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  • - An Intersectional Political Economy
    af Nancy Folbre
    243,95 kr.

    A major new work of feminism from the MacArthur Award-winning economist

  • af Nancy Folbre
    4.474,95 kr.

    This collection of essays features the debate among neoclassical, institutionalist and feminist theorists, providing an invaluable guide to the evolution of economic approaches to the family. The clash of paradigms illuminates some issues of profound concern to economics as a whole, such as the relative importance of altruism and self-interest.

  • - Economics and Family Values
    af Nancy Folbre
    197,95 kr.

  • - Gender and the Structures of Constraint
    af Nancy Folbre
    728,95 - 1.834,95 kr.

    A fresh look at how women largely carry the costs of caring for themselves, the children and other dependents, with an analysis of individual choices within interlocking structures of constraint based on gender, sex, age, nation, race and class.

  • - Rethinking the Economics of the Family
    af Nancy Folbre
    272,95 kr.

    While parents spend significant time as well as money on children, most estimates of the "cost" of children ignore the value of this time. Folbre provides a startlingly high but entirely credible estimate of the value of parental time per child by asking what it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute for it.

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