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  • - A Proven Way to Accept Yourself, Build Inner Strength, and Thrive
    af Arlington, Private Practice, Department of Educational Psychology, mfl.
    178,95 - 501,95 kr.

  • - A Guide for Professionals
    af Arlington, Private Practice, Department of Educational Psychology, mfl.
    318,95 kr.

  • - Inventory and Production Control
    af USA) Jones, Arlington & Erick C. (University of Texas
    2.238,95 kr.

  • - Text & Exercises
    af Arlington, Texas) Miller & Roger (Institute for University Studies
    2.174,95 kr.

  • - Making Every Decision Count
    af Virginia, Arlington, USA) Burge & mfl.
    485,95 kr.

  • - Jumpstart for Administrators, Developers, and Power Users
    af VA, Arlington, USA) Mosher, mfl.
    732,95 kr.

    Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email program, and it offers the most programmability. This book covers both Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002, and introduces key concepts for programming both Outlook forms for storing and exchanging data and Visual Basic for Applications modules that add new features to Outlook.

  • af Arlington, Texas) Miller, Roger (Institute for University Studies, mfl.
    851,95 kr.

  • - Text and Cases
    af Arlington, Austin) Cross, Texas) Miller, mfl.
    2.174,95 - 2.191,95 kr.

    Offers a comprehensive, authoritative, and cutting-edge coverage in an interesting, accessible, and reader-friendly format, combining black letter law with a specific focus on current topics, recent decisions, and ethical, global, and corporate themes.

  • - Downslope and Alongslope Processes and Deposits
    af TX, Arlington, G. (University of Texas & mfl.
    1.269,95 kr.

  • - Origin, Recognition, Initiation, and Reservoir Quality
    af TX, Arlington, G. (University of Texas & mfl.
    1.174,95 kr.

    A handbook that is suitable for understanding the origin of deep-water sandstones, emphasizing sandy-mass transport deposits (SMTD) and bottom-current reworked sands (BCRS) in petroleum reservoirs. It promotes pragmatic interpretation of deep-water sands using alternative possibilities.

  • - Synergies and Corporate Trends
    af Virginia, USAF, Arlington, mfl.
    503,95 kr.

  • - A Practical Approach
    af Texas, Arlington, USA) Liu, mfl.
    803,95 kr.

    Combining an appropriate level of mathematical background, and computer screen shots, this book walks the reader through modeling and computing, as well as interpreting CFD results. It offers an additional coverage of high-pressure fluid dynamics and meshless approach to provide an overview of the application areas where CFD can be used.

  • - Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions
    af Arlington, Private Practice, MA) Germer & mfl.
    156,95 kr.

    Illuminates the nature of self-compassion and offers steps for incorporating it into daily life. This book is suitable for readers new to mindfulness or those who want to take their practice to the next level.

  • - Building an Evidence-Based Practice
    af PHD, CHRISTY, Edmond, mfl.
    344,95 kr.

  • af TX, Arlington, G. (University of Texas & mfl.
    1.310,95 kr.

    Linking deep-water process sedimentology with sandstone petroleum reservoirs, this book offers a process interpretation based on 35 case studies (which include 32 petroleum reservoirs), carried out during 1974-2004. It addresses the criteria for recognizing deposits of gravity-driven, thermohaline-driven, wind-driven, and tide-driven processes.

  • - Building an Evidence-Based Practice
    af Edmond, Texas, Arlington, mfl.
    814,95 kr.

  • - Hiding in Plain Sight Online
    af Ma, Arlington, USA) Loshin & mfl.
    280,95 kr.

    A guide that skips the theoretical and technical details and focuses on getting from zero to anonymous as fast as possible. It features step-by-step instructions for configuring and using anonymous networking software.

  • af Robert Sparnaaij, Charlie Pulfer, David Hooker, mfl.
    701,95 kr.

    Covers configuration issues for environments where Microsoft Exchange is the mail server and also for those using IMAP4 or POP3. This book gives special attention to security issues, including recommended configuration of Outlook's built-in security features and methods for locking down Outlook with Group Policy Objects and other techniques.

  • - A Study of Attrition
    af Virginia, USAF, Arlington, mfl.
    503,95 kr.

  • - Text & Cases - Commercial Law for Accountants
    af Arlington, Texas) Miller & Roger (Institute for University Studies
    2.628,95 kr.

  • - Viscous Fluids, Porous Media, and Nanofluids
    af Virginia, Arlington, Cluj-Napoca, mfl.
    1.584,95 kr.

  • - Optical Structures and Systems Inspired by Nature
    af Virginia, Arlington, USA) Greanya & mfl.
    1.649,95 kr.

  • af Arlington, Texas) Miller & Roger (Institute for University Studies
    2.812,95 kr.

    Presents the core business law topics that you need to know in a concise paperback. Intended for the one-term course focused primarily on contracts and sales, this title condenses the legal topics - including cyberlaw, health-care, financial reform, and more - for quick comprehension.

  • af Virginia, Daniel J., Pennsylvania, mfl.
    1.475,95 kr.

  • - Generation, Control and Treatment
    af Associates, Texas, Arlington, mfl.
    1.838,95 kr.

    Sanitary landfills are the widely utilized method of solid waste disposal around the world. This book contains a literature review of various methodologies that have been developed for prediction, generation, characterization, containment, control, and treatment of leachate from sanitary landfills.

  • - A Collaborative Approach to Producibility and Reliability, Second Edition,
    af Arlington, Jose Sanchez, John (University of Texas & mfl.
    3.050,95 kr.

    Demonstrates how to design in quality for successful development of hardware and software products. This book offers systematic applications tailored to particular market environments. It also discusses Internet issues, electronic commerce, and supply chain.

  • - Principles and Practice
    af Jean, Milton, PHD, mfl.
    688,95 kr.

    Helps you to navigate through difficult concepts to gain understanding with ease. This book emphasizes a community focus while teaching growth and development and major body system alterations information needed by pediatric nurses.

  • af Arlington, Virginia) Scruton, Roger (Research Professor & mfl.
    91,95 kr.

    From Botticelli to birdsong, Mozart, and the Turner Prize, Roger Scruton explores what it means for something to be beautiful. This thought-provoking introduction to the philosophy of beauty draws conclusions that some may find controversial, but, as Scruton shows, help us to find greater sense of meaning in the beautiful objects around us.

  • af Texas, East Lansing, Arlington, mfl.
    1.838,95 kr.

    Aims to organize the solution of heat conduction and diffusion problems which is accomplished using the method of Green's functions, together with the tables of Green's functions and related integrals.

  • - Theory, Protocol, and Practice
    af Ma, Arlington, USA) Loshin & mfl.
    701,95 kr.

    Guides readers through implementation and deployment of IPv6. This edition offers comprehensive coverage of important topics including router and server configuration, security, the impact of IPv6 on mobile networks, and evaluating the impact of IPv6-enabled networks globally.

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