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  • af Dawn Bates
    212,95 kr.

    International Bestselling author Dawn Bates teams up with Clarissa Kristjansson, the world's leading voice of the Thriving Thru' Menopause podcast to bring you an anthology like no other.The Potent Power of Menopause is an open and honest, frank and insightful anthology by 10 women and 1 man from various countries, cultures and faiths around the world - and has the addition of humour which the world has come to enjoy and expect from the books published by Dawn Publishing on the subjects that matter.Within the pages of this book, you will find real-life stories, expert advice and information, detailing the transformational time in a woman's life that is so misunderstood, wrapped in a silence filled with myths passed down through the generations, whilst also being dismissed and ridiculed.The mere mention of the word menopause has caused discomfort, and its name has been whispered in fear of the shame associated with infertility and ageing... That is until now."There are so many books on the market which just didn't appeal to me - not just because many of them are dry and sterile, but because they were either far too feminist or just more of the same old same old," says Bates, the lead author and publisher on this anthology. "I wanted straight forward honest information, a holistic view and have a laugh whilst understanding this transformational time in my life - not be bored out of my mind."Kristjansson says, "this book reframes our experience of this life transition and offers powerful insights into menopause as a gateway into a new and meaningful phase of women's lives."Choosing to dedicate this book to the women of the world, past, present and future, Bates and Kristjansson make their points clear that without the ancient wisdom, and the women of today sharing their stories, the women of tomorrow will end up with more of the regurgitated content aimed more at promoting the author and their business, rather than impacting humanity.The aim of this book is to encourage all the women who read it to love their body, own their sovereignty and harness their feminine power for the greatness of self, and humanity, whilst also helping men understand menopause rather than feel as though they are living, loving and working with a ticking time bomb.Bates had been developing this idea for 2 years before approaching Kristjansson, an internationally recognized holistic menopause coach who knows that perimenopause can be challenging but also the natural path to transformation and the emergence of a wiser woman.The pair make the perfect team, and with them both at the helm driving this project forward, they are set to transform the way in which menopause is seen and understood the world over.Ann Moir-Bussy, one of Australia's leading voices for women in both the indigenous community and mainstream society, joins the team along with English energy healer and leadership coach, Su Winsbury, making this the most holistic book on the subject of menopause on the market.With menopause experts such as Kate Usher, author of Your Second Phase, a corporate coach and change strategist who specialises in Menopause, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, this book brings a change in the global narrative in the business world too.Joining these ladies includes Asian American Powerlifter Laarni Mulvey, transformational stylist to the stars and American politicians Liana Chaouli, is Kate's husband Neil Usher who shares his experience putting the men into menopause.Lifestyle Reboot guide Fiona Whitfield (England), Yoga Therapist Ullis Karlsson (Sweden) and Women's Advocate Maggie Inbamuthia (India) also bring a wealth of knowledge from the perspectives of nutrition, ayurvedic healing and spirituality into this powerful book.A timeless book to journey into the future of feminine transformation.

  • - Melting the Ice - One Dive at a Time
    af Dawn Bates
    147,95 kr.

  • - Inspirational Stories of Power Unleashed
    af Dawn Bates & Laarni Mulvey
    212,95 kr.

  • - Becoming a Muslim, Becoming Everyone's Business
    af Dawn Bates
    137,95 kr.

    Think you know someone? Then think again. This book blows stereotypes out of the window and makes you stop and analyse what you think you know about the world we live in. Racism, raving and religion, it's all in here. A book about self discovery, inner strength and never giving up. An inspirational journey through life which will make you laugh and cry. Sometimes shocking, but always honest, Friday Bridge is a book you will return to and recommend again and again.

  • - The Biography of a Curious Woman
    af Dawn Bates
    187,95 kr.

  • af Dawn Bates, Thom Hess & Vi Hilbert
    426,95 kr.

    A celebration of western Washington Native language and culture, this book is a completely reformatted and greatly revised and expanded update of Thom Hess's Dictionary of Puget Salish (1976).

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