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  • af Bill Chastain
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  • af Bill Chastain
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    Alex Overstreet is exceptional. Mature beyond his years, he understands the value of education and where having one can take him. Adverse circumstances are no match for the "anything is possible" residing in his soul, a place where self-pity need not enter. His future is mapped in his mind. Staying the course will bring a worthwhile end game. Enter India Blue Kirkland. The most popular girl in school is the unknown Alex failed to factor into his carefully calculated life plans. She is everything he is not-outgoing and popular. A chance encounter with her sets into place a life-long love affair. Together they find a passion and embrace the best of their different worlds while exploring the wonder of love. Both are more than ready for a future together. But Alex's family situation looms in the background, and eventually catches up to him, forcing him to make sacrifices that change the course of his relationship with India. Though driven apart, their love never wavers. Years later, Alex is successful on a large scale professionally, yet emptiness clings to him like free-floating lint to a dark suit. India should have been a part of it all. He's never moved on from her. She is the love of his life. Meanwhile, India is trapped in a marriage and longs for what she had with Alex. One glance of Alex at her father's funeral sparks a romance that never died. Retrouvailles validates the compelling power of first love and how the snapshots of moments together matter most. Those snapshots representing sweet moments in time can be more compelling than a lifetime spent together.

  • af Bill Chastain
    159,95 kr.

    Peachtree Corvette Club rekindles memories from a "Pink Floyd" era of college when students huddled in cramped rooms to smoke joints, listen to music and take advantage of the relaxed attitude toward sex. The book is set in 1977 at Georgia Tech, the Atlanta engineering school with the high academic standards, and Truman Forbes serves as the book's introspective, yet somewhat confused, protagonist. At the outset of the story he has come to grips with the fact self denial isn't all it's cracked up to be-especially when you lose at love. Despite following all the rules, Lisa Southall dumped him, ending a long-distance relationship with few benefits other than affording him the feeling of being in love. So he vows to make changes at the beginning of his junior year at Tech. And change Truman does, taking off on a degenerative path led by Bone, his friend and fraternity brother. Once under Bone's spell, Truman meets Paige Kupryn and he begins to understand what he's been missing in a relationship. Sex is the initial component of the attraction. Paige is beautiful, blonde, and drives a Corvette, one of the trappings of being the daughter of wealthy, divorced parents from Buckhead. In essence, she is the polar opposite of Lisa. While Truman cavorts with Bone and other members of his fraternity in various hi-jinx-including Bone's pursuits of winning the intramural football championship and his scheme to cut down the school whistle, his relationship with Paige continues to evolve, as do his impressions of her. Truman realizes he has never had more fun in college, but the price paid has been the loss of his moral compass. He has an all or nothing personality, making the transition from devoted student and physical fitness freak to thrill seeker with a budding attraction to pot, and an indifference to most everything-spawning interesting, as well as humorous, consequences. Peachtree Corvette Club brings a reminder of how liberated college students are, holding the privileges of adulthood minus the constraints. Said freedom has allowed childish antics fueled by adult minds during any era of college life and is the backbone of exaggerated behavior, which is personified in this story.

  • af Bill Chastain
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    Knowledge and memory are an important part of the fabric of being a fan. So are experiences. 100 Things also includes things fans should actually see and do before they join their heroes at the Pearly Gates. This book contains numerous tips and suggestions for enjoying a team on a different, more involved, level.

  • - The Greatest U.S. Open Ever
    af Bill Chastain
    227,95 kr.

    Crafts the dramatic story of the 1999 US Open by combining research with interviews of those who made it a unique event. From the compelling action on the course to the tournament's dramatic conclusion, this book shows readers why the 1999 US Open is regarded by many as the best US Open ever played.

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