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  • - The History Collection
    af Gareth Roberts
    136,95 kr.

    The Doctor, Romana and K-9 are hoping for a holiday in London in the sweltering summer of 1930. But the TARDIS is warning of time pollution. And that s not the only problem. What connects the isolated Sussex resort of Nutchurch with the secret society run by the eccentric Percy Closed? Why has millionaire Hepworth Stackhouse dismissed his staff and hired assassin Julia Orlostro? And what is the truth behind the infernal vapour known only as Zodaal? With the heat building, the Doctor and his friends set out to solve the mysteries. An adventure set in 1930s London, featuring the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker and his companions Romana and K-9.

  • - Hanes Mawrion ein Mathemateg
    af Gareth Roberts
    170,95 kr.

    Darganfyddwch pam y mae mathemateg yn rhan naturiol a phwysig o'n diwylliant, yn gyfochrog a chanu a barddoni, a pham y mae hanes ein mathemateg yn rhan mor bwysig o'n treftadaeth.

  • - James VI's Demonology and the North Berwick Witches
    af Gareth Roberts & Lawrence Normand
    327,95 kr.

    This volume provides a valuable introduction to the key concepts of witchcraft and demonology through a detailed study of one of the best known and most notorious episodes of Scottish history, the North Berwick witch hunt, in which King James was involved as alleged victim, interrogator, judge and demonologist.

  • - 50th Anniversary Edition
    af Gareth Roberts
    153,95 kr.

    Reports of a time disturbance lead the Ninth Doctor to modern-day London, where he discovers a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct. A trip back to the dawn of humanity only deepens the mystery: who are these strange humans from the far future now living in the distant past? The Doctor must learn the truth about the Osterberg experiment before history is changed forever.An adventure featuring the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston and his companion Rose

  • af Douglas Adams & Gareth Roberts
    139,95 kr.

    The legendary lost Doctor Who story from the unique mind of Douglas AdamsInside this book is another book the strangest, most important and most dangerous book in the entire universe.The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey is one of the Artefacts, dating from dark days of Rassilon. It wields enormous power, and it must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.Skagra who believes he should be God and permits himself only two smiles per day most definitely has the wrong hands.Beware Skagra. Beware the Sphere. Beware Shada.

  • af Gareth Roberts
    72,95 kr.

    Equipped with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up, Apollo mission-style, on the Moon. But the TARDIS has other plans, landing them instead in a village on the south coast of England; a picture-postcard sort of place where nothing much happens. Until now... An archaeological dig has turned up a Roman mosaic, circa AD 70, depicting mythical scenes, grapes and a Dalek. A few days later a young woman, rushing for work, is knocked over and killed by a bus, then comes back to life. It's not long before all hell breaks loose, and the Doctor and Rose must use all their courage and cunning against an alien enemy and a not-quite-alien accomplice who are intent on destroying humanity. Featuring the Doctor and Rose as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the hit Doctor Who series from BBC Television.

  • af Gareth Roberts
    340,95 kr.

  • af Gareth Roberts & John Dorney
    132,95 kr.

    Laid claim to by disputing factions of humans and Chelonians, the planet Barclow has become the catalyst for an unusual war. In two hundred years of hostilities not a shot has been fired, and the opposing combatants are the best of friends. But tensions are growing. Someone, somewhere is trying to make this well-mannered war very angry indeed.

  • af Gareth Roberts & Jacqueline Raynor
    132,95 kr.

    A new full cast adventure for the Seventh Doctor and companion Bernice Summerfield Sakkrat. Many legends speak of this world, home of an ancient empire destroyed by its own greatest achievement: the Highest Science, the pinnacle of technological discovery.

  • af Douglas Adams & Gareth Roberts
    249,95 kr.

    The Doctor's old friend and fellow Time Lord Professor Chronotis has retired to Cambridge University - where nobody will notice if he lives for centuries. Based on the scripts for the original television series by the legendary Douglas Adams, Shada retells an adventure that never made it to the screen.

  • - The Romance of Crime / The English Way of Death
    af Gareth Roberts & John Dorney
    408,95 kr.

    In The Romance of Crime, the TARDIS brings the Doctor, Romana and K9 to the Rock of Judgement; a court, prison and place of execution built into a rocket-powered asteroid. In The English Way of Death The Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive in 1930s London.

  • - The Complete Eighth Doctor Comic Strips Vol.4
    af Gareth Roberts & Scott Gray
    156,95 kr.

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