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  • af Jaan Valsiner
    922,95 kr.

  • af Jaan Valsiner
    1.209,95 kr.

    The book includes a new theoretical synthesis of William Stern's classic personology published in the 1930s with contemporary cultural psychology of semiotic mediation developed by the author over the last two decades.

  • - The Cultural Psychology of Affect
    af Jaan Valsiner
    549,95 kr.

    This book is a theoretical account for general psychology of how human beings meaningfully relate with their bodies-- from the basic physiological processes upwards to the highest psychological functions of religiosity, ethical reasoning, and devotional practices.

  • af Jaan Valsiner
    737,95 - 1.287,95 kr.

    Ornamented Lives is a theoretical synthesis of cultural psychology, aesthetics, and philosophy of meaning construction. It is an extension of the author's theory of Semiotic Dynamics (Culture in Minds and Societies, 2007) to the field of ornaments. Ornaments are not merely "e;decorations"e; but play the important role of guiding the affective depths of the human minds. This is done by capturing the whole fields of perceivable peripheral spaces and filling them with highly recursive forms. The book concentrates on the visual ornaments of various kinds, indicating in them the tensions between basic forms-linear and curvilinear. This tension is present in human construction of environments-natural growth involves curvilinear forms while human constructions introduce linearity. The basic tension between linear and curvilinear infinities is expressed in the use of spiral forms in art and architecture. The book builds a theoretical account of human beings constantly creating sublime life occasions that give them affective charge for dramatizations of ordinary living. Episodically the sublime acquires new quality-becomes aesthetic. The coverage in this book links the aesthetic, the sublime, and the mundane into one theoretical scheme within cultural psychology.

  • af Jaan Valsiner
    503,95 - 1.579,95 kr.

    An Invitation to Cultural Psychology looks at the everyday life worlds of human beings through the lens of a new synthetic perspective in cultural psychology - that of semiotic dynamics.

  • - History of Psychology in the Mirror of Its Making
    af Jaan Valsiner
    522,95 - 1.466,95 kr.

  • af Jaan Valsiner & Hans-Georg Voss
    615,95 - 960,95 kr.

    This book brings together a variety of contemporary approaches to learning that by and large follow the structuralist path to understand learning, a path both ecological and dynamic. The book views the learning processes as they take place in the course of personenvironment relationships.

  • af Jaan Valsiner & Marta Kohl de Oliveira
    960,95 kr.

    This volume considers the teaching of writing in computer-supported and traditional classrooms. It is divided into three main sections which consider: literary processes - access to a symbolic system; learning and meaning in childhood; and literacy and activity contexts in adulthood.

  • - Construction of the Idea
    af Jaan Valsiner & Rene van der Veer
    585,95 - 1.209,95 kr.

    This book, first published in 2000, charts the intellectual history of the idea of socially constructed mind through the examination of four key theorists. The authors elaborate on their notion of intellectual interdependency in the development of scientific ideas and they take a new look at how progress in science is a socially constructed entity.

  • af Jaan Valsiner
    608,95 - 1.845,95 kr.

    A cultural perspective on every developmental stage from pregnancy to old age, demonstrating the interface between cultural psychology and developmental psychology. It features broad coverage of theoretical and methodological issues which have relevance to this field of enquiry.

  • af Jaan Valsiner & Angela Uchoa Branco
    737,95 - 1.287,95 kr.

    The book provides conceptual and theoretical elaborations on human values from a cultural psychological approach. The authors illustrate their original contributions with empirical data, allowing for productive discussion on the topic of ontogenesis of values from a historicalcultural perspective.

  • - Melodies of Living
    af Jaan Valsiner, Tania Zittoun, Dankert Vedeler, mfl.
    375,95 - 842,95 kr.

    Drawing on philosophy, the history of psychology and the natural sciences, this book proposes a new theoretical foundation for the psychology of the life course. It features the study of unique individual life courses in their social and cultural environment, combining the perspectives of developmental and sociocultural psychology, psychotherapy, learning sciences and geronto-psychology. In particular, the book highlights semiotic processes, specific to human development, that allow us to draw upon past experiences, to choose among alternatives and to plan our futures. Imagination is an important outcome of semiotic processes and enables us to deal with daily constraints and transitions, and promotes the transformation of social representation and symbolic systems - giving each person a unique style, or 'melody', of living. The book concludes by questioning the methodology and epistemology of current life course studies.

  • - Parental Cognition and Adult-Child Interaction
    af Jaan Valsiner
    1.007,95 kr.

    CIP catalogs this two-volume set as a series, with the main entries as follows: Parental cognition and adult-child interaction (v.1); and Social co-construction and environmental guidance in development (v.2, 488-6). The first volume comprises six contributions on parental thinking and action and on

  • - A Sociogenetic Approach to Personality
    af Jaan Valsiner
    927,95 kr.

    In this ambitious book, Jaan Valsiner argues for a theoretical integration of two long-standing approaches to personality theory: the individualistic tradition of personalistic psychology, typified by the work of William Stern and Gordon Allport, and the semiotic tradition of cultural-historical psychology, typified by the work of L. S. Vygotsky.

  • - Social Co-construction and Environmental Guidance in Development
    af Jaan Valsiner
    960,95 kr.

    ." . . provides rich and interesting detail about the conditions, values, and experiences of children and those who rear them" - Contemporary Psychology

  • - Thinking through Particulars and Universals
    af Jaan Valsiner & Roger Bibace
    960,95 kr.

    An error in the realms of medicine, ecology, peace, and war brings with it psychological strategies that differ from those a practitioner faces where errors are correctable.How does a doctor or therapist bridge the gap between particulars and generalizations regarding patients and various phenomena or diseases?

  • - Replicability in Research on Human Development
    af Jaan Valsiner & Marinus van Ijzendoom
    960,95 kr.

  • - Comparative-Cultural and Constructivist Perspectives
    af Jaan Valsiner
    960,95 kr.

    . . . provides rich and interesting detail about the conditions, values, and experiences of children and those who rear them - Contemporary Psychology

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