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  • af Oklahoma, USA) Argyros & Ioannis K. (ton
    1.468,95 kr.

  • - From Pyramid to Circle
    af Norman, Oklahoma, USA) Carnevale, mfl.
    449,95 kr.

  • af RONALD, Oklahoma, USA) Schleifer & mfl.
    1.463,95 kr.

  • - Building an Evidence-Based Practice
    af PhD, CHRISTY, Edmond, mfl.
    344,95 kr.

  • - Analysis of Cause in the Behavioral Sciences
    af Stillwater, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, mfl.
    921,95 kr.

    Introduces a data analysis technique that addresses long standing criticisms of the standard statistics. This title presents the mathematics and techniques underlying the method, discussing causality, modelling, and logical hypothesis testing.

  • - Building an Evidence-Based Practice
    af Edmond, Texas, Arlington, mfl.
    814,95 kr.

  • af Norman, Robert (Director, USA) White, mfl.
    359,95 kr.

  • af Oklahoma, USA) Constanda & Christian (University of Tulsa
    541,95 kr.

  • af Ontario, Oklahoma, Canada) Mak, mfl.
    849,95 kr.

    Suitable for college and university students in life sciences, medicine and other health professions who need an introduction to immunology, this book offers a survey of the fundamental concepts in basic and clinical immunology while conveying the subject's appeal.

  • - The Definitive Guide to Related Terms, Acronyms and Concepts for Emergency Planning and Operations
    af Oklahoma City, USA) Bibby, Oklahoma & mfl.
    1.463,95 kr.

  • - A Contemporary Study
    af Oklahoma, Spain) Magrenan, USA) Argyros, mfl.
    1.571,95 kr.

  • af Oklahoma, USA) Argyros & Ioannis K. (ton
    2.298,95 kr.

    Polynomial operators are a natural generalization of linear operators. This work presents results about polynomial equations as well as analyzes iterative methods for their numerical solution in various general space settings.

  • - Innovative Systems for Seismic Response Control
    af Los Angeles, California, Oklahoma City, mfl.
    1.571,95 kr.

    Offering an accounting of smart structure systems, this book provides details on regulations, presents mathematical formulations, explores modeling, and discusses cost-efficiency and other practical considerations.

  • - A Practical Guide
    af Oklahoma City, R. Robyn Assaf, Oklahoma, mfl.
    1.821,95 kr.

    Presents a collection of applications and experiences gathered from health professionals in the field of managed care. This practical how to guide helps managed care organizations meet the common objective of ensuring the best quality of services and care. It introduces the methods, skills, and practices involved in quality health care programs.

  • af Arizona, USA) Bachman, Oklahoma, mfl.
    1.463,95 kr.

    A forensic investigation requires a team of specialists from many different scientific fields of study along with legal and law enforcement specialists. This book provides these professionals with guidelines for determining how to choose and when to use a forensic anthropologist.

  • af Norman, Waqi Alam, University of Oklahoma, mfl.
    1.398,95 kr.

    The wettability of oil reservoirs is the most important factor controlling the rate of oil recovery, providing a profound effect on petroleum production. This title includes critical topics such as core preservation, the effect of wettability on relative permeability.

  • af Norman, Oklahoma, USA) Canter & mfl.
    1.821,95 kr.

    Covers various important aspects of nitrates in groundwater, ranging from prevention to problem assessment to remediation. Highlighting the nitrogen cycle and related health concerns, this book provides both background information and a perspective on health issues. It analyzes subsurface processes and the factors and practices that affect them.

  • af London, Oklahoma City, USA) Merrill, mfl.
    432,95 kr.

    A concise evidence-based guide to the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatological and related musculoskeletal disorders, outlining principles and clinical skills, and containing 100 case presentations illustrated by clinical colour photos and imaging with detailed explanations.

  • af Norman, USA) White, Oklahoma & mfl.
    3.013,95 kr.

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