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  • af Len Sperry
    1.407,95 kr.

    This encyclopedia provides a concise introduction to the mental health topics of greatest concern to adolescents. It offers young readers the information they need to better understand mental disorders and the importance of psychological well-being.Addressing mental illness and prioritizing psychological well-being are important at any age, but the teen years present unique challenges. Hormonal changes, peer pressure, and the demands of school and a busy social life combined with many other factors put adolescents at high risk for mental health problems. Certain disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are particularly prevalent in this age group, as are risky behaviors like substance abuse, self-harm, and distracted driving. Today's teens also face uniquely modern threats to their psychological well-being, such as Internet addiction and social media-induced fear of missing out (FOMO). Yet there are also ample opportunities for adolescents to strengthen their mental health and resiliency through such practices as meditation, activism, and youth leadership.Teen Mental Health: An Encyclopedia of Issues and Solutions is a ready-reference guide to the mental health topics that most affect the lives of American teens in the 21st century. Entries are accessibly written and feature extensive cross-referencing and helpful further reading lists. This volume also offers a collection of recommended resources, including a number of hotlines for teens in crisis.

  • - A New Practice Model for Mental Health and Integrated Care
    af Len Sperry, USA) Binensztok & Vassilia (Florida Atlantic University
    485,95 - 1.344,95 kr.

  • af Len Sperry & Gerard J. McGlone
    222,95 kr.

  • - Strategies for Maximizing Executive Productivity and Health
    af Len Sperry
    634,95 kr.

    This book will interest clinicians who have wondered what professional practice would be like in the corporate setting and want to learn more about the psychological and organizational dynamics that 'drive' executive behavior.

  • - The Essential Guide for Mental Health Professionals
    af Len Sperry
    549,95 - 1.405,95 kr.

    This book provides mental health professionals with a map of the territory of the corporate world, and describes in detail the major theoretical coaching models and progressive phases.

  • - The Essential Guide for Mental Health Professionals
    af Len Sperry
    646,95 kr.

    Assists in mastering basic terminology, and offers easy access to important legal opinions in everyday practice. This book blends ethical, legal, and professional issues. It also includes a dictionary for the mental health professional.

  • - Integrating and Tailoring Treatment
    af Jon, Len Sperry, Judith A. Lewis, mfl.
    549,95 - 1.788,95 kr.

    Reviews the basic theories of marriage and family therapy. In teaching students to integrate and tailor techniques, this book asks students to take functional methods and approaches from a variety of theoretical approaches, without attempting to reiterate the theoretical issues and research covered in theories courses.

  • af Len Sperry & Vassilia Binensztok
    607,95 kr.

    Provides readers with a review of conventional Adlerian therapy and introduces a contemporary version of it called Adlerian pattern-focused therapy. This is a cutting-edge approach that combines basic Adlerian interventions with a unique therapeutic strategy that is brief, highly effective, and reimbursable.

  • - Recognizing, Healing, and Preventing Ministry Impairment
    af Len Sperry
    242,95 kr.

    Ministry impairment seems to be increasingly problematic for the Church today. While the minister's personality or character are typically the focus of media attention, impairment is also influenced by organizational dynamics such as the recruitment and promotion policies of the religious organization as well as its culture and structure. Ministry and Community highlights the interplay of personality dynamics and organizational dynamics for eight of the most common forms of ministry impairment and shows how they can be recognized, treated, and prevented.In Ministry and Community Len Sperry looks at the dynamics underlying and supporting narcissistic behavior, sexual abusing behavior, psychopathic behavior, borderline behavior, depressive behavior, obsessive-compulsive behavior, manic-depressive behavior, and passive-aggressive behavior in ministry personnel. He then describes a number of effective strategies that can modify these individual and organizational dynamics.Rather than affix blame on ministers or the Church, this book offers a series of observations on concerns faced by the Church and provides suggestions for addressing these concerns.Ministry and Community also offers a measure of hopefulness about the prospects for professional ministry in the Church. These suggestions include specific criterion for determining fitness for ministry, guidelines for realistically appraising ministry performance, and specific indications and contraindications for psychotherapy and other psychiatric interventions.

  • - The 12 Essential Skills
    af Len Sperry
    739,95 kr.

    Administrators and managers in healthcare can improve their own expertise and performance by learning and mastering the 12 critical interpersonal, financial, and organisational management skills in this highly practical guide. This easy-to-read book applies basic business leadership principles specifically to the field of healthcare administration.

  • - Revisioning Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction
    af Len Sperry
    297,95 kr.

    Revisioning Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction

  • af Len Sperry
    135,95 kr.

    The purpose of this booklet is to provide a method for understanding and reflecting on ethical and clinical competence issues in the practice of Christian holistic healthcare, and particularly for evaluating clinical cases involving healing prayer and spiritual assessment.Four brief case examples present the reader with several ethical considerations involving the integration of Christian spirituality and healing prayer in healthcare practice. Elements in these cases are relatively common in healthcare practice today. However, these cases also reflect some of the unique professional challenges that Christian physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, and chaplains face on a regular basis.Increasingly, ethically and clinically competent practice is coming to mean professional-clinical competence as well as contextual-cultural, relational-ethical, and theological-spiritual competence. Accordingly, Christian healthcare professionals need to consider the implications of all four domains of clinical and ethical competence in their work. Len Sperry, MD, PhD, DMin is Professor of Mental Health Counseling at Florida Atlantic University and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has been an ACT member since 1977.

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