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    The purpose of this booklet is to prove that the bulk of the properties in Jerusalem belong to the native Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem.The Jewish State seized all these properties, employing means that violates not only international law but also the private property rights of the individual Arab Palestinian families.Through the Absentee Property Law, Palestinian ownership in West Jerusalem was crossed out in the register of title deeds and replaced by Jewish ownership. This act is illegal, especially that most of the Palestinian families still live in Jerusalem.After the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, Israel formulated another law, ostensibly for public use, but the object of which is to dispossess Palestinians of thousands of dunams for the construction of exclusive Jewish residential settlements surrounding Palestinian neighborhoods.These acts have impoverished the Palestinians and enriched the Jews. The recent decision of the US Trump administration declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel condones theft of property and encourages the Jewish State to continue down the path of corruption and defiance of legality and the truth about who owns most of Jerusalem.US president Trump and VP Pence are unknowing accomplices to the Jewish State in the theft of native Palestinian property owners who have lived in Jerusalem for hundreds of years before the Jewish migrant invasion of Palestine.

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