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  • af Ajay Rana
    2.312,95 - 2.327,95 kr.

    This book reviews the sources, extraction, processing and applications of value-added compounds from agro-waste, with a focus on drug delivery, tea, apple pomace, lignin nanocomposites, bioethanol, fertilizers and sitosterol. Food residues provide bioactive molecules, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and animal feed.

  • af Ajay Rana
    87,95 kr.

  • af Ajay Rana, Ramani Kannan, Nidhi Sindhwani, mfl.
    1.609,95 kr.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality are revolutionizing present and future technologies: these are the fastest growing and most fascinating areas of technologies at present. This book aims to provide insight into the theory and applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality to multiple technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Healthcare and Education.

  • - A Research and Case Based Approach
    af Sanjeev Bansal, Abhinav Chauhan & Ajay Rana
    479,95 kr.

    This book is the product of authors' research into the Indian plastic industry, to explore and find the levers for enhancing industrial production. The study is based on real-life case study. Statistical process control, organisational culture, and entrepreneurship and innovation are the core of the book.

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