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  • - Challenging Math Problems for Students
    af Michael Mason
    92,95 kr.

    Brain Benders 3 contains thirty four challenging mathematical problem solving activities, specifically aimed at the 10-13 year group. The problems have been written to suit a range of abilities and ways of thinking and learning, and to help students become familiar with a variety of problem solving techniques. Problem Solving StrategiesThe strategies which this book encourages students to use and develop include: guess and check, looking for patterns, drawing and modeling objects, listing and eliminating possibilities, filling in grids, and using timelines.All activities are able to be photocopied for classroom use.

  • af Michael Mason, Muna Dajani & Munir Fakher Eldin
    233,95 - 694,95 kr.

  • - One Parent's Perspective for Winning Over the Courts in Custody Cases
    af Michael Mason
    95,95 kr.

    All divorces, civilian or military, are equally painful. Author Michael Mason, a veteran of the United States Army, went through a divorce and custody dispute for his young child. His painful experience thoroughly covers various issues and provides insightful answers based on his personal experience. This book provides an alternative, unique, aggressive and detailed approach to today's many uncertainties surrounding divorces in order to help readers navigate a divorce case and maintaining custody of your child(ren). The book emphasizes the importance of documenting every aspect of your deteriorating relationship from the beginning to the end. From choosing a divorce lawyer to to utilizing a private investigator, Mr. Mason's battle tested advice in dealing with a divorce is refreshing. Almost 30,000 military marriages resulted in divorces in 2011 according to a USA Today report quoting Pentagon data. Military couples face a variety of challenges stemming from constant deployments. Despite various work-shops and marriage counseling to improve marriages, the divorce rate in the military has steadily increased over the last ten years. This book is not intended to encourage divorce but to help win a divorce once you are inevitably in it. Just like war, divorce must be avoided at all cost. But, when it happens, one must win. If you are dealing with the stress of a deteriorating relationship, child's welfare, unknown legal procedures, you might want to take a look at Mr. Mason's advice.

  • - The Only Bedtime Book in the World with No Story
    af Michael Mason
    103,95 kr.

    The Bedtime Book with No Story: The Only Bedtime Book in the World with No Story is the brainchild of Michael Mason. Inside, it works on how your child is wired. This is the only book of it's kind that doesn't make your child fall asleep with a story. Instead, it empowers them to make themselves fall asleep simply by exploring their imagination. This underlying skill of learning boosts your child's brain powers. This small black book is a gateway book to a series of smart books that are not taught in school or anywhere else. In a sea of thousands of story books, read a book that doesn't have one.

  • af Michael Mason
    1.572,95 kr.

    Nanofibres are fibres that measure a billionth of a metre. They have different properties and applications since they are generated from different polymers. Nanomedicine is a branch of medicine that applies nanotechnology to the field of medicine. The applications range from preventing diseases to imaging, diagnosing, monitoring, treating, and regenerating biological systems. The usage of nanofibres in drug delivery significantly lowers the overall drug consumption and reduces the side-effects, and thereby decreases the treatment expenses. This book elucidates the concepts and innovative models around prospective developments with respect to nanomedicine. The various advancements in drug delivery using nanotechnology are glanced at and their applications as well as ramifications are looked at in detail. Scientists and students actively engaged in this field will find this book full of crucial and unexplored concepts.

  • af Michael Mason
    448,95 - 524,95 kr.

    Drawing on a wide range of evidence about 19th-century behaviour and opinion - from popular medicine to Malthusian polemic - this study argues that the present-day perception of 19th-century sexual culture misrepresents the true attitudes of Victorians.

  • - Environmental Responsibility Across Borders
    af Michael Mason
    426,95 - 1.587,95 kr.

  • - The Choice is Yours
    af Michael Mason
    162,95 kr.

  • - A Glossary
    af Michael Mason
    212,95 kr.

    In this comprehensive glossary, the reader finds necessary definitions needed to navigate the labyrinth of terms and phrases used in development literature. It explains the origin of terms and places definitions within the historical context of the literature.

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