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  • - Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in God
    af Michael Lemay
    97,95 kr.

    "The Work Around is an inspirational novel that offers some practical guidelines as a blueprint for Men to avoid a divorce. It is intended to be a reference material for men to use to know, "what not to do in an intimate relationship. So that he will be able to cultivate and to flourish in his marriage. #PenToPublish2019. "The Work Around also examines the extreme and harsh measures that a woman is potentially capable of when she doesn't receive the love and attention that she desires and so deserves. "The Work Around also exposes the patterns of systematic racism, being perpetuated within the family court systems, in the south. In an effort to dismantle African American families. "The Work Around, seeks to trigger the awareness of the public, of the trend of imbalanced and harsh sentences with regard to the sentencing of African American males, in domestic violence cases. In the south, and America at large. #PenToPublish2019. "The Work Around, offers insight into and takes a close look at a real person's experience with handling an extremely difficult challenge, such as a divorce. We all go through difficult seasons in life from time to time. "The Work Around is a self-help resource that can be used to illustrate to any one that as a season changes, the situation will change also in time. #PenToPublish2019.

  • - Book Of Miracles
    af Michael Lemay
    115,95 kr.

    The inspirational novel "7 Days After, is the sequel to the novel "The Work Around. #PenToPublish2019. It is the second installment, in the "Impossible Trilogy, which largely chronicles the events in the next chapter in the life of our main character, Mitch May. #PenToPublish2019. Who is now embarked on a quest, to see his family restored.In a fortunate shift and change of his circumstances, Mitch Mays' life has now been rescued from the pending total loss of his family, and death. His love life has been revived, by the entrance of his new lady named, Vivian. #PenToPublish2019. The connection to Vivian becomes a trigger for the end of the emotional and financial meltdown of his life and the separation from his life with his family. And now, Mitch perceives that the relationship and the emotional rescue that he is now experiencing, is only the beginning of things to come. The trauma of the divorce, that had sent his life into a proverbial tailspin it seemed, was over now. And now, Mitch has developed an adopted an expectation that his family would be restored, and that he would receive "Beauty For Ashes.Mitch now believes that the manifestation of his family being restored, would come, in "7 Days after his prayer. #PenToPublish2019. Mitch believes and begins to witness his prayers and supplications answered, every "7 Days After.

  • - And keeping him happy.
    af Michael Lemay
    170,95 kr.

    The story illustrates how people from different backgrounds and cultures can dwell together in harmony and in love, despite their religious and economic statuses. Ruth finds herself in a compromising position where she is being humble and loyal to her mother in law, after having become a widow. Ruth is a widow as well, and has chosen to remain with her mother in law, rather than seek another husband back in her home land.Ruth's demonstration of her commitment and her loyalty to her widowed mother in law, is rewarded by an encounter and a marriage to the man of her dreams. This pattern of being blessed by God for our good works, is a hallmark of the work of God. The main characters Ruth and Boaz are used figuratively and sometimes satirically here, to illustrate the way that a woman would find and prepare herself to meet and to maintain a vibrant and flourishing love relationship with her God given King (Boaz).The sequel to Finding Boaz (finding Ruth), illustrates how a man would find and prepare himself to meet and to maintain a vibrant and a flourishing love affair with his God given Queen (Ruth).

  • af Michael Lemay
    882,95 kr.

    Elections in America provides a thorough and objective explanation of American elections at the local, state, and national levels. It discusses laws and practices that govern elections, the history of elections and voting rights, and contemporary voting controversies.Elections in America is an all-in-one resource for understanding the many facets of elections and voting trends since the United States came into being. It explains how, when, and why the franchise expanded in fits and starts after America's founding and the various controversies over voting rights and vote counting that swirl around elections today. It reviews the major landmark court decisions that have impacted electoral politics, discusses how America's two-party system has shaped elections, and provides information on major organizations, groups, and people battling over voting rights and election laws.In addition, this resource provides a suite of original essays from election scholars on different aspects of U.S. electoral politics, as well as a carefully curated selection of primary documents illuminating important developments in American election history. The book also contains a comprehensive annotated list of academic resources to guide the reader towards further research on topics of interest.

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