential buyer, you should take the time to do your due diligence prior to purchasing a home. This book will assist you in that effort.Everything is spelled out in detail in this book. You will receive the benefit of Herman R. Williams' own profound and diversified experience and success, including his tested guidepost to follow and pitfalls to avoid. Best of all, Be Sure the Message Gets to the Buyer offers you clear and specific information to help you make the right decision in pursuing a career in the real estate business or obtaining information in real estate as a speculator.

  • af Martin Ward, Sam Lister & Roger Thwaits
    163,95 - 432,95 kr.

  • af Eric M. Wohlwend & Lila J. Wohlwend
    202,95 - 285,95 kr.

  • af Brian T. Boyd
    254,95 kr.

  • af Alastair Willingham
    284,95 kr.

  • af Natalie Evans
    188,95 kr.

  • af Baldwin Ball
    232,95 kr.

  • af Dinku Gilo Tolera
    286,95 kr.

    Now a day, In Oromia regional state urban centers are more of potential of economical and political power. The reason behind is the value of land. Urban Land management have to be well treated in order to change the natural value to developmental value through consistent manner. Challenges may be facing through delivering, developing and managing the land and related infrastructure. Unless the management have been treated accordingly land speculation may created and wealth distribution become unfair. Burayu town is one of Urban center that face the challenges. Thus more attention should given to institutional capacity, land information system and practices of good governance in the urban. in addition, consequences like speculation and informal settlement are the major one. In order to overcome these capacity building, introducing computerized information system, shortening the land delivery procedure and bureaucratic and designing mechanism for implementing good governance are out of some of the recommendations given.

  • af Kwami Adanu
    381,95 kr.

    The use of eminent domain power to take private property for redevelopment is an important public policy on land use in most parts of the world. With increasing population density eminent domain will likely remain relevant for future land use management across the world. Use of eminent domain power in the U.S. is however associated with conflict related to compensation inadequacy, and disproportionate use of the law on poor and disadvantaged communities. The book analyzes these two problems by examining the outcomes of compensation bargains between property owners and government, and evaluates the impact of income differences, homeownership rates and other socio-economic and demographic factors on voters¿ decisions on eminent domain reforms in the U.S. The results throw light on limits to government conflict avoidance efforts that are not closely linked to higher compensation levels, and the relationship between public perceptions on eminent domain reforms and the socio-economic factors examined.

  • af Helene Francis
    381,95 kr.

    This study was done to examine the challenges and opportunities encountered by women in the process of accessing land in unplanned and planned settlements. Norms and practices that determine the status of women in the household have an effect on access and control of resources as well as their economic well-being. Despite, cultural discrimination of women towards access to land, there have been efforts in terms of policies and legislations trying to support women access to and own land resources. Based on a detailed empirical investigation of informal and formal settlements, Tunduma and Vwawa respectively. Women find it difficult to follow procedures required as it takes time and costs involved to acquire right of occupancy. Legal rights (policies and legislations) responsible for women rights to land are not well initiated. In addition, the society is not well informed the importance of women¿s land right. The book recommends that, women rights should be initiated at grass root level by implementing legal framework to let the community know women¿s land rights.

  • af Christopher Odudu
    359,95 kr.

    It is generally felt that agricultural production is located in the rural areas to be exploited to provide food for the teeming population especially the population of our towns and cities. Only little is known of the rising importance of crop farming taking place in various towns and cities world-wide. The activity enhances households¿ food security, income, employment and makes numerous contributions to a city¿s social, economic and environmental development. Exploring the potentials of crop farming in our urban areas will no doubt change the food systems of urban dwellers because of its use of household and market wastes as organic manure as opposed to use of inorganic fertilizers in agricultural production. This book therefore provided a blueprint to enable policy makers tackle critical issues affecting land accessibility for urban crop farmers. In particular, the book provided a constraint analysis model that will help find solution to constraints that are most critical to the survival of crop farming in our towns and cities. The blueprint will shed more light on urban crop farming and its resilience and will be useful to researchers,entrepreneurs and policy makers.

  • af Sunday Olajide
    604,95 kr.

    This book is basically the product of PhD programme undertaking in the Faculty of Technology Management and Business, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Lizam Bin Mohd Diah. The research dwells on conceptual marriage of Environmental Design Factors (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and Social Risk Factors (Crime Prevention through Social Development) as a preventive measure for the globally soaring residential neighbourhood crime which cuts across burglary, street incivility, graffiti and robbery among others with its attendant consequences ¿ all towards boosting housing value.

  • af Bankolay Theodore Turay
    344,95 kr.

    Inequalities in land rights exist globally, both in formal and customary settings. This is because land rights are either strong or weak, and held by various categories of people. The weaker variants of the inequalities tend to stifle tenure security, reduce land use, and threaten the food security of those dependent on the land for survival. The book examines improved land reforms and women ¿s access to land in Sierra Leone. The laws that governs the devolution of property on death or customary rules that applies to particular ethnicities in Sierra Leone varies, and as a result provides little protection for the customary tenure of women. Also, there are local variations within the practice, levels of flexibility towards women ¿s land rights and opportunities to reform customary laws. The inconsistences of statutory protections for women significantly compromise vulnerable group¿s particularly single women, widows and marriage women.

  • af Emmanuel Oluwapelumi Akinwole
    778,95 kr.

  • af Benedict Kriechbaum
    467,95 kr.

    Airbnb has paved the way for a new generation of travelers that are tech-savvy and accustomed to types accommodations that differ from traditional hotels. This new sector termed ¿Short Term Rentals¿ or STRs has gradually matured and tech-enabled, branded STR companies have emerged to fill a void in this new ecosystem. This book provides a comprehensive first look at these technology-driven, branded STRs. It explores how their hybrid business model can be considered a flexible new asset class in times of economic uncertainty and how the characteristics of branded STRs represent an increased competitive threat to hotels. In this context, this study assesses their disruptive impact on the basis of: 1) the available literature relevant to the impact that short-term rentals have had on hotels 2) the research that has been conducted on the theory of disruptive innovation as well as 3) a deep-dive analysis of one of the emerging players 'Mint House'. The findings demonstrate how branded STRs represent the next step in the disruptive trajectory of short-term rentals and thereby increasing the potential threat of substitution of traditional models of hotel operations.

  • af Celina Hütter
    315,95 kr.

  • af Kelvin Kennedy & Emmanuel Kessy
    286,95 kr.

  • af Seyoum Habtamu & Belachew Melkamu
    388,95 kr.

    The type and nature of land tenure that have to be used in developing countries are increasingly a debatable issues. The mere tenure change without considering to the development situations which are unique to a certain country¿s culture, attitude and social stability have negative implication in many situation. Thus, this book is designed to strengthen the existing understanding of the formalization of customary land-tenure in developing countries, in order to reshape the changing tenure system in the right direction. The book¿s entitles for the systematic ways of tenure formalization that fits with the local condition by registering customary land without making any kind of structural modification to the former tenure rights. Such kind of customary tenure formalization are capable in reducing land dispute and securing the overall tenure security. By doing so, this book will offers information for policy makers, planners and land administrator in general. Particularly, it put forward a justifiable ground for developing countries, to reevaluate their respective tenure system, in order to harmonize the dichotomy exist between the statutory and the customary tenure system.

  • af Irfan Zafar
    286,95 kr.

  • af Nathan Namatama
    532,95 kr.

  • af P. Douyean Roberts
    286,95 kr.

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