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  • - Goodbye, Inner Good Girl!
    af Jill Celeste
    147,95 kr.

    Together, Loud Woman, we must leave our comfort zones of good-girl manners, perfection, and fear. It''s time to embrace this truth: You deserve to live a fulfilled life... Not one prescribed by society but one beautifully designed by you... Loud Woman, look around. All across the globe, people are depressed, or poor, or unfulfilled. Our planet bears the weight of our collective selfishness. Many leaders are corrupt, and we are plagued with a mindset that there''s not enough of everything to go around. Now, look at you. You probably are not living your Loudest life. Burdened by societal expectations for women to be small and Quiet, you have been taught to put your needs last, to always show good manners, and to see other women as competition instead of allies. That''s how Jill was too-overly accommodating, giving, polite, and selfless. But as she watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford bravely tell her story and testify about Brett Kavanaugh''s attempted rape, Jill thought, this is what a Loud Woman looks like. Speaking up and telling the truth-and doing so without apology or explanation. Inspired by Dr. Ford''s act of honest courage, Jill realized, right then and there, that it was time for her to get Louder too. Loud Woman is part memoir, part self-help, all manifesto, confession, and plea. It''s Jill''s love letter to you, Loud Woman, so you can be inspired by her journey and embark on your own. Inside these pages, you will find a guidebook on how to live a Louder life-from how to push through your fears to trusting yourself more. It''s Jill''s hope that, after reading Loud Woman, you too will look in the mirror and proclaim, "This is what a Loud Woman looks like." 

  • - Find and Attract Your First Ideal Client
    af Jill Celeste
    167,95 kr.

    You''ve hung out your shingle "open for business," but hear crickets. Where are your clients? You''re an intelligent, confident woman-running a business shouldn''t be so difficult! Doubts creep in, and you begin to wonder, "Did I make a mistake?"No! You didn''t. You need a practical and easily implemented marketing strategy-and someone to guide you, cheer you on, and stop you from quitting. Filled with practical exercises and tried-and-true marketing methods, That First Client is the answer to your question: How do I get that first client? With this book in hand, you''re about to find out. And all without overwhelm!

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