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  • - Bhagavan Sri Ramana, Naadis, Pothis and Samhitas.
    af Kim Paisol
    312,95 kr.

    "The greatest miracle in life is to realize our true divine nature of bliss and happiness. In that process, our punya (luck) may guide us close to a realized being or to seek the words and guidance of the ancient Maharishis who speak through the mouthpiece of the Naadis, Pothis and Samhitas. This will lead us on to the path to Self-realization. "My hope is that this book can reach out to those who are ready and mature enough to hear this divine call. It is for those who are prepared to ask themselves the question 'Who am I?' and are open to the guidance formulated by Sri Ramana Maharishi." Subham Kim Paisol

  • af Kim Paisol
    447,95 - 593,95 kr.

    What is destiny or karma? Is anything predestined or are we just a moment, a thought flying in the wind? And what is body and soul? Naadi means “destined” or in search of, meaning that the seeker and Naadi at one point at time are destined to meet. So also must it be for the reader holding this book, possibly to know more of what Naadi Palmleaf Astrology is about or maybe in search of something more? This miracle or phenomenon of this Ancient wisdom is experienced, explained and presented here so to give an idea about its origin, some personal stories, destinies of well known persons and the reason that such wisdom was and is available. The aspect of Divinity, Avatars and Enlightened beings is touched upon also showing some Naadi readings as examples. The Naadis would never be possible were it not for a Divine wish - to guide those seeking a path to their own true divine Self.

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